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Thermogenesis – Is It a Safe Way to Lose Weight? – Sugar Addiction

Thermogenesis – Is It a Safe Way to Lose Weight?

What the heck is thermogenesis, anyway?

It’s a nice long, official-sounding word so it must be something new and exciting – right?

Actually, this is an idea that’s been around for a long time. The idea is to somehow (with chemical assistance by a pharmeceutical company or supplement supplier) increase your metabolism so that you burn more calories without actually doing more exercise or eating less. You’ll then lose weight.

But that may not be the only result of taking these drugs or supplements.

This is how it works: You increase your resting metabolism by raising your internal temperature. (They don’t call it “burning calories” for nothing.)

Lots of products have been sold in the past that promise to increase your metabolism, and the safety record of those products is not impressive. Ephedrine is a thermogetic compound, for instance. So is methamphetamine, and any street drug that is commonly referred to as “speed.” The old-type diet pills, that had thousands of people hooked and which turned diet clinics into drug pushers, relied on thermogetic drugs. Fenfluramine-phentermine (fen-phen) was a thermogetic compound, too.

Meridia, one of the most popular prescription diet pills today, is now on the short list of potentially dangerous medications, according to David Graham, an FDA drug safety reviewer.

Before using one of these agents to overcome the ill-effects of sugar addiction and other over-eating problems, please consider the health consequences of the medication itself. Raising your body’s temperature in an unnatural way, may affect your long-term health by also increasing your heart rate and blood pressure.


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