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How Strong Are Your Sugar Cravings? – Sugar Addiction

How Strong Are Your Sugar Cravings?

Here’s how to tell if your sugar cravings are causing addictive eating behavior that makes you overeat or to eat unhealthy foods:

  1. Do you eat foods containing sugar, white flour, or white rice every single day? If you were to list 5 of your “comfort foods” would all of them include refined carbohydrates or butter, olive oil, or some other fat?
  2. Do you eat for emotional reasons or when you’re feeling stressed? Does the food you eat to calm down or feel “loved” contain sugar, white flour and fat?
  3. Do you find yourself “needing” to grab a hamburger or pizza at a fast food joint at least once a week?
  4. Do you regularly buy French-fries, potato or corn chips, or other deep-fried snack foods? Do you feel that “something is missing” if you watch TV without something to snack on?
  5. If someone suggests that you shouldn’t eat any sugar, white flour or fat-drenched fast food, do you instantly reject the idea as absurd? Are you feeling slightly uncomfortable just reading this? Do you feel a little angry when someone tells you that your diet is unhealthy?
  6. Are you totally convinced that you can continue to eat sugar, white flour and junk food (but perhaps “cut down a bit”), and still lose your extra weight or improve your health? In spite of the fact that it’s never worked in the past?
  7. When you go without sugar, noodles, bread or other refined carbohydrates, do you feel “strange,” slightly woozy, or get a headache or other uncomfortable symptoms?
  8. When you refrain from eating any candy, bread or other refined carbs, do you begin to obsess about the foods you gave up, or feel “picked on” and grouchy?
  9. Have you gained more than 10 pounds since you were 20 years old? Do you try to avoid having your picture taken? Do you avoid looking in mirrors? Did you stay away from your high school reunion because you think you’re too fat? When you try to lose weight, do you become obsessed with sugary foods that sabotage your diet?
  10. Do you often feel bloated or get indigestion after eating certain foods, but still eat them anyway?
  11. Do you manage to stay thin (even though you eat sugar and other fattening foods) by spending hours in the gym or because you work at a strenuous job all day? When you take a vacation from the gym or work, do you tend to gain weight?
  12. Do you have any difficulty sleeping, or wake up around 3 am? Do you often feel lethargic, moody or depressed?
  13. Have you memorized the push-button code for your favorite candy bar or snack on the vending machine at work?
  14. Has your doctor warned you about your blood pressure or told you that you are at risk of getting diabetes if you don’t lose weight? Has she told you that your yeast infections may be caused by the processed carbohydrates in your diet, or that your sleep apnea might go away if you lose weight? Do you fully intend to follow her advice, but just haven’t quite gotten around to it?

If you answered “yes” to two or more of those questions, I can easily predict that you have tried at least one diet in the past – and possibly many diets – but always regained the weight. Diet books always tell you that diets don’t work. Now you know exactly why they don’t work. You’re hooked, and your sugar cravings are making too many of your eating decisions for you.


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