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Sugar Addiction Research – Sugar Addiction

Sugar Addiction Research

There is a growing list of research studies concerning the health effects of sugar, and the way sugar and other refined simple carbohydrates cause addictive behavior. The following links should get you started if you’re interested in knowing more:

World Health Organization
“A new review of the evidence from South Africa confirms that high consumption of added sugars contributes significantly to the incidence of dental caries and obesity.”

The following links are from Nature.com’s Obesity, a research journal

Dopamine for “Wanting” and Opioids for “Liking”: A Comparison of Obese Adults With and Without Binge Eating

Bingeing, Self-restriction, and Increased Body Weight in Rats With Limited Access to a Sweet-fat Diet

Decision-Making Deficits and Overeating: A Risk Model for Obesity

Evidence That Intermittent, Excessive Sugar Intake Causes Endogenous Opioid Dependence


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