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Why an Easy Diet is the Best Diet – Sugar Addiction

Why an Easy Diet is the Best Diet

Do you have trouble losing weight because your diet is too complicated? Maybe it’s time to try a simple, easier diet instead. The problem with complicated diets is two-fold – they are difficult to learn to do right, and they offer too many choices.

Have you ever shared a Thanksgiving dinner with your family, while eating only a small serving of three items from the table?

If you did manage it, did you feel like you had been robbed of the sweet potatoes, Jell-O salad or pumpkin pie that still sat there, begging you to eat more?

The holiday table groaning with many different tasty, traditional treats is a good example of “too much of a good thing.” The human mind sees all that variety, and wants some of everything.

My dog Pepper has the same problem. The kibbles can sit in her bowl all day long, and part of the night. If she isn’t hungry, she ignores her bowl. But what happens when you offer a bite of cheese, a nibble of roast beef, a crust off your toast? She eats as much as she is allowed to. She loves variety as much as we do. Good thing she doesn’t know how to shop at the local Safeway, or she’d be as big around as a bear.

We might feel thankful that Thanksgiving comes only once a year (followed by homemade fudge, holiday cookies and office parties, of course). But the truth is, variety – and too much of it – plagues us all year long.

That’s why the easiest diet may be the best diet for you if you’re just now changing to a no-sugar, healthier eating plan.

One of my favorite books on nutrition is by Dr. Joel Fuhrman, called Eat to Live. But it is definitely not simple. In fact, it could well be used in a college-level course in nutrition. I would recommend it to anyone who has a family to feed, because it gives a solid foundation for a long and healthy life. During the first stressful days of a new diet, though, the book itself may offer too many options and facts.

In fact, most diet books are filled with stories, statistics and recipes that can boggle the mind – and offer too many choices and confusing options – just like a modern grocery store, with 200 varieties of potato chips.

Don’t let confusion over the “perfect diet” stop you from changing to a healthier lifestyle. Start simple. It lets you pay less attention to the choice of what to eat, so you can concentrate on what really matters – your health.


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