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What is Making America So fat? – Sugar Addiction

What is Making America So fat?

There’s one simple fact that diet book authors don’t really want you to know.

Most Americans, could lose weight safely and quickly just by giving up sugar. (And white flour, too, if you eat a lot of bread and pasta.)

It isn’t rocket science – you’ll lose weight if you work off more calories than you eat. Most of us, however, eat more calories than we burn, so we gradually gain weight.

In America, many of our extra calories come from sugar and other simple carbohydrates, which pack a wallop in calories but provide no real nutrition at all.

Many of these sugar calories are hiding in soft drinks and processed foods, so we may not even know how much sugar we eat every day. Each year, 120 pounds of added sweetener is consumed in America per person – that’s 1/3 pound of sugar per person every single day! That’s an added 630 calories.

  • Imagine giving up just one candy bar a day and losing 1 pound every two weeks, without making any other change in your diet! That’s 22 pounds a year.
  • Imagine giving up two giant Costco muffins a week and one Starbuck’s Caramel Cappuccino a day, and losing 4 pounds a month, without making any other change in your diet! That’s 48 pounds a year – the easy way!

The problem is – many Americans try to give up sugar, and can’t! In fact, many people try (and fail) to give up sugar as often as smokers try to quit smoking. If you’re really hooked on sugar, it isn’t all that easy to give it up.

And the problem includes more than just sugar. The bad news is that just a few minutes after it hits your stomach, your system can’t tell the difference between sugar and white flour. America’s love affair with pasta and Wonder bread (and yes, fancy hearth-baked French bread), means lots of extra flab around your middle, on your thighs, and wrapped around your internal organs and arteries.

If you think you might be a sugar addict, take this short quiz.


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