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A Spiritual Path to Weight Loss? – Sugar Addiction

A Spiritual Path to Weight Loss?

Since weight loss is so difficult for so many, perhaps it really is time to find a spiritual path to weight loss. That’s what Reb Mimi Feigelso, a teacher at the University of Judaism, believes. She created a spiritually based weight management system that combines “personal teshuvah, repentance, and Divine balance in the world.”

We’re already familiar with addiction support groups that base their programs on spiritual ideas. Plus, millions of people use meditation and prayer to overcome compulsive or destructive habits. It works.

Compulsive behaviors are actions that are no longer under our conscious control. If you eat more than you know you should, or if you find yourself eating the foods you know are killing you, you’re acting in a compulsive way. If the foods you overeat are almost always sweet or made from white flour, you may even be physically addicted to sugar and refined carbs. Following a spiritual or meditative path to regain conscious control (or give control to a Higher Power, if you like) may be the only thing that works.

Reb Feigelso has some very insightful ideas that may work for you, as it has for her. She doesn’t “lose” weight (which feels like a negative idea). Instead, she “gives it away.” Read more about this unusual, and effective program, reviewed on the jewishjournal.com.


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