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Recovering from Sugar Addiction – After the Withdrawals are Gone, What Next? – Sugar Addiction

Recovering from Sugar Addiction – After the Withdrawals are Gone, What Next?

Have you quit eating sugar? Once you have successfully de-toxed, are you home free? No, not really. Sorry…

Most people continue to have a desire for sugar and other sweet treats even after they have successfully detoxified their bodies and are no longer addicted. We have a natural appetite for sweetness.

Why? Because millions of years ago, this appetite encouraged us to eat fruit. That was before sugar was refined from beets and cane. Now, we feed our natural cravings for sweetness with “artificial fruit”(sugar) that has no nutritional value at all, and which makes us fat and increasingly unhealthy.

You cannot take away this natural craving, because it is part of your survival system.

Many diets help you lose weight in the first month or so, but most people give them up because the diets are built around small portions or the wrong kinds of food, and don’t include the nutrients that our bodies need. The body then tries to get the nutrients that are missing from the meals by causing those cravings, which lead you to eat more.

If you don’t get the nutrients you need by listening to what your body is really asking for, you can actually become obsessed about food – which makes it almost impossible to stay on a diet.

But you can pay attention to your body, and feed it with the fruit it needs. According to Dr. Joel Fuhrman, who has helped thousands of people lose weight and regain their health, if you listen to your body and give it the nutrients it really needs by feeding it fruits, raw and cooked vegetables, nuts and whole grains, you can eat as much as you want and still lose weight. I know he’s right, because I’ve done it….


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