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The Easiest Sugar-Free Diet – Sugar Addiction

The Easiest Sugar-Free Diet

We all eat more than we think we do. That’s why portion control is so important when you’re trying to lose weight.

Sugar-Free Diet
The easy sugar-free diet.

That’s why the pre-packaged diet meals that you get from diet food companies like Medifast® , Weight Watchers® or LA Weight Loss® really do work. They put less food in the carton, so you eat less, and you lose weight.

But diet food doesn’t have to come out of little cardboard cartons. This book is filled with ideas and recipes that let you fill your freezer with delicious, inexpensive (and sugar-freee) diet meals. Save money, and eat tastier food. The instructions make it easy.

To read more about this once-a-month cooking approach to easy portion control, click here.


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