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Why You Gain Weight After You Diet – Sugar Addiction

Why You Gain Weight After You Diet

Scientists have known for over 91 years that low-calorie diets make people fatter!

Almost all popular diets have a built-in design flaw: they force you to obsess about food, and they make the symptoms of sugar addiction even worse. Sooner or later, you have to drop off the diet because you can’t stop thinking about food. Within a week or two you’ve regained any weight you lost, and added several extra pounds.

Most fast weight loss diets are starvation diets, and your body will not allow you to starve in the presence of food, just as it won’t allow you to commit suicide by holding your breath.

Once you’re off the diet, you gain weight even easier than you did before you started, because your metabolism has slowed down and the food obsessions don’t immediately go away. In fact, recent studies have shown that the binge that almost always follows a low-calorie diet may put on special fat cells that resist all attempt to get rid of them, even years later.

You’ve seen the statistics that say “dieters fail to keep their weight off 95% of the time”. That number is based on an important study done in 1917 at the Carnegie Institution of Washington’s Nutrition Laboratory. The study was repeated in 1944 at the University of Minnesota, at the request of the US Army.

Both these studies showed there are many physical and psychological side effects of low-calorie diets, and one of those side effects is an average weight gain of 5 to 8 pounds.

It’s the diet that causes the eventual weight gain, not the dieter. For years we’ve been blamed for a failure that is built in to the design of almost every popular diet on the market today.

Now you know the secret of why you gain weight after you diet. It’s not your fault.

The only realistic way to lose weight and keep it off permanently is to eat real food that reduces your natural sugar cravings, and stay in control of your portion sizes. Like grandma would have advised, cut back or eliminate the sweets and the bread, eat lots of veggies, and stay away from the fast food joints. Lose weight slowly, so you won’t obsess over food and push yourself into a binge-eating frenzy. It isn’t easy, but it can be done – without a starvation diet.


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