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A Free Colon Cleanse Program – Sugar Addiction

A Free Colon Cleanse Program

With the popularity of several “colon cleanse programs,” I thought it would be helpful to show you a free colon cleanse program that you can use.

On this page I’ve copied a few paragraphs from the out-of-print book Health via Food by William Howard Hay, MD. Dr. Hay was a very strong proponent of colon health, and believed that much of the disease of his day was caused by poor eating habits and the resulting sluggishness of his patients’ digestive tracts. I suspect that he was right, and the American diet has gotten worse since then, not better.

William Howard Hay, MD

He suggested an extremely simple solution for cleaning the colon, which includes the use of an enema for several weeks. Many people today find the very idea of an enema disgusting, and would prefer a chemical purge because it seems easier. For that reason, people use the lemonade diet and herbal laxatives to cause irritation in the digestive tract, which will then force the body to eject all contents of the colon.

As most people who have ever tried the Lemonade Diet colon cleanse program will tell you, this chemical purge results in considerable pain, and it creates far more stress on the body than is needed to bring the body back to health.

You really don’t have to make yourself sick in order to get well, even though thousands of people have convinced themselves that a bit of abdominal pain and diarrhea is good for you. It’s not. Of course, you don’t want to do anything drastic when it comes to your colon, and that includes the program by Dr. Hay, copied below. Before starting any colon cleansing program, talk to your doctor first.

Dr. Hay’s Colon Cleansing Program

If constipation is marked, it is always well to use the nightly enema of tepid or slightly cool water, till returning activity of the colon produces a stool daily before the time for the enema, when this may be dispensed with, and there should then result a three-times-a-day habit that should last the rest of one’s life, if food habits are modeled on this simple plan.

The use of the enema is wholly without harm if the water is below the temperature of the body, about 80 degrees F. being a favorable and usable temperature. Three quarts (this being the capacity of the average colon) should be injected at one time, to distend thoroughly and completely empty the colon, and this continued for two weeks, after which the amount may be reduced to two quarts, and this amount continued, retained for two or three minutes while the abdomen is thoroughly massaged.

In the beginning it is well to use a heaping tablespoonful of soda, common baking soda, to each enema, but after two weeks and when the water is reduced to two quarts, add the juice of one lemon instead of the soda.

This, with corrected diet, will stop the absorption as well as the formation of adventitious acids, and relieve the system of much work that was formerly necessary, thus conserving its alkalies to keep up its formerly depleted reserve of these.

There you have it – a simple, easy-to-use plan that takes only a few minutes a day and which you will need to continue only for a few weeks.

If you’re squeamish about using an enema, it may be difficult for you the first few times you try. I found that it helped to lie down in my bathtub during the procedure, so that I could stay warm and comfortable during the process.

And you won’t need to take off any time from work or worry about a laxative kicking in at the wrong moment.

Of course, the whole process is so low-key and private, I doubt that any celebrities will start a blog report about their ongoing process with this cleansing program – it wouldn’t make very good reading, after all. But it does work.


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