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Coffee and Sugar – The Addictive Duo – Sugar Addiction

Coffee and Sugar – The Addictive Duo

I know from my own personal experience that it’s almost impossible to stay away from the high-sugar snacks and muffins if I drink coffee every morning.

And it isn’t just me. The extra stimulation from caffeine increases those mid-morning feelings of hunger. Actually, the feelings are symptoms of mild hypoglycemia. That doesn’t mean that coffee causes hypoglycemia – it just means that a coffee addiction can cause the symptoms of this illness.

And these symptoms are often (perhaps almost always) interpreted as hunger.

You get slightly faint, you feel a little jittery, you have a mild headache, or you get a strange feeling in your stomach. Time to grab a muffin or a candy bar.

You can also bring on temporary symptoms like these by consuming a soft-drink, muffin or many breakfast cereals. When the sugar has been cleared out of your bloodstream about 2 hours later, you don’t feel so good, and you naturally want to “fix” the problem. Eating baked goods, candy or pasta is “the hair of the dog” cure for sugar addicts. It makes us feel temporarily better, but it also makes us fat.

Because coffee can make it so much harder to stick with a healthy, low-sugar diet, I highly recommend that you give up the habit. I know you’ll get a caffeine headache, and I know you’ll miss your trip to Starbucks. But it could make the difference between success and failure on your diet.


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