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About the Author – Sugar Addiction

About the Author

Before becoming a full-time writer and part-time sculptor, Jonni managed an alternative care clinic for five years and later worked in the documentation and training department of one of the country’s largest health insurance companies. She received a license to practice as an addiction therapist in the state of Washington, but chose not to enter the field professionally.

The main focus of many of Jonni’s writings are weight loss, exercise, and common health conditions. She now lives in a small town in Eastern Oregon and has returned to her first loves – painting, sculpting and organic gardening.

Jonni is the author of the Easy Does It Diet book, a simple program that lets you fill your freezer with healthy single-serving, pre-portioned meals.

Jonni developed the “think-thin” method described on this blog to stop her own sugar cravings. This system works by using simple meditation techniques that let you make conscious food choices, instead of letting your cravings make the decisions for you. She hopes the information on this blog will help you take control of your own sugar addiction, and stop your cravings naturally.

The articles on this site are excerpted from Jonni’s book Weight Loss: How to Keep Your Commitment, which is available on Amazon.com.