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3 Apples a Day Diet – Sugar Addiction

3 Apples a Day Diet

Last year I rode the Amtrak train from Portland to Seattle to visit my daughter, and during the trip I overheard a fairly remarkable conversation. The two ladies in the seats across the aisle from me were talking about the weight one of them had lost by eating 3 apples a day. As I eavesdropped, it became clear that the speaker lived in Washington’s apple country. As I pretended to read my book I heard her say that she lost an astounding 82 pounds, just by eating more apples.

I paid attention to the conversation in part because I had recently done some research online after my one and only gall-stone attack. I discovered that this is a common occurrence when people are losing weight quickly. The cure I read about, and which I used, was to drink apple juice at least once a day. Although my doctor had suggested surgery, I never had another occurrence after I added more apples and apple juice to my diet.

I forgot about both incidents until I saw a poster in the grocery store a few days ago, touting apples for weight loss. I did some checking, and there is a book by the same name.

As you all know, I’m a fan of natural weight loss, and simplicity. This plan is certainly natural, and you couldn’t get much easier.


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