Sugar Addiction Withdrawal Symptoms

For many years my own addiction to sugar and fat made weight loss almost impossible for me. I want to share a few things I’ve learned about sugar addiction, and addictions in general, because there are some common misconceptions.

One thing many people don’t know is that the vast majority of people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol (and sugar) are able to kick their habits all by themselves.

Yes, there are withdrawal symptoms.

And it often isn’t easy.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t give up your habit. In fact, compared to many addictions, giving up sugar and other refined carbs is easy. It’s staying “clean” afterwards that’s hard.

Like many people, I got to experience withdrawal symptoms when I decided to stop drinking coffee. I knew there would be a headache (and there was), so I scheduled my headache for the weekend.

I didn’t get much done around the house that weekend, but by Monday morning my headache was gone. Caffeine is addictive, but that doesn’t mean I can’t stop drinking coffee – it just means I’ll pay a small price if I do.

Other drugs, such as tobacco, have far longer and more disturbing withdrawal symptoms. Sugar addiction’s withdrawal symptoms, by comparison, are quite mild. The symptoms of sugar withdrawal can include headaches, fatigue, depression, drowsiness, skin eruptions, and mucus or throat discomfort.

Some of these symptoms, especially the mood swings, fatigue and drowsiness, can occur on a daily basis as the blood sugar rises and falls on a high-sugar diet. Whether or not you’re successful in kicking an addictive habit depends on how you handle three different stages in the process.

To make it easy to see what I’ll be talking about, I’ve drawn out the three stages here.

The black line on the left represents the status quo – before you’ve given up your habit. The red square represents the withdrawal symptoms that are a natural consequence of removing an addictive substance, like sugar, from your body. With sugar addiction, the withdrawal symptoms may be weakness, slight nausea, headache, and other fairly mild but possibly uncomfortable symptoms.

My caffeine withdrawal headache lasted 2 days, sugar withdrawal symptoms may last for a week or two. Some people may experience little or no discomfort at all.The blue line on the right represents life after withdrawal. That’s our goal, because it leads towards health.

The first step towards giving up a habit that involves an addictive substance is acknowledgment. It is very important to acknowledge that there are perfectly good reasons why you would like to make no changes – you enjoy the bagel in the morning, you like the taste of sugar, it helps you feel better in the afternoon, you enjoy sharing your baked goods with your friends and family, etc.

We all have reasons for eating the way we do now. Acknowledge those reasons – it’s an important part of the process.There are also very good reasons for giving up the sugar and white flour habit – it makes you fat, it leads to heart disease and diabetes, etc.

Look at both sides of the issue, educate yourself as much as possible about nutrition, and then make an informed choice. I hope you’ll see that life without sugar is worth it, in spite of the few days when you’ll experience uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms.


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  1. I eliminated sugar from my diet three months ago. I had terrible withdrawal symptoms that first two weeks. What surprised me was that the second week was worse than the first. I was exausted and slept 10 hours a day just so I could function at my job. I try to keep how I felt in my memory so that I don’t go back to eating sugar and sugar substitues several time a day. I never want to go through two weeks like that again. Is it tough? YES. Sugar is everywhere and I have become a food snob. There are many positives though: I’ve gone down two sizes in pants and one in shirts, I feel in control of my eating, and most of all I DO NOT CRAVE SUGAR every minute of the day πŸ™‚

    1. I wonder if that is why iv been feeling so lethargic, like someone pulled the cork, also have a lot of tension in my hands when clenching a fist and my legs feel weak, gave up white bread some 3 months ago and all bread about 6 weeks ago and i always used to eat a lot of bread, could this be the cause of my lethargy and depression which iv had for about 3 weeks now

      1. Hells yes! Removing carbs or reducing them drastically is known to cause mood swings. I lift regularly and wanted to cut up a bit so I removed carbs for about 2months, lost tons of weight got ripped but my mood was horrible. Didnt really put two and two together, then I ate some carbs and it was like taking a happy pill. Balance your diet after you loose the weight and you’ll feel tons better.

        Recently quit eating tons of sugar at night because of something else I quit and boy my body is revolting. Sugar is evil! If you have a sweet tooth, you know what I mean.

        Happy de-sugaring everyone!

      2. It is a possibility that you may have an iron deficiency. If you are deficient in iron it always causes lethargy and weakness. Iron fortified bread could have been one of your only sources of iron. Try eating a lot of foods that have iron and protein naturally. You may want to check with your doctor and see if you have iron deficient anemia. I know this because I will be a doctor in 3 months. Good luck.

        1. Good thought!! I have Iron Defeciant Anemia and have those exact symptoms when my iron gets low. I get tired, irritable, and just feel all around crappy! I am in the process now of breaking my sugar addiction and have had a few headaches (which i’m sure is from the lack of sugar) but, I guess I do need to be careful that my iron levels don’t get too low while i’m cutting certain foods out of my diet.

          1. Is it really healthy to eliminate ALL carbs? Since carbs are the body’s source of energy, my info has always been that complex carbs (potato, brown rice, etc.) are sorely NEEDED in our daily diet. Else, we are cutting off the fuel that keeps the body running in high gear. We cannot eliminate one very important building block in our daily regimen, without paying for it. Also is understood that any type of bread, even brown bread, or whole grain turns to sugar almost immediately. It is not any more healthy for the body than white. As Bill O’Reilly says, “What say you?”

      3. M Prendeth
        Your response was exactly what i was looking for myself. I cut out carbs, fruits(except avocados and a few others), sugar and caffeine. I eat mainly good fats such as avocados a huge variety of nuts, fiber filled greens(huge variety) fish, chicken turkey, i do actually eat blueberrys or any berrys with the exeption of strawberrys.
        My symptom withdrawals were “an intense feeling in my neck first, then into my chest and arms. it felt like my neurological system was going to explode. Then after 3 days of those symptoms, it changed to feelings of fatigue, clu mbsiness, weakness in the same areas. Also, its my legs feel weak as well. Maybe its not good sleeping habits. I notice that you posted 3 months ago and was wondering if you are still experiencing the same symptoms or if you have made any changes in your eating style that has helped with your symptoms?
        thanks m prendeth

        1. I have felt terrible since Oct 3rd tearful, and what appears to be adrenaline being pumped into my body, the doctor says its general anxiety disorder, maybe giving up a large part of my diet of white bread has had an effect on how my brain deals with stress anxiety etc the brain needs x amount of sugar a day, and maybe the dramatic cut i took in sugar has had a negative effect on me, the doctors first resonses is to pump me full of sertaline which i have declined, ihave in last 7 months given up white bread soft drinks coffee and alcohol and lost 4 stone in weight so far coming down from 24stone and as half to 20 and a half stone, i have also gone from pre diabetes to normal, but without doubt these last 3 months or so have been hell on earth, i think i may have anxiety, but i wonder if the dramatic change in diet has made the anxiety 10 times worse Mark

          1. Hi Mark,
            I’ve only been off of refined sugar and carbs for a few weeks, but I’ve already noticed a huge change in my emotions also. I feel like everything is “heightened”, on both sides of the spectrum. I read somewhere (maybe on this blog?) that these sugar/carb addictions really are in fact addictions and we should view them as such. We have used them for so long – our entire lives for a lot of us- to deal with our extreme emotions, for me especially sadness and loneliness. Once you take away that pacifier, all of these emotions that have been buried so deeply over the years all start to resurface, and we really have to deal with them and not just keep pushing them away. It can feel overwhelming at times, as it can be a lifetime’s worth all coming to the surface at once. I would highly encourage you to try to stay off of the drugs if possible, but of course in the end it is your decision and you need to do what is best for you and your body. Are you exercising or engaging in any type of activity to help deal with what you’re going through? I think that some type of healthy outlet is key, and it’s different for each person. I like to run, do yoga, and pray/read the Bible. For some it might be meditating or going for a walk. I would encourage you to try a few different things and see what helps you. Also making sure that you didn’t just take away unhealthy foods and are replacing them with healthy ones too. As they mentioned above, being vitamin deficient might be enhancing the difficulties that you’re going through. Hope things get better for you soon.

          2. Kittycat thank you for your advice, its like suddenly everyhting is a wory the future the past everything, and part of me wonders is it anxiety because of personal problems (Lost my brother to suicide and found another guy who did it etc) i know white bread was a massive aprt of my diet, so who knows i guess we all look for answers

          3. Mark, it might not be a bad idea to talk to your doctor about medication that could help you with your anxiety or depression. Sometimes a few weeks of medication is all it takes to bring yourself back to normal. Diet is important, but it’s also possible that something else is going on, and your doctor may be able to help.

          4. Theres an easy answer to this. Bread and carbs increase the seratonin levels in your body, so when you get rid of them from your diet your seratonin levels drop and you feel more anxious or depressed. My advice – see a herbaist or naturopath to find natural ways to raise your seratonin levels πŸ™‚

          5. Hey Mark, if you used any of the substances/food as emotional crutches or blockers, then you’re just dealing with a natural outpouring of emotional energy. Sugar is as powerful as any other drug in depressing and manipulating our emotions, so it’s entirely normal to go through an extensive withdrawal and emotional rebalancing. Basically, you’re learning how to live without any addictive substances. If we walk a lifetime with crutches and then suddenly throw them away, a bit of anxiety as we walk crutch-free is a logical response. Congrats on you for those choices. :o)

          6. Hello M Prendeth,

            Last year I gave up sugar, alcohol and soft drinks. I also had a terrible time with my emotions, extreme anxiety, depression, fearfulness. Eventually after 4 months I sucummed to SSRI medication as I simply was not coping or functioning. I really feel that when one embarks on withdrawing from sugar etc….it is important that there is awareness of these side effects, particularly if one is prone to depression in their life. We are so much what we eat and for a huge percentage of the population our diets do not include all manner of vitamins and minerals.

          7. Are you eating enough fat, protein and healthy carbs daily? May I suggest visiting a website called

            It is full of wonderful advice for eating the foods we need to find good health. Saturated fats from well raised animals can have a dramatically positive effect on our moods.

            I wish you health and happiness.

        2. Amtanda burton
          You have described exactly how I am feeling after only 2 days , it is terrible I feel like something is seriously wrong with me! How long did you feel this way for as I am considering giving up on giving up sugar as I need to be able to function for work etc but can’t cope with this weakness & weird feelings πŸ™

  2. I’ve found myself at this site because I have a thumping headache that I’ve had for 2 days. I go to bed with it and wake up with it. I’m day 4 withdrawing. I have been at this point twice before in the last few weeks. I’m hoping to make it through this time. I think what makes it hardest is not knowing when its going to be over.

    1. Kerry, you’re having stronger withdrawal symptoms than I experienced. Everyone’s different, of course, but it does pay to be sure there’s nothing else going on. Did you give up coffee at the same time, by any chance? And do you know for sure that you don’t have a hypoglycemia headache? It might be a good time to make an appointment with your doctor.

    2. This is my second day off sugar and drastically reducing carbs (only complex carbs and only 6 servings a day). I feel horrible…..I have a headache, tired, moody, and sick to my stomach. I know I am addicted to sugar and carbs, but I never thought about the withdrawals being this bad. I am a school teacher, so teaching middle and high school kids during this time is CRAZY.

      1. So hear you there. I am onto day 13 of no sugar, coffee, dairy or wheat. I have no energy and I am soooooo irritable in the classroom. I have no energy and just want to stay at home and sleep. The poor kids I teach and my own kids are around a bear with a sore head! I am hoping that week 3 sees a lift in my energy and mood. If it doesn’t I’ll have to cave for now and detox during a holiday period.

        1. I recommend looking up Beyond Diet. They talk about good carbs vs bad carbs. Sweet potatoes are good carbs and you can have them with butter. Also sugar free peanut butter, oatmeal, steel cut oats, and some fruit. Magnesium deficiency will aslo cause cravings for sugar. I have had the headaches too, but increase the water you drink. When the body doesn’t have sugar or carbs it burns body fat, which can lead to dehydration. Dehydration leads to headaches and moodiness too.

  3. I cut all refined sugar (and alcochol!) out of my diet a week ago, and am feeling fantastic! The only weird side-effect I’ve noted is I seem to be more emotional than usual: a moving performance on TV, or a beautiful songs, is bringing me to the verge of tears… And I’m not typically a sentimental kind of guy?! Is this normal???


    1. Hi Lee – you may have found a new withdrawal symptom! Congratulations for giving up sugar and alcohol. I’m sure you’ll be back to normal soon.

      1. The reason you are experiencing more then usual emotions is because sugar just like all addictive substances repress emotions. Naturally when one stops using any addictive substance they will feel those emotions that the effects of the addictive substance had beforehand kept repressed.

    2. I’ve also cut the sugar and had the emotional side effects. I’m not at all an emotional type of person, but I catch myself tearing up at songs on the radio and movies I’ve seen tons of times but never once shed a tear over. I hope your side effect eventually went away as I hope mine will too. It’s amazing what sugar does to the body!

      1. Thought i was going mad, feeling low in mood and all over body aches , like flu but not to that extreme. Gave up wine, chocolate and sweets last week in a bid to lose weight and feel healthier. Did not expect to feel these terrible withdrawal symptoms. Im like you feel like i want to burst in to tears for no reason..

        1. Kaz, I feel exactly the same way as my body aches like I have flu and I couldn’t work out why. I’m on day 7 of sugar detox, I hope my body gets back to normal soon.

      1. I am so happy to see this site! My husband has high cholesterol, so we’re doing a liver cleanse that the doctor recommended to help clear our liver of sugar. I am a sugar addict, and this sounds pathetic but I can’t stop at just one, whether it’s candy, cookies, ice cream, if it has sugar in it I give in. We are only supposed to eat lean meat (chicken, fish, turkey), vegetables (not including potatoes), and nuts for the first 2 weeks. I started this morning and am already getting a headache. By now, I would have had a frozen yogurt and any other sugar I could have drummed up so I would imagine this is what’s causing it. It is so helpful to read all of your posts, I wish you all well in your fight for a healthy lifestyle!!!

      2. I also am quite emotional, and I’m usually a pretty chilled out guy.
        It’s actually quite funny, but hoping things will level out soon. Good to know other people are going through the same thing.

      3. Hi, one thing i’m wondering if other people find hard is social situations! My boyfriend’s parents invited me for dinner and I have been staying away from sweets and white flour too! But tonight the gravy called for the white flour and the turnip had some honey, so i just ate it. I turned down dessert, and they didn’t make too much of a fuss about it, but everybody was enjoying it so much and his dad is a big sweet person and he’s 83 and doing just fine. His mom is in her 70’s and doing just fine. And that’s when i really doubt what I’m doing and feel really sad about not being able to eat the sugar, all the excitement I may have had about being healthy and all that is gone right now, I feel like giving up, and wonder what the point is, I have forgotten. I’ve given up alcohol and sugar and I just find it really hard. The last time I slipped with alcohol and with the sugar was in social situations, it just makes me feel so alone and without support and doubt everything. I’m glad I didn’t have the apple pie, but i’m sad about it! Can someone out there remind me why the hell i’m doing this!

    3. Hi,
      I quit sugar yesterday and I am way more emotional than normal. I was crying a lot, feeling more stressed and very anxious actually. I was off sugar for 6 days then ate a small piece of cake Friday night and felt horrible 2 hours later, really tired and irritable. Today is day too and I am just anxious and cried a lot at church, but it was a great message.
      I am looking forward to saying no to cookies and cake the next time they are in front of me.

    4. Hi this is par for the course! we used the sugar and the wine to deal with the emotions n now they are gone we finally feel the reality of the emotions! We now have to learn how to deal with the life skills and the tears n tantrums of life. I know that because I have experienced that and work a 12 step program through O.A . I has saved my life and stopped me from returning to my old ways! Well done and here’s to feeling life for real! Enjoy:)

    5. To everyone who’s been getting emotional without sugar. I gave up sugar because I write an anti addiction website. I believe junk food can be used like a very cheep legal drug. Go with your emotions, they were there to start with, it will make you a better person. People try to avoid feeling pain because we are told there is something wrong if we get down, being sad is partly what makes us human. Trying to avoid being sad will always have side effects. I have given up sugar, my skin looks better and I don’t get every silly little illness going. It has been hard but worth it.

      1. I am 22 years’ clean and sober – and on day one of withdrawing from the white foods. There is no question in my mind that this is an addiction nearly on par from when I quit smoking. I am quitting because, even though I am in very good shape and weigh within the acceptable ranges, my body fat is very high and this is jamming up my cholesterol levels. My parents and my sister all died prematurely of circulatory issues, so this is NO JOKE. Take it from a junkie – albeit a recovered one – this is not easy but it’s worth it. thanks!

  4. Hi, It’s been a week since I’ve reduced my sugar intake – I say ‘reduced’ because I still eat carbs with a low glycemic index, and haven’t quite given up red wine or natural sugars in fruit, and I also have a teaspoon of honey with my oats in the morning. Although I’ve stopped eating Junk sugary snacks (which I consumed a lot of) and I’ve stopped eating prepared products that contain sugar – such as mayonnaise / tabasco sauce / vegetable stock etc. So for me this is a significant reduction in sugar. I haven’t felt any withdrawal other than dizziness. Is dizziness a common sugar withdrawal symptom?

    1. Hi Jane. Congratulations on starting a healthier diet. Yes, some people do feel a bit dizzy for a few days when they stop eating refined sugar. It should go away soon. If not, check with your doctor to make sure your sugar consumption wasn’t masking some other illness. It’s unlikely, but it can sometimes happen.

      Good luck with your new diet!

  5. Thank you. I went to the chiropractor yesterday. They confirmed that I have a wheat allergy. They also said I have a yeast intolerance. So, they told me no more yeast products, milk, and sugar.

    I never knew how addicting sugar could be! It’s only been 36ish hours. I’ve had a nagging headache that keeps comming and going, nausea (when I’m not nauseated, I am hungry), and a couple of symptoms that you did not mention: dizziness and thirst. I’ve drank approximately 72 (3 three cup glasses) ounces of water, 1 cup of coffee and 24 ounces of green tea. The chiropractor said that these are also signs of sugar withdrawal and should pass once my body adjusts to the new diet.

    Thanks for creating this website!

    1. My thirst increases a bit with the sugar elimination and after each chiropractor’s visit. I was told this is a normal occurrence since the adjustments release toxins in the body, the body requires the fluids to be replenished.

  6. Hi, I have had allergies and asthma for years. I decided to get rid of the coffee and sugar. It has been
    only 2 days and I ache all over and so tired and even chills. My allergies and asthma, do seem to have have improved.
    I also had started the treadmill to aid in loosing weight over a month ago. Have been doing 45 minutes, 2.5 miles at least 4 times a week. I have not lost any weight, but tightening up. I am trying to figure out how this all relates. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Also, how long the aches will continue!

    1. Giving up both coffee and sugar at the same time is really rough and it isn’t really possible to know where your symptoms are coming from because both coffee and sugar have withdrawal symptoms. In my own experience, the headache from giving up coffee is worse, but we’re all different. Also, as I mention as often as possible, a high-sugar diet can sometimes mask blood-sugar related illnesses that only become apparent when we stop eating the stuff. If your symptoms don’t go away in the next few days, it might be a good idea to have a checkup. Also, give yourself a few days to rest and let yourself de-tox – you deserve some down time.

      Good luck.

  7. Thank you so much for your input. Starting day three and seem to feel a bit better, although, it is only morning!
    I will keep in touch and let you know how it is going. Will take your advice and ease through the weekend!

  8. I have quit most of the sugar that I have been eating except white bread. I’ve had a minor headache, but the total body malaise has been debilitating, and even worse, my asthma had been worse than in the last 15 years. Could an increase in asthma attacks be related to sugar withdrawal? Thanks!

    1. Hi Marilyn. That’s the kind of question I really hope people will ask their doctor. I’ve never personally heard of sugar withdrawals causing asthma attacks, but you never know – and it’s just to important to guess. Make an appointment today.

      1. Hi Kelly, I don’t know if you will get this reply because when i click on the reply buttom in my email to your comment, it brings me to the blog site in general, not specifically to your name.

        Anyways, I totally relate to your comment. I’ve been a sugar addict since the first moment i put it in my mouth – more, more more is what i wanted………why wouldn’t we want it – it’s the most addictive drug if u ask me. I know alot of people who smoke so that they won’t eat as much sugar……god, it’s crazy isn’t it…….

        Keep trying, i think we also have to get over the grief of letting go of our supposed “best friend” it’s a loss, there is sadness under addiction we have to release, but i think it’s getting easier for me, i wish the same for you.

  9. Day 0.

    While reading this I’m eating my second bowl of ice cream and bag of lollies. Since returning from a great, but rather unhealthy eating-wise, holiday I’ve been experiencing insane sugar withdrawal syndromes. I’m very physically active and normally very particular with what I eat. I do have a bit of a sweet tooth but have in the past been able to kick extreme sugar cravings simply by staying away from sugar completely for about two weeks after which I’ve been able to consume smaller amounts of sugar without thinking about and craving it all day long (as I do now).

    This time around my usual strategy has not worked as the cravings and withdrawal symptoms (such as tiredness, extreme mood swings and negative/depressing thoughts) have simply been too intense.

    I’ve spent the last hour researching sugar addiction online and think the best way for me to successfully manage to cut out sugar for 14 days is to document my efforts here. Although no one might have any interest in my struggle it is a way for me to stay committed and accountable without having to start a blog of my own :). Who knows, someone else out there might want to share their efforts over a 14 day period as well? It would certainly motivate and commit me further. Either way, tomorrow is day 1 out of 14 and only the beginning. I’ll keep you posted of progress, tips and word of warnings :).


    1. Hi Maria. Welcome. Just one thought, for the record. This may not apply to you, but I thought I’d throw it out there just in case it might apply to someone else reading this blog:

      There are times when intense sugar cravings may be a way of self-medicating to get through a short period of clinical depression. I’m not a doctor, so that’s only my personal thought, not a medical one – but if you think it’s even vaguely possible, a trip to your doctor might be in order. A short-term prescription of anti-depressants has helped many people get through tough times, and kick a difficult sugar habit, too.

      Good luck with your new program – I wish you all the best. And we’d love to hear how things are working out for you.

      1. Most of my adult life I’ve eaten sugar at every meal. As a child, my mom noticed that sugar affected me more than other kids, so she took me off of it. My tantrums and emotional breakdowns got way better. This year, at 33, I went off sugar for 3 months. My depression, anxiety, and mood swings were so much better. I realize that things I’ve been thinking were “clinical depression” were actually just sugar. I really CAUTION people : PLEASE research before you go on antidepressants or any other kind of psychotropic drug. These drugs are addictive as well and can cause brain damage and horrible side effects that may be worse than what you are taking them for! Also, they caused spiritual numbness and an inability to get over the original crisis. A place to start research:
        Peter Breggin has many informative books. Your Drug May Be Your Problem really helped me. I’ve successfully gotten off psychiatric drugs after being on them for years, finding what works for me. The most important key to my mental health is not eating sugar. I can eat raw honey or agave or raisins, but sugar causes me to be emotionally completely instable and want to die. I realize it is the sugar because when I was off sugar for 3 months, I felt calm and peaceful. Right now I am 5 days off sugar and feel horribly in withdraw, crying every day and wanting to die. I am hoping that once I go off, I will not continue this cycle of going back on sugar. Other things that really help me is exercise, eating mostly fruits and vegetables, whole foods, no processed foods, journaling, praying, and having friends to talk to. I hope everyone here can have the strength to get off sugar and thrive. Thanks for reading!

        1. I really enjoyed your post. I have always known I was a sugar addict but never really felt like I connected with anyone on how it made me feel. This time I am having really bad symptoms. Especially the wanting to die part. My boyfriend does not understand what I am going through. I have had the severe headaches mood swings, crying and getting very aggitated… Last night I felt as if someone yelled boo that I would attach myself to the ceiling. I paced, wrung my hands and was shaking badly. I have been crying at the drop of a hat and have had bouts of feeling claustrophobic and thinking I was suffocating . I have only been off sugar since the start of Wednesday. Like the time before this, I go pretty strict on not eating sugar. I look at all the labels of the foods I eat and look for any added sugar. I want to thank you and everyone else for sharing what you have and are experiencing. I hope to stay in touch and encourage others so we can ALL get through this. Thank you again!!!!!

          1. I gave up sugar about 6 weeks ago. Also gave up alcohol 4 weeks ago. I did this primarily to avoid having my gall bladder removed (I have gallstones). The weight fell off me and I dropped two dress sizes. All my friends and family are congratulating me on looking so good……except I feel awful. I have such anxiety and FEAR, which is so debilitating. I have in the past suffered with depression and have been off SSRI’s since March. I am reluctant to go back on medication and actually quite relieved to hear that the reason for my anxiety and fear could simply be withdrawl from sugar and alcohol. I do have quite a lot of insight into my own health, but I can say for sure that I have never before had to deal with such crippling anxiety. I find that when I am at work I am OK but getting to work is quite challenging.

          2. Birdwing, after 6 weeks the sugar withdrawals should be over. If you’ve now on a very low calorie diet to help you lose weight, that will cause depression. It’s one of the most common side effects of extreme diets (and why so many gastric bypass patients often suffer from depression after their operation – depression is a well-known symptom of starvation). However, you seem to be feeling more anxious than depressed, so that may not be the problem here. If you’re eating enough calories, you might still be missing some important nutrients. Or you may have an underlying imbalance with your blood sugar or endocrine system that the sugar and alcohol have been masking all these years. I’d suggest a full medical exam, if at all possible – and if they can’t find out what is causing your symptoms, you may want to consider at least temporarily taking some medication for your anxiety, until your body gets back in balance.

            Has anyone else experienced these symptoms after being off sugar for 6 weeks?

          3. I’ve been off sugar, grains, alcohol and dairy for 10 days…I am definitely anxious! Rapid heart rate is driving me crazy! Do I really suffer from anxiety or is this a “symptom” that will subside?

          4. The anxiety will go away. Mood swings are a common withdrawal symptom when people go off sugar. It sounds like you might be trying a no-carb diet, which will have it’s own symptoms. If your blood pressure seems to be elevated, you might want to talk to your doctor.

        2. Z, I find that comment of spiritual numbness very interesting. I had been priding myself on being such a good Christian then I realised that caffeine and sugar were silent bondage in my life and it’s as if when on caffeine and sugar highs there is a spiritual block. People have talked of emotions and I also agree there is some block when on caffeine &sugar highs, the lows and highs also seem to alter one’s character very subtly and surely. Yes, prayer is the best thing to overcome. I highly doubt God created us to be captives in our own bodies. Thank you for starting this blog Jonni.

          1. Hello Faith,

            There is so many caring people out there with sugar addictions, i have never seen so many comments and help on any site so it is a real issue if the food manufactures did not put the sugar in their foods! well you know what i mean, i got as far as your comment and it did make an impression on me when you said you highly doubt God created us to be captives in our own bodies, your name definitely fits the words, very well said.
            I will get to read the rest, in time there is so many.
            And the most scary thing Faith is that until recently people were not aware of it, we grew up on sugar and thought nothing of it and now when you try to give it up it is torture.
            Oh bye the way Faith what is this website address?

      2. I am back on anti-depressants tomorrow. I kicked the sugar habit, also gave up alcohol and coffee…..lost 14 kilos, but feel really depressed, tired, anxious, fearful and just plain awful. I have finally accepted that I am clinically depressed. Thanks for validating my decision Jonni.


    2. Hey Maria, I realize your post was from November but I am reading it now on 5/18/11 and I too have eaten alot of cake today and am scared silly to go off the sugar! I am 43 and actually quite fit but I am a huge sugar addict! I’m totally freaked out to come off the sugar(I have NO will power). Your post really hit me and I think I am going to try on Monday. I have to give myself the week-end. Wish me luck and I will post to keep myself accountable as well.

  10. Hi! Well this is day 7 of no coffee and sugar. I have been eating a great deal of low alkaline vegetables and
    actually enjoying them. I have also cut out many high acid foods. I started really noticing a difference in how I felt yesterday. Less aches and pains. I went to the Chiropractor for an adjustment yesterday too. I have been trying to
    feel better and loose weight for years. I never realized what caffeine was doing to my system and that I was eating as much food that had some form of sugar. I have been eating “one ingredient foods”. I fix lots of vegetables in the morning and have low sugar fruits handy. It is extremely challenging, so far its working. To replace coffee I am drinking hot water with fresh line juice and a little honey. I must say my head is cleared and I feel much better. I am not craving either anymore. The hardest part is going out or being with others and learning to say NO. I am working on that.

    I really enjoy your Blog, it is very helpful! Thanks for looking out for us………………

  11. Hi Jonni,

    Thanks for your comment. Reading through my post again I can understand why your thoughts on clinical depression might have surfaced. I can assure you this is not the case for me. A few stressful external events have probably influenced my cravings but just recognizing this have helped me work through it.

    So, Day 1 & 2:

    Cravings are still pretty intense but I’ve managed to stay away from sugar. Been exercising daily and keeping track of everything else I east just to increase motivation further. I have no ambitions to lose weight but have found simply writing down what I eat gives me more control.

    Been drinking a little bit more coffee (no sugar) than usual but going to try to replace it with tea or at least cut down to 1-2 cups per day (Can’t stop all my vices at one go :)).

    – Very hungry all the time even though I eat plenty
    – Mood swings and irritability
    – Very tired between meals
    – Blurred vision (started day 2) – Is this a normal withdrawal symptom?
    – Majority of symptoms & cravings are worst at work and at home

    Coping Strategies
    – Drinking plenty of water
    – Eating healthy food without added sugar
    – A little bit of toothpaste or sugar free lollies every now and then to take the edge of cravings
    – Telling people about it to make me more committed
    – Taking notice of feelings, habits and thoughts and writing them down
    – Eating fruit between meals
    – Exercise
    – Write down what I eat

    Good luck to everyone else struggling with this. Any other coping strategies someone have had success with are welcome.

    Wishing you all the best πŸ™‚

  12. I have began to cut out sugar a week ago, i have had some terrible headaches, and severe paranoid thoughts, it has completely taken over my life, but i am determined not to give into it, how long do you think this will last?? as i am feeling really down at the moment…

    1. Sugar addiction withdrawal symptoms usually go away within a week or two. However, you seem to be having severe symptoms that I’ve never heard of before. If I were you, I’d make an appointment with my doctor – and I’d do it soon. Like today…

    2. Hi Elise-

      Don’t know where you’re at in your getting-off-sugar phase, but I’m 6 days into it and I have similar symptoms as you- I have a lot of anxiety, indecisiveness and scared feelings. I hope you are feeling better and hope I will feel better soon too! Exercise does cause the symptoms to abate for a short period of time which is helpful.

      1. Wow, I thought I was nuts. My only sugar was in a lemonaide mix with fresh brewed ice tea. I stopped drinking it a week ago when my pitcher broke and I decided to just use my old celstial seasonings standbys with no sweetener. I was so irritable, I just could not explain it. So at about day , now, I am having extreme exhaustion and headaches. It is great to hear about this only lasting a week or two more.

    3. Elise, I too have had the paranoid thoughts and it consuming me. I hope you were able to get past them. I myself think that it ties into the withdrawal from sugar. This is day five for me being off sugar. I feel so much better when I am not eating it. People who can take or leave foods with sugar cannot relate with us. That makes me sad cause I can relate to people with other addictions and try my best not to judge them harshly cause I know how I feel trying to get off sugar. My boyfriend looks at me crazy when I tell him that I could sit down and eat a 13 x 9 cake by myself. I am so addicted that I would be at work and before I leave I would think about whatever sweet I had at home and how it was going to taste…. I don’t want anything to have that kind of control over me!!!

  13. I am totally addicted to coke and chocolate (suagar) , i dont really see why i should kick this addiction , i am not fat and i consider myself pretty healthy, although my insides may be rotting. With the recent snow ive found that i havnt had as much chocolate and coke, and druing a long shift at work i began suffering a monster headache, i then realised it had been nearly 24 hours since i’d had a coke, on my break i got a dairy milk bar and can of diet coke, n my headache went away, my advice is , dont fight the addiction , work with it !

  14. I’ve been hooked on sugar for years, mostly Mt. Dew and Vault and I recently started drinking coffee as well. I’m trying to cut out the Mt. Dew and Vault COMPLETELY if possible because I know it’s not good for my body. Yesterday was day 1 and I’ve had a pounding heading for 24 hours, which is why I’m here and reading these posts. I’m not going to stop drinking caffeine, and I’m not quitting sugar, but I SERIOUSLY need to lay off the sugary drinks before they kill me!! In the morning, the first thing I’d reach for was a tall glass of Mt. Dew, then another around noon, and about 16 oz. in the late afternoon, and another glass of it with dinner. I love healthy foods too, but I’ve found myself eating more and more refined sugar all the time. The Mt. Dew addiction is totally out of control!! I’m going back to drinking iced tea with Stevia whenever I want to drink Mt. Dew, and I’m cutting WAY back on junk food. I was starting to eat cookies and candy every few hours throughout the day just to feel alive. I’m a mother of two young ones, my youngest is 10 months and a VERY difficult baby, so I’ve increased my sugar intake just to keep myself feeling full of energy when he keeps me up all night and fusses all day. I’m not obese as it would seem, just 135 lbs., but my weight is steadily going up lately, so I decided it’s time to do something. I hope the headaches let up soon. Thank God for Stevia! It isn’t bad in iced tea, and it lets me have some caffeine without drinking the sodas that are LOADED with so much sugar! Thanks for all of your comments here and I wish all of you the best with your efforts to improve your health by cutting back on sugar.

    1. Was a 25 year addict to Mountain Dew. Weight didn’t increase in my twenties, but by my thirties, I gained twenty pounds a year! Two years ago, I quit the soda for good. Huge adjustment. Was like I was quitting a serious drug. My behavior was noticeably calmer, happier and less frantic. Took a year for my body and mind to adjust to normal…no kidding. Now I am dramatically reducing my sugar intake. If you can make it over the Dew addiction, you can make it past the sugar reliance. Best of luck to you!

  15. I have been staying away from junk food and have lost 15lbs, just from that, though the fatigue fluctuates, my doc thinks its blood pressure or high cholesterol, thought the latter has gone down a bit too. Also my liver enzyme tests are back to normal, so my fatty liver is on the mend. Just wondering if i should be snacking more often? like fruits, etc. sometimes im tired after eating, or if dont eat often enough, sort of confused by the fatigue and weakness i feel sometimes. i need to do more exercise but wanted my body chemistry to stabilize a bit with the new healthier lighter diet.

    1. Hi Charlie. Congratulations on your weight loss. You don’t mention how long you’ve been on the new healthier diet – but your questions are the kind that really need to be answered by a doctor or nutritionist who can see you in person. Perhaps your doc can give you some idea about what sort of things you should be snacking on, and how often.

  16. Hi Jonni, I recently started a diet with reduced sugar. I have started feeling a headache but during exercise before I started the diet, as well as now I have started the diet, I experienced alot of mucus in my nose and throat and it was particularily noticeable during exercise. Is it possible that the sugar addiction can be a cause of this mucus and not only one of sugar withdrawls symptoms? In addition, can you recommend any ways to counteract the fatigue and energy level swings?

    1. Hi Ben. The only suggestion I can make is to eat the healthiest food you can find, and let your body rest when it needs to. It won’t take long for your body to get back in balance, but you should listen to it when it says to slow down.

      I don’t know about the mucus thing. I’ve never heard that before.

    2. I’m working on getting off sugar too! It’s been 3 days and I have a slight headache and drowiness along wiht mild mood swings. Hopefully, as the days go by I’ll keep getting healthier!

  17. Jonni.. great blog thank you.
    I always ate organic and low sugar/salt diet until I started Med school. The stress and demands led me to eating 16 doughnuts yesterday. Enough is enough, time to get back to the organic girl I know. DAY 1: brain is in a fog, does anyone else experience lack of focus? Headache and anxiety, cuddling with my pup at the moment to calm.

    1. Hi Paige. Yes, your symptoms are perfectly normal. If possible, plan to spend the rest of your day staying warm and quiet. The pup should be a huge help. You may continue to be lethargic for a few more days, but it will go away eventually, I promise.

  18. I started cutting out sugar and have started a diet of eating right. I know that if I don’t cut them out all together I will go back to them. I use food to cope and am 46 yrs. old and know that I can’t go on eating the way I have. It is so difficult though, headaches are frustrating and I have no energy. I was eating way too much sugar though. I’m glad I found this site and have enjoyed everyones comments. Glad to know I’m not the only one with this issue. I just hope I can make it.

  19. I have had several symptoms of pre-menopause over the last 6 months: night sweats, changes in cycle, hot flashes, etc. 4 months ago, I strictly limited sugar and white flour in my diet, and my symptoms reversed altogether after about 3 weeks. Unfortunately, I did not continue with my good habits, and I have fallen back into the pre-menopause symptoms. I am now into day #5 ,of being “sugar and white flour free” again. It’s harder this time. I’ve had nausea, dizziness, and brain fog. I don’t know how I’ve ended up back in this withdrawal phase, having felt such relief last time. I realize to be sugar and white flour free, I must be completely “counter culture”. It’s so easy to drift back into the habits of our sugar/white flour ladened culture. …. Not to blame. I need to take responsibility for my food choices and endure this dreadful withdrawal process. I’m trying to imagine life, long-term, without sugar and white flour. It seems I can only hang in there short-term, even when I feel so much better when I do. Any ideas re: how I can discipline myself long-term? Have other’s noticed that sugar/white flour makes menopausal problems worse?

    1. Hi Barbara. It does sound like your current symptoms are troublesome, and I hope they go away soon. If they don’t, be sure to make an appointment for a medical checkup to make sure there isn’t anything else that might be causing them.

      I used a lot of little tricks to get sugar-free, including the meditation technique I describe here. I also made sure to remove as much stress as possible from my life, cleaned all the sugar out of my house, among other things. I think the most important thing I did was come to an understanding that my body was responding to this “food” for a reason, and it wasn’t just because I didn’t have any will power. Knowing it wasn’t just me, and it wasn’t all my fault, really helped. (I discussed it all in my book, but that’s the jist…)

      Good luck. I hope you feel better soon.

    2. Barbara, I have also been experiencing perimenopause, the last two years actually (and I’m only 35!). I was diagnosed with everything but. I’ve been diagnosed and treated for palpitations and a mood disorder. Irregular periods, depression and having panic attacks too. I’m trying to improve my diet on my own to alleviate the symptoms since nothing else works and my Dr. isn’t listening. Recently, I’ve been working on cutting out refined sugars. I hadn’t noticed any blatant withdrawal symptoms but the other day I was at a family gathering and succumbed to a bowl of ice cream. A couple of hours later I had a massive panic attack. Today I gave in to a piece of cake too and the same thing happened – a couple of hours later. So yeah, I’d say it helps to cut out the sugar and, at least in my case, NOT go back.

      1. Elizabeth,
        My sister goes through the exact same thing. I do too occasionally. Mine is Sprite or Chinese food. I do have anxiety problems to begin with but when I consume them they get bad. She has a bunch of stuff she can’t eat. Not only refined sugar /flour but MSG’s in food like Chinese can cause it. It has been great reading everyone’s post. i felt like I was going crazy because I was having all these symptoms. I was just put on Thyroid meds and quit smoking a week ago. plus I decided to lay off ssweets and flour so I don’t gain anymore weight from quitting smoking, so I’m really having a lot of stuff going on and I’m really struggling with the way I feel!!!!

        1. Hi Holly,

          I’m 50 and went off sugar midnight Sunday. I’m a coca~cola addict and still on nicorette lozenges a year after quitting smoking. I’m still drinking black coffee, but I am so sick with headache, nausea and very fatigued. Ache all over and down for the count in bed. I have been addicted my entire life and am trying to get off the unhealthy treadmill. I’m so glad to have found this blog, I didn’t realize I would have withdrawl symptoms from sugar. I’m on a mostly protein diet for 4 days so I’m sure it is contributing to the way I feel. Emotional as well…

          1. Donna, in the past I found that drinking even one less Coke a day would make my head pound. I don’t know if it has more caffeine than coffee or if it’s the combination of various chemicals, including sugar, but Coke is really hard to give up. Unless your doctor has you on a high-protein diet for some health reason, you might find yourself feeling a lot better if you eat a potato or some other high-carb, no-sugar food. At least it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try.

  20. Oh, my aching head. I am close to the end of day two of no sugar, and it only just dawned on me earlier this morning that my body might have to endure some headaches. This is not a sinus headache, and it feels more like a migraine. Movement, lights…even this computer monitor seem to be stabbing at my migraine. I have more experience with sinus headaches and seem to be at a loss for this kind. I took some tylenol and that has made a tiny dent in it, but I’m not sure what other things might work.

    So two questions: What methods help headaches aside from a glass of merlot and hershey’s chocolate bar :)? I see that staying quiet and resting might help. And, understanding that everyone is different, should I expect headaches for 2 weeks?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Carrie. That sounds really painful. Most withdrawal symptoms go away quickly, unless they’re caused by some underlying medical condition that the sugar was masking. I did find some good advice on another forum – the last post on this page. She said it helps if you eat the “good” carbs – the ones that aren’t sugar or white flour, basically, like beans, squash, and other healthy foods that contain carbohydrates. It sure would be worth a try.

      You didn’t, by any chance, give up caffeinated drinks? Withdrawals from Pepsi are really tough, because of the caffeine headaches. Worse than giving up coffee.

      1. Thanks, Jonni for the speedy reply. I went to check that post out, and was glad to find some easy work-in solutions for meals. I just happen to have a couple of good carbs on hand, like squash and hummus…plus lots of tomatoes. I’ll be sure to pepper those in. I appreciate you finding that information for me!

        The headaches seem to have tapered off since I started Saturday (it’s Tuesday, now) and I’m glad of that. But glad to know there is something I can easily incorporate into my meals to keep the headaches at bay. And thank you, too, for providing this forum for us to all find/share information!


  21. I haven’t noticed anyone mention heartburn as a side effect. I am on day 5 of my new diet. I completely cut out refined sugar and grains. Yesterday I woke up with terrible heartburn which I rarely get and I am still suffereing from it today. Nothing seems to be helping. Could the heartburn be a side effect? I have noticed that I have been very agitated as well.

    1. Lyndsay, I think it would be a good idea to ask your doctor about your symptoms. There’s always a possibility that you may be feeling ill for reasons that are completely unrelated to your no-sugar diet. It’s always safer to know for sure. I didn’t experience heartburn, and a fast Google search didn’t turn up anything – but we’re all different. Please let us know what you find out.

    2. Hi Lyndsay: Maybe I am a bit late but just in case you read it , I am off sugar for 4 weeks and I had terrible heartburn after my first two days! ( I have never ever had before heartburn in my entire life) Though it didn’t last long, just for a week or so. I also couldn’t sleep for a couple of nights and now it’s all gone but I still feel a bit week and sleepy, don’t know maybe because I go to the gym 5 times a week but I am falling asleep even on the way to work and I have my mood swings as well.
      I hope it will help

      All the best

    3. I am so glad to find your post. I am on day two and awoke with the most severe heartburn that I have ever had and wondered whether it is a side effect ?

      1. Did you guys decide the heartburn was just a side effect? As I am on day 4 of sugar withdrawal and have got heartburn like never had before… Did it evenutally go?


        1. I didn’t experience heartburn myself. If it doesn’t go away rather soon, you might want to make an appointment with your doctor. I could be totally unrelated to your diet.

        2. Thanks for posting this! I have recently quit sugar, usually never have heartburn, but day 2 and day 3, have pretty bad heartburn. It is NOT from anything else.

  22. I am on day 5 of total sugar and caffeine withdrawl. The first few days of headaches were so intense I took Excedrine for the pain. Excedrine has caffeine but it will knock out the really intense headaches. As the headaches get milder you can deal with them on your own.
    I am not marketing for Excedrine, but it will work better then asprin, Tylenol, etc., for eliminating headaches in particular.
    My other symptoms are feeling faint at times, shaky, hungry (although I am eating a great deal, all I want, of unrefined grains and fresh vegetables), muddled, tired and grouchy at times. The good things I notice: Overall a lot more calm and balanced and the red vessels in the whites of my eyes are diminishing. Oh, Glutemine will help with sugar cravings … A LOT.

  23. Day One

    Today is day one of kicking the sugar habit that I didn’t know I had. I never really ate a lot of sweets but with the holiday season just ending, I think I may have over done it. My sister and I decided to do a 12 week exercise program and I really would like to lose the weight that I have gained in college. So after doing a lot of research about sugar, I realized that I was eating a disgusting amount every day which was not helping my weightloss at all! So far I have had the shakes, chills, nausea, hungry allllll the time (even though I am eating plenty of food and every 3 hours), extreme thirst (have drank 12 sixteen ounces glasses of water with lemon juice), and the worst migraine I have experienced in years. Working out did help but only for an hour. I took Excedrin Migraine and it only dulled the pain. I know that this is only day one and it will get worse before it gets better but it is good to know that I am not alone in this battle. I really didn’t realize how sugar was controlling my life. It is quite disgusting how it is in EVERYTHING that we eat now. Anyways, thank you so much for having this blog. I think that it will really help me to maintain focus on my goal.

    1. I have completely gone off sugar now for about 8 days and I still have a headache. I quit smoking years ago and I think this is almost as bad. I really am a sugar addict. Once I have one piece of anything, I can’t stop. Good luck with your battle. Just remember not one bite!!!

  24. Last Wednesday my doctor told me I had diabetes, but could turn it around if I get on a diet/nutrition plan immediately. I thought about the prospect of medicating myself and resolved to quit sugar and get healthy that day. It’s now been 6 days since then and I am in foggy, headache ridden misery. I’ve stuck to veggies and low carbs. I made vegetarian chili this weekend with bulgur. I’ve had tons of water. When should I expect to emerge on the other side of this?

    1. Ally if your current symptoms are just coming from the sugar withdrawals, you should be at least half-way through the worst of it, and you could feel better in just a day or two. And just think how much better it is to start your new diet, even with the current symptoms, than having to take medication and possibly even shots every day – you’re determination to take control of your health is a real inspiration for the rest of us.

      I do hope your doctor gave you a specific diet plan to follow. If so, your doctor should be familiar with the withdrawal symptoms, since most of the patients who switch to the same plan should have similar issues. Maybe he or she would have some ideas for making the transition a little easier.

  25. I too have started a reduced sugar/caffiene/fat diet.
    I’m not especially fat but I know I am not happy the way I am at the minute so im now into my second day of reduced everything.
    I find eating regularly helps with the headache pain, started with a Muller Light yoghurt and a small bag of grapes for breakfast. Having a small ham sandwich with some fruit and water for my lunch. Tea will be a grilled chicken breast with sweet potato and other veg.

    I used to drink 1litre of Sprite a day as well as various chocolate bars and things like that. It is hurting quite a lot today but I know if I just get through the first week like this then it should be easier from then.

    So far the symptoms are headaches and I am finding it really hard to concentrate.

    Good luck to others trying this.

  26. Thanks for the great ideas on your site. I’ve gotten some good tips to take away. I would say though that I disagree with sugar withdrawl symptoms being relatively mild. Mine have been quite severe (headache, anxiety & depression alternately, brain fog, crying at odd momemts, feelings of abandonment). My doctor’s been with me every step of the way and she has seen this severity in many of her patients, and has experienced these symptoms herself. I’m so happy for anyone who is able to get through this with minimal discomfort. I wouldn’t wish what I’ve gone through on anyone, but it will be worth it once I’m on the backside and I see the benefits in my improved health.

  27. wow, I haven’t read everything yet, but so far everything fits my fiance symptoms. How do I help him though this withdraw period?

    1. Hi Susan. If your fiance really wants to give this a try, the best thing you can do would be to refrain from cooking or eating anything that he doesn’t want to eat himself (just as you probably wouldn’t drink a beer in front of someone who just committed to giving up alcohol), and give him lots of quiet space. He won’t feel great, and he might be grouchy – this would not be a good time for long conversations about anything stressful, or a time for him to make any major decisions. And finally, offer him some delicious meals made from really healthy foods, with lots of veggies and soups, and let nature take it’s course.

  28. I’ve enjoyed reading this blog. Great to read that so many people are trying to eat healthier – I’m going to try to do the same by kicking my sugar habit.

  29. This is a great website/blog! I always somehow “knew” that sugar and refined (white) carbs had to be addictive, but there isn’t really a lot of scientific literature out there to support this theory. However, now on day 6 of “no sugar; no refined carbs”; the only carbs I’m consuming are vegetables and legumes/beans, I am also suffering from most of the things everyone describes here: headaches, irritability, low energy, mood swings, lethargy, “foggy brain” and just general “ick”. This morning as I awoke, I thought “maybe, just maybe I won’t have a headache” and half-way into that thought the pounding started; however it is slightly less than yesterday so maybe the worst of it is over! In my opinion, this is by far, much worse than withdrawing from caffeine; at least that was over in about 3 days. I do have to say just finding this site has been helpful! To know I’m not “crazy” for all the things I’m feeling! Hang in there everyone!

  30. I am day 8 of a detox which includes no yeast/caffeine/sugar/dairy and alcohol and it’s so hard not to give up as I still have a headache. Although it’s slightly less that it was at the start and I am able to concentrate a little better, it’s still so debilitating. It is strict and I am only doing it for 2 weeks and then will slowly reintroduce some aspects but I want to eliminate sugar and caffeine totally. Please tell me the headaches should go soon!! It is comforting however to know that I’m not alone!

    1. Yes, Nicola – the headaches will go away soon, but you’re probably getting the double-whammy because you’re going cold turkey on both sugar and caffeine. Be sure you’re drinking enough water, and try to include other healthy carbs in your diet. Squash, sweet potatoes, even regular potatoes might help with the headache. If you don’t feel better soon, make an appointment with your doc to make sure there isn’t something else going on.

  31. Thankfully I found this site. I have a history of migraines. Last Thurs I started on a
    no sugar/processed carbs. diet. I was waking up every morning with a headache
    that migraine meds would get rid of. I’ve had a headache the last 24 hours that nothing has helped. Hoping it would help I went for a massage today and couldn’t stay still for the whole hr. I knew I consumed a lot of sugar. This withdrawl is a real eye opener on how addictive it is. Lots of info, thanks

  32. I was big into coffee with triple sugar and double cream, and had difficulties after supper with snacks.. mostly refined sugar laden.
    I am about a month off coffee and suffered all the caffiene withdrawl symptoms that others have mentioned. The only thing remaining is missing that “boost” 1st thing in the morning. I’ve been off sugar for about the same time. I’d say periodic lethargy, difficulty concentrating and trouble with sleep were the most frequent issues that still occur. I am really putting a lot of water and fresh fruit through my system to help purge. There is a lot of natural sucrose in fruit…. is it fair to say you are sugar free when eating a lot of fruit?

  33. Thank goodness for this site! I was really worried with what I was feeling and didn’t know if I was doing my body more harm then good.
    I recently got a fasting blood sugar test and Monday, today is Thursday, my doctor told me I was at 108 so I had “pre-diabetes” and she prescribed Metformin and told me I would have to take it twice a day to help delay the onset and/or possibly the severity of when I get Diabetes! Just all matter of fact. She said I would have another test in 3 months to see if the medication was lowering my levels. I have many friends w/diabetes and I know the benefits lifestyle changes can have on the situation. I decided I want to try to see what I can do on my own first before I resort to meds.. I have learned a lot online this week. Such as my current body mass index, the fact I hold my weight around my abdomen (muffin top) and my good cholesterol is low put together fill the pre-diabetes criteria. I’ve also read that lifestyle changes can do more good then the meds even.

    I know that I drink Coke like water, literally,10 or more full glasses a day, all I drink, and I am aware it contains lots of sugar and always have people telling me if I’d only switch to diet I’d lose some weight. I guess it just never really impacted me just how much sugar it has. I NEVER realized how addicted to the sugar I was/am. I thought it was the caffeine. I left the Dr and went to the store and stared at the diet pop selection. Came home w/Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper, which has a bad aftertaste, and Coke Zero which I am liking.
    I started drinking the Diet Dr. Pepper, no Coke, and I immediately felt a change. I got so tired, brain foggy, very hungry and a headache. I always thought it was the lack of caffeine when I would get a headache if I had a delay in getting my Coke. I had to allow myself a 1/2 a glass of Coke just to take a shower and get anything done! I fell right to sleep when I got in bed and I woke right up in the morning and felt really good! I couldn’t believe it!
    I’m still drinking 2 glasses of Coke at work because it’s just too stressful there to deny myself just yet. I have still been STARVING all day even while drinking it! I now have a glass of water when I get home and then Diet pop. However, I am still very tired and brain fogged, somewhat irritable and VERY hungry. I haven’t had more headaches. When I eat I only feel better for maybe a 1/2 hour and then the HUNGER is back! I have to let myself have a 1/2 glass of Coke just to get anything done! The minute I drink it I feel so much better! It’s crazy!
    I never realized I had such a HUGE addiction. I never realized just how much the sugar in the Coke was effecting my life! Previously I would go to bed, very late, still awake and not fall asleep for at least a 1/2 hour. Now I’m going to bed earlier and passing out. I usually wake up feeling horrible and weighed down and I’ve woken up a lot easier and just felt better in the morning. Over the past year I’ve been having a lot of heartburn and I haven’t had that this week. I also seem to be digesting better. It seems the sugar was just blocking everything! My feet were becoming swollen a lot over the summer where I could only wear some big sandals whenever it was humid. Even though that went down at the end of the summer I’ve still felt like I was a little swollen and now I don’t feel it at all! I usually eat dinner very late at night and I now realize it’s because the Coke was making me feel full all the time. My boyfriend has noticed huge changes in me and thinks I’m becoming more normal, like him, now where before I just thought he was strange, lol.

    It’s hard for people to think it’s a big deal when I say Oh my, I’m going through sugar withdrawal and it’s horrible! I was so relieved to find this site and read that other people are going through this and its not just me! I’m also happy to read that these symptoms will go away! I hope I can keep this up and get through it and eliminate the Coke. I’m also hoping it will help with my sugar levels as well as some possible weight loss. I was holding the same weight steady for years until my BF moved in and I started making us dinners and eating “correctly” vs frozen and fast food if anything for dinner. However, I gained about 25lbs from that! I now realize that those 25lbs put me into the body mass index for pre diabetes. Before I was just below it for years. This is all very eye opening and hopefully I will have another post in awhile that says I got through it and things are going so much better because of it!

    1. Hi K. It sounds like you’re on the right track, but be sure to keep your doctor in the loop.

      Since you mentioned Coke I thought this would be a good time to bring up two issues concerning soft drinks that most people don’t know. For some reason, these studies haven’t been discussed very much in the news. First, the sugar in Coke and other soft drinks is usually corn syrup, and recent studies have shown that corn syrup makes people gain weight more quickly than regular sugar. That’s one of the reasons why so many people can lose most of their excess weight just by giving up soft drinks.

      The other issue is with diet soft drinks. Some researchers believe that artificial sweeteners are associated with the current diabetes epidemic. Whether or not there’s a direct link is not yet known, but with all the other health concerns related to artificial sweeteners, this is just one more thing to worry about. You might want to do some more research on this issue and then switch to plain old water, perhaps flavored by a squirt of lemon juice.

      And, do make sure that you keep your doctor informed.

    2. I urge you to not switch your sugar addiction for a diet drink addiction. Believe it or not, diet softdrinks have an ingredient in them which is much more addictive and has 92 side effects in total. Its called aspartame, do some research you will be shocked!! I am into day 8 of my aspartame detox and am feeling like utter crap. The headaches have subsided, i have had sleeping issues for a few weeks, struggle to eat, constant dizziness, my shoulder aches and my neck has begun to ache. People have even had worse withdrawal symptoms than heroin!! Please, no one do it to yourself its horrible!! But it does get better (thank god) but also can take years to recover!! I’d say stick to water. After a bit you begin to enjoy the taste of water, you begin to crave it and you are able to taste the horrible chemicals in diet drinks πŸ™‚ Hope your detox went well and your doing okay

  34. I began a new diet just a few days ago called the HCG diet. It sounded kind of wierd at first but my friend did so well on it her first week (lost 9 lbs in the first week) that I decided to try it to. So far sugar withdrawal headaches are my worst symptom but the HCG drops really make it so there is no shakiness or weakness. If you need to lose weight as well as give up the sugar it’s worth a try.

  35. My husband is a large man and has his “stash” of cookies, candy, crackers, chips etc in the pantry on one shelf. He also has ice cream and cakes in the freezer and a generous supply of cake and brownie mixes.

    For 30 years I mostly left them alone. The last year and a half I have been eating some of his cookies and candy (There was some stress with a move and surgery.). Little by little I ate more and more. I feel like such a mess. I have gained 25 pounds, am always tired and irritable (I really try hard to be nice.) and feel rotten. We have a family history of type II diabetes and I do not have it, yet.

    I decided that I had to do something and it was the sugar. I decided I have to get off it. I started to do research and found your page. I knew there would be some withdrawl but never thought it would be as stated. I quit caffeine about 7 years ago so I was just expecting no more than that. At least I am prepared.

    This is my second day. I have a slight headache.

    I told my husband what I am doing. He said that he would support me but he wants his stash. I agreed. He agreed to help me read labels. We have always ate healthy except for the sugar. We eat lots of vegetables and fruit and always whole grains and legumes. I am vegetarian and he eats meat.

    Thank you all for being here and sharing your stories.

    1. Me again. This is my 6th sugar free day. I have had no problems other than being a little tired. This tiredness is nothing compared to before when I had sugar and then the down that came after eating the candy, cookie etc.

      I only had a slight headache one day and maybe it was due to something else.

      I have been eating protein when I crave sweets. I eat an ounce of cheese or some beans. This is enough to satisfy and the craving passes.

  36. use xylitol as a sugar substitute, it actually is healthy and good for your teeth unlike any other sugar substitute, it leaves you feeling better and yet it tastes and looks just like sugar. Check out the Maximized Living website for recipes they are really good and you don’t really experience bad withdrawal symptoms if you fill yourself with the right stuff :o). Drink lots of water too because toxins are stored in fat cells and when you cut down on sugar you are helping to get rid of toxins and that can also make you feel awful.

    There is also an over the counter tablet called chorelle, you know the good stuff in green veg. and that is good for you. Well you get it in tablet form to help detox – thats chlorelle so you might want to get theat to take with your multivitamin everyday and get more adjustments from your chiroprator to make sure your body is functioning well.

    1. When I did my internship with an alcoholism treatment center the counselor advised all the clients to stay away from substitute beer – if a person tried to maintain the illusion that they could still drink alcohol, their success rate was extremely low. Also, studies have shown that some artificial sweeteners trick the body into thinking they’re sugar, which actually increases the chances of insulin resistance and diabetes. I would be very careful about using any form of sweetener at least during the first few months as you wean yourself off sugar. But this is just my opinion, of course. Our experiences vary.

      1. I feel like you, Jonni. I think it best that I stay away from artificial sweeteners. I do not want to trade one bad habit for another.

        The extra protein is helpful. I am eating fruits and vegetables, whole grain and protein. I am actually feeling very well today. I think exercise also is helpful.

        1. Xylitol is the best in my books and no after-taste.

          Xylitol : 100% pure xylitol.
          It is a sweetener derived from the fibrous parts of plants. Xylitol molecule contains 5 carbon atoms rather than the 6 of most other sugars. This molecular difference is the key to xylitol’s beneficial qualities of taste and functionality.

          More details…

  37. I am addicted to sugar. I literally have gone days and days without eating anything besides candy and chocolate. I realized that this was more than will power as sugar seemed to have power over me. My eating habits were effecting the way my body felt, lethargic and depressed.

    In my research on kicking the habit, i came across this 7 day cleanse where you only eat fruits and veggies on the lowest level of the glycemic index. I am currently on day two and although yesterday, aside from a slight headache and severe cravings, it wasnt bad.

    However today I woke up exhausted and have pretty much felt like I had been hit by a truck all day. Migraine, sick stomach, dizzy, and my neck even sort of hurts…basically ky body aches. I know that if I go to my kitchen and eat something sugary, I will feel better. But I am determined, although I didnt expect it to be quite this bad.

    That is why I am on here now. I wanted to find out if what I am feeling is typical. But I am concerned that, due to the length of time and the level of sugar I consumed, could this cold turkey thing actually be dangerous? I have a pretty high pain tolerance so if I admit to almost not being able to take it, then I must be feeling pretty bad. Maybe I should go to the Dr. But they will probably think I am crazy since they dont ever seem to eant to acknowledge that sugar addictions are even real.

    1. Hi Stacy. Many of your symptoms seem “typical” but there really aren’t any typical people. One good reason to go to the doctor is that your previous sugar binges might have been your body’s way of self-medicating for an underlying condition. Once the sugar is taken away, (and all the protein, it seems) you might be experiencing symptoms of some imbalance that should be treated. Fortunately, you don’t need to use the word “addiction” when you talk to your doctor. Simply tell her that you were eating very poorly, and you knew all the sugar was bad for you. But now that you aren’t eating it, you’re experiencing some major symptoms that worry you. A thorough exam is not a bad idea. In fact, I would suggest that you make that appointment today.

      Good luck – I hope you feel better soon.

  38. I have had a love affair with sugar all my life and now in my fifties I am giving it up. I have suffered from pancreatitus for the last few years and think it will help that part. My head is spinning this morning and this is day 3 for no sugar. Is that normal? I get up @ night and walk around and realized I was looking for a sweet treat. I always ate desserts so that habit is going to end. No headaches yet but expect them to come soon. Can you tell me about other symtoms to expect besides the headaches and dizziness?……………………….

    1. Hi BJ, the symptoms vary with each person, it seems. You should feel fine in a few days – if not, you might want to check with your doctor to see if your sugar intake was masking another condition. It’s rare, but it sometimes happens. And be sure to eat lots of good veggies, get some protein, and drink lots of water.

  39. Hi. Just wanted to update so that anyone currently struggling will see there is hope at the end of the tunnel. I went off sugar last week. Two days in I was feeling like I had been hit by a truck. But 2 days after that I was feeling great! My mood and energy levela were better than they have been in a long time. (I was on an all fruit and veg detox for a week). I start adding healthy proteins and some whole grains back into my diet tomorrow so I cant contribute my well being to just eliminating sugar as I also cut out those 2 things as well, but I’m going to give it a try and determine from there is I just want to become a vegetarian. It is amazing how much more clear headed I am and just motivated to move again. I think I had a stronger sugar withdrawal response because of the massive level of sugar I had been eating for such a long time. I don’t know how my poor body waa functioning. After researching the effects on a body I decided I dont want to put my poor body thru that anymore. Now I can only hope that I can reverse some of the damage I have done. Anyway, if you are struggling, you need to know that once you get thru the first few days, you will realize that it is just not worth it, because of how great you will feel sugar free.

  40. Hi (: I’m sooo glad you posted this, it really helped me come to terms with what I have been facing. I’m 15 and under average weight, but my addiction to sugar is very real – my brother is a drug addict and I have the addictive gene as well (thank god I’ll never get into any of that). Anyways, I’ve been off sugar for only two days now and I’ve been completely depressed and nauseous both days; it makes me just want to sleep all day long. The only sugary thing I crave, ever, is gummies/gummy bears – but I will keep going through this for the benefits in the end, I know how important it is. Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Lindsey. Good luck with your new healthy diet. Remember to eat some carbohydrates – whole wheat bread, a potato with butter, some oatmeal or other healthy food – so you don’t have low blood sugar. As soon as we eat a big hit of sugar our blood glucose goes up, and then insulin kicks in and removes as much of the sugar from our bloodstream as possible. That means that if you give up sugar a few hours later you’ll have low blood sugar, and cravings and nausea etc., because your body isn’t getting the glucose it needs. I think your symptoms will get better if you eat something with carbohydrates in it – just make sure they’re from whole foods, so you don’t get back into the blood-sugar roller coaster.

      But that’s just my opinion. Has anyone tried switching to whole food-type carbs when giving up sugar? Did it reduce the withdrawal symptoms?

  41. I gave up sugar for splenda and I was wondering will that still give me withdrawal symptoms I feel terrible aching chills rundown.

    1. Yes, if you use a lot of sugar and then switch to an artificial sweetener like Splenda, you’ll still get the withdrawal symptoms. You also may have low blood sugar unless you switch instead to slower-acting carbohydrates, like beans, squash, or whole wheat bread. Splenda doesn’t act like sugar inside the body. There may also be other health concerns with this artificial sweetener, as there seems to be with most of them. You can read more about Splenda on Wikipedia.

  42. It has been two weeks today since I have had added sugar such as cookies, candy, cake etc. I eat very little processed food, actually only bread and sometimes I make my own.

    I am feeling very good. I really had no withdrawl symptoms except being tired. I eat vegetarian with lots of fruit, vegetables, whole grains and legumes. Maybe that has something to do with feeling well.

    This week was a little stressful since we were homebound by the ice and snow storms and my husband has a huge stash of cookies, candy, cakes, chips etc. I read and exercised more than usual and drank a lot of water. It worked.

    Thanks for being here everyone. Special thanks to Jonni for the site and all her research.

  43. hi there..i am at my wits this is my story, have had terrible thrush for three a bid to get rid of it i have cold turkey cut out: alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine and all sugar. I am a uk size 8 and have always been a skinny girl..i can eat anything and never get fat including junk and eat like a horse…but now it seems my body has had enough, this is the only kind of diet i have ever been on in my 24 years of life. I have been on this no sugar thing for two weeks..the thrush has not got better and i feel like i want to kill everyone because i am so moody!! im so emotional, i have stomach pain, head pain itchyness all over my body and i am absolutely in despair i feel like my body is dieing this is the worst irritation ever, i suffer from trigeminal neuralgia and can take pain but this is like my body has gone mad and will not stop torturing me!! falling asleep is tough i have headache on a constant and my stomach seems to be huge all of a sudden, one friend even asked if i was pregnant! My family have been supportive and gotten me acidophilus and cranberry extract to take i eat all vegetables except mushrooms but no carbs except brown rice and most pulses :(. i have been on google staring at photos of my favourite cakes and sweets wishing i could smell them.At first i missed alcohol alot as i have a bad habit of a drink before bed but now i just wish i could even have a bite of fruit! i know that sugar is natural but i am terrified of the thrush getting worse, my dotor gave me nystatin to kill the bacteria she thinks is also in my body but it hasnt changed things..someone encourage me i am so close to giving up and i will never put myself through this detox again if i give up now..

    1. Hi Mellu. I’m not a doctor, but it seems like there is a possibility that your thrush isn’t going away because of the antibiotics. You might need more time for your good bacteria to establish themselves again before the yeast infection goes away.

      I also just read a personal account by a wonderful gardening author who suffered from celiac disease for years before she was finally diagnosed. This may not apply to you, of course, but she said the common symptoms are bloating, gas, stomach cramps, diarrhea or constipation, joint pain, numbness or tingling in the hands or feet, itchy skin lesions, fatigue, and headaches or migraines. She also was unable to gain weight, no matter how much she ate. The illness is often misdiagnosed as irritable bowel syndrome, eczema, dermatitis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome or nervous stomach. Some of the symptoms you describe sound rather similar. She also said it often takes years for someone to get the right diagnosis, and it’s usually because they do their own research and ask their doctor for the right tests.

      Obviously, I have no idea what’s wrong with you, but it sure sounds like you could use a good medical exam. Your symptoms are not typical of sugar withdrawal. The author of the book I just read said the best book about celiac disease is Celiac Disease: A Hidden Epidemic. Just in case, you might want to see if your local library has a copy. Even if that isn’t the cause of your problems, a good thorough exam sounds like a good idea. Thrush is also sometimes the first warning sign of diabetes or immune system problems, so your doctor should look harder for the cause.

      Good luck with everything. I hope you get better soon.

    2. i have had thrush for 2yrs,only after searching and reading books,did i find out what was wrong with me.ive seen 7 drs to try to find out why my tongue was burning so dr had an anwser…all blood work came back normal,but the burning..extreme fatigue never ceased. its only when i went on the internet on suzy cohen’s web site at and dear that i started to think i might get an answer for my problem.suzy has a book called drug muggers. in the book she sujests taking dr ohira’s probiotics daily.his website is essential 972 255 3918 seem to feel better after three days.also taking clotrimazole 10mg troche ..its a losenge that disolves on the tongue..i asked for this prescription..has helped some along with the probiotics. this started after i had a yeast infection and was precribed antibiotics.infection healed..then i got a yeast infection,thrush in my mouth. suzy cohen’s book says whenever you have to take an antibiotic(always take a good probiotic along with it ) OR you can get a yeast infection..stop eating sugar..yeast feeds off of sugar. i feel so much better now. i hope this has helped you ..i know what you are going better soon

  44. I have been off sugar for 15 days and had only a slight headache one day. Other than that only tired. I thought I was over it all.

    Friday, on day 13 I developed the worse migraine that I have had in years. I have like a cluster headache since. Today it is not nearly as bad as the last two days. Is there any correlation with the withdrawl of sugar from the diet. My husband was wondering and now I am.

    I am going to the chiropractor tomorrow. I always see him if I have a migraine. No drugs for me.

    1. There’s probably no way to know if your sugar-free diet is causing your current headache, unless your chiropractor can run some tests to make sure you aren’t having problems with your blood sugar levels. This is definitely a question for your doctor.

    2. Hi Loretta, i always find that foot massage REALLY helps me with migraine..i cannot afford reflexology so,i drink some water,turn all the lights off put on an eye cover and get a kind person (insert husbands name here) to give me a gentle foot first it may hurt as there are so many nerve endings there but it helps so much. I dont know if this applies to you but any form of nuts or beer or ale can bring one on out of no where.
      stay well x p.s hope you do not have tickly feet!

    3. I have recently gone cold turkey from sugar and have had a headacke with pain around the back of my head…. just terrible..
      thought it was my sinuses… I realize now that I will need to approach this the same as when I gave of smoking over 25 years ago…. by completly flushing my body with water, juice and lots of fruits and vegies … sleeping… warm baths…..
      I can’t believe how bad my sugar addiction is ….. sugar is poison

      1. Thank God for your comment Kathy, I am on my ninth day of sugar detox and feel HORRIBLE. Moody, sad, irrational, unfocused, headaches and since last night I have had a horrible pain around the back of my head that I too though was sinus pain. This forum has been a God send as no one (that I know at least) seems to understand that sugar can be a very powerful force in our body. I have been reading comments for over an hour and am feeling much relief that so many other people understand these feelings and pains.
        One thing that I wish I could find in any of these articles is a reasonable amount of sugar to expect to run into during detox, such as 25mg (maybe the amount of sugar in a yogurt, fruit and Orange Juice smoothie) How much sugar should one target to reach to as a bar to be under?

        1. Gayle, the amount of sugar you remove from your diet is totally up to you. If you have time, you might want to watch this video to see which types of sugar cause the health problems. Also, I might mention that nine days of feeling bad is more than I would think is “normal,” although every body is different. The moodiness is very common, but this far into your no-sugar diet, the head pain might actually be caused by something else. For instance, you might have caught a virus, or there may be something else going on. If you don’t feel better in a day or two, I’d suggest that you call your doctor.

  45. thanks for taking the time to look things up jonni, ill give the book a look up as im a keen reader, the truth is other than bloating i dont have any other issue with my stomach and dont suffer from gut problems. The only other things i can think of since starting this diet is that i am starving all the time..i have started to eat about 6 meals a day made of many healthy things and have taken to eating carrots as its the most sugary tasting veg i can find and i read it inhibits further fungal growth. Im quite surprised you said antibiotics are making me worse because i didn’t actually know nystatin was an antibiotic other wise i never would have taken it as i know that it can only aggravate the matter :/ and there i was, about to go to the doctor to ask for a larger dose of it!! Thank goodness i read your message.

    Unfortuanately the trigeminal neuralgia has been a worsening problem for some time, i am on a ridiculous amount of pain killers for it, 1000mg paracetamol, 100 mg tramadol and 400mg ibuprofen all 4 times a day for pain management as well as carbamazepine..i wonder if they are worsening the thrush? at any rate i do have an appointment to see a neurologist urgently as you can imagine detoxing and then pain as well as taking a load of meds is very frustrating. Today when i went shopping i was hungry and i cried because the only snack i could find to eat whilst out and about was humous, carrots and wafer sliced sandwich chicken! Thank you all for putting your experiences up its nice not to feel alone when others do not understand about the detox xx

    1. Hi Mellu. You’re correct – nystatin is an antifungal medication. I should have read your previous comment more carefully. When you said your doctor gave it to you because of a possible bacterial infection, I made a big assumption. My bad. You definitely should talk to your doctor – perhaps a more powerful medication is needed to get rid of your thrush. Like I said, I’m not a doctor.

      You should also mention to him how hungry you feel, and tell him (or her) what you’re eating and how much. There might be something else going on that your change in diet has exposed, but which the diet isn’t really causing. It never hurts to know for sure.

  46. thats a really good idea i think i will just tell them i want thorough bloods done, a longer course of antifungals tablets as opposed to the liquid suspension. I will also tell them i need to see a nutritonist, hopefully they will listen i will take mum for support as you say you are not a doctor but neither am i so if i have to be on such a strict diet i suppose i need proper guidance. Sometimes when desperate its easy to just take things into our own hands isnt it…rather hilariously my mum has just commented that in her native country people would say you had a worm in your gut if you were always hungry…i highly doubt that is my case but many a true word is said in jest..ahh this venting makes me feel better πŸ™‚

  47. bad news..went to the doctor and she is evil+_+. wasn’t my regular doctor and scolded me for being on the low sugar diet eclaiming “no wonder you feel ill you are very thin this is a silly diet that will make you sick start eating like before from today.” when mum toldher i am on a healthy diet she was just adamant that i should eat more sugary foods saying..if it makes u feel sick obviously its not working…the dumbest thing a doctor could say about a detox in my opinion.Even tho her colleague diagnosed me with thrush she does not believe me and said she wants new swabs done as she finds it unlikely its thrush lasting so long….>.<! When i told her i worked hard to avoid the sugar so i wouldnt feel worse she just said, "if your that concerned ill test you for diabetes but i will not perscribe u antifungals and i want you to resume a diet with sugar, your making yourself ill"…..

    1. Strange – sugar has no nutritional value, and if nothing else it causes tooth decay. I’ve never heard of any doctor suggesting that you need to eat more of it. But you did say you’re hungry all the time, so maybe you aren’t getting enough calories. Are you eating lots of whole wheat bread, potatoes, grains, beans and squash to make up for the calories you lost when you gave up sugar?

      Yeast infections are sometimes misdiagnosed, so the new swab might be a good idea. Do you know when your regular doctor is coming back? It looks like there’s a big communication problem with this one. But don’t totally discount her opinions – she might have good ideas but just not have good communication skills so she can’t explain them to you very well.

  48. No bread, potatoes or white rice as i have cut out basic carbs and anything with yeast in it or anything fermented. I have all types of meat and fish, brown rice and pasta, lentils, chickpeas an all that jazz with lots of veg and salads in stews salads rissottos or just raw.No dairy, well not really “friends”. No sugar at all so no fruit or honey either. I eat about 6 large plates of food a day. At home, its easy to make well balanced meals as my parents are both from foreign countries where people live on diets that dont have sugar accept through fruit in them.Earlier after i wrote my last post i went for some air and walked past the fish and chip shop…i was silly and got some chips..within half an hour an immense headache couldnt even eat half a small portion.Im left feeling full and just sickly… Have decided i will add fruit to my diet so i cannot be nagged and although i dont do dairy ill start some of that yucky sour yoghurt with live cultures..a spoon of honey should sort the taste so thats two bits of sugar for my doctor. Tests are on thursday will let u know hows its going minus gory details…!

  49. I have been going thru the no sugar in my diet and am now stopping glutens to see if that makes me feel better. Are there withdrawals for gluten too? Since stopping sugar I do feel hungry a lot. Is that a normal feeling?…………

    1. I don’t have any experience with a gluten-free diet, so I can’t answer your first question. However, there seems to be a lot of books on the subject right now, so there’s sure to be a forum online somewhere that could help.

      It’s also hard to tell if your hunger pangs are “normal.” So many people think they’re hungry when they’re really thirsty, or they have low blood sugar, or they’re feeling restless – some authors have suggested that most of us never really experience true hunger because there’s so much food around in our wealthy countries. If you really are hungry, though. you should probably eat something. Just be sure it’s something healthy, and that it includes nutrients that your body probably needs.

  50. Several years ago, I went on South Beach diet and nothing happened for a few weeks. Then I started to get very jumpy, my hands shook and I completely lost my appetite. Naturally, I lost a lot of weight. Then I broke my right arm and really couldn’t avoid eating carbs again because I couldn’t prepare homemade food. I also quit smoking at the same time. All this led to the weight coming back on. Tried the diet again many times and it never worked again. However, am on second week and am starting to feel the awful side effects so I know it’s working. Last time, the side effects never ended. Any suggestions on how to combat the jitters?

  51. For Lyndsay: Maybe I am a bit late but just in case you read it , I am off sugar for 4 weeks and I had terrible heartburn after my first two days! ( I have never ever had before heartburn in my entire life) Though it didn’t last long, just for a week or so. I also couldn’t sleep for a couple of nights and now it’s all gone but I still feel a bit week and sleepy, don’t know maybe because I go to the gym 5 times a week but I am falling asleep even on the way to work and I have my mood swings as well. Does anybody know how long these simptoms can last?

    Many thanks

  52. I’m at the end of day 3 of no sugar, have been eating 4 small meals of protein, veggies, and legumes. Fruit smoothie for breakfast helps tons. Then about 2 hours after lunch I start getting the cravings, headache, anxiety, grumpy, foggy brain, emotional (crying at weird things). Although I have two more meals before bedtime which really helps the craving, I can’t seem to shake the headache and jumpiness, and have a hard time falling asleep (even though I take melatonin).

    These symptoms only reenforce the fact that sugar addiction is real, and BAD! BTW, I would wake up and eat chocolate candybars for breakfast, lunch, and before and after my workouts. One thing that is going to help me kick the habit, is that I read that sugar causes “premature aging” yuck! Good luck sugar addicts!

    1. I am 4 days in — no sugar, gluten, dairy. At night when it’s time to go to sleep, it’s hard for me to fall asleep because I feel I have so much energy. Then I wake up in the middle of the night. I am more emotional and anxious than usual, more on edge, a little shaky. Is this normal? How long does it last?

      I have one cup of coffee in the morning. I’m thinking of giving that up to because of my heightened jitteriness since going off sugar and flour. I am eating very well balanced meals — fish, poultry, vegtables, legumes nuts, etc.,

      Any input would be appreciated.

  53. I am glad to find this information. I knew that there must be some sugar withdrawl symptoms. I have been without processed sugars for 36 hours. I have had a gnawing feeling in the pit of my stomach, like it is telling me something is missing. I am a little shaky and have sweaty palms. I have been exercising regularly now for 2 years with no real results. Hoping this change in my eating style will give results. Thanks for this site.

  54. Wow, I didn’t know I had so much company in this sugar thing. It was like a lightbulb went off last night I had a sugar addiction. I looked it up tonite and sure enough, here you all are. I love anything sweet and will make a meal out of cake, pie, ice cream, candy, etc. I think I am going to have to slowly eleminate the sugar or I will be sick. The gnawing feeling in my stomach is usually “give me something sweet”. I am also going to start Zumba tomorrow nite. Any help is appreciated. Thnk you.

  55. I have been off sugar for one week today. I have lost 3 pounds! I have been eating mainly chicken and vegetables and low carbs… but no sweets… it has been extremely hard! Tired and moody! When I am stressed…a mini chocolate bar was my fix. Now I am trying to learn new ways to get through stress. I have a back injury so exercise is hard for me. I also have a one year old son and 3 year old daughter so I am pretty busy! I am not going to give up though! I want to look good and be HEALTHY!

  56. It seems strange that the withdrawals would be the same things that eating sugar causes. Fatique, lethargy, mood swings, etc. I started today…Is is better to go cold turkey or wean yourself from it?

    1. I recommend the cold turkey approach, because it seems easier – although that might be counter-intuitive. Basically, do whatever works for you. I think that many people go through mini-withdrawals every day when they eat a lot of sugar, and more sugar makes them go away for a while. That might be why the symptoms seem so similar.

    2. Same question here. Is it possible to wean yourself off sugar? I have been successful in changing to certain foods by blending them so the change is gradual. Whole to skim milk. Regular cranberry juice to unsweetened organic juice. Any stories of people doing this gradually? I would think at some point you reach the half-life and just quit, but the getting there may be less traumatic.

  57. Hi
    I have been on and off the sugar/caffeine yo yo detox for years! I seem to forget how great I feel when de-tox is over. I do have low blood sugar issues and use to eat candy to get my HIGH! NO candy around…. hmm how about some STRONG coffee at 2:00 p.m.
    Well, I felt the crash coming… tired, cranky, buzzing around like a nut on sugar….
    Sugar also fatigues the adrenal glands, not good. Been to Natural Dr., nutritionists and so on. They all say I need to stop sugar, wheat and caffeine. I try and try…. This time I have no choice. I feel rotten from it and peri menopause is not helping. So I am cleaning up my act and de-toxing. Day 2 and I feel horrid! Lightheaded, spacey, tired, moody.
    This too will pass, and I can not wait to get to the other side and feel great again.
    After you get it our of your system, when you do taste sugar again, it is TOO sweet!
    Good luck everyone. Drink lots of water too.

  58. hi jonni its been a while πŸ™‚ when we last spoke id cut out all sugar ..unfortunately since i broke my diet ..i just couldnt do it anymore after feeling exhausted. after my tests it revealed weak immune system an strong overgrowth of candida despite my best efforts so i am now on 6 months of flucanazole..aparently i must try to eradicate it that way..i have cut down on sugar but now and then when i have any i get very emotional shortly after and feel agitation and deflated..are there anything u can suggest to pep up my food wise?i know that some foods affect the mood..

    1. Read the book “Never be Sick Again” by Raymond Francis, M.Sc. He has a holistic approach to health and there is a story of a man with Candida that resumed his health naturally, without any prescriptions. It sounds like from your blogs posts there is some nutritional deficiency in your system by the information I’ve gotten from this book.

      I know this post is older – I’ve just discovered it today and am reading through it all but I hope your health has been improving. Even if it has this book is great for a very balanced approach to health.

    2. Hi Mellu,
      Sorry i am just now seeing your post but hopefully you will read this. I too have an overgrowth of candida but it shows up as severe heartburn for me. I went to an acupuncturist/Chinese herbalist and she diagnosed the candida problem that was causing my heartburn. i was MISERABLE!
      She put me on Candex, which you can get at the health food store. you can also order it online at for much cheaper.
      I am a new woman with just one pill per day about 2 hours before bedtime. heartburn is virtually gone, but i also try to avoid gluten, dairy and sugar for the most part. I hope this will work for you – treating the cause not the symptoms.
      i am so sorry you’ve been so sick!

  59. I would call myself a chocoholic. Everytime I alter my eating habits the only thing that remains constant in my diet is my large intake of chocolate. I don’t eat much junk food and don’t drink fizzy drinks. I have been seeing a nutritionist for 3 weeks now as I have to cut weight quickly for my sport. My diet consist of a good serving of carbs and protein but is low in fat which means I have to stop eating chocolate.

    Within the second week of my diet I started to feel severely moody and extremely depressed. Ive never felt this way before. I would cry almost everyday. After 1 training session I could not help but cry and neither my coach or myself knew what was going on. At the end of the 2nd week I was given a day off my diet. I had some Chocolate and pizza. I automatically felt better and my mood changed. This week I went back to my diet and have been having the most awful headaches and have begun to feel lethargic and moody again. So i googled sugar withdrawal and noticed I had all the symptoms: headaches, moody, depressed, muscle aches, feeling cold (all of it).

    Yesterday my body felt weak and my mind was foggy. I decided to go buy a whole lot of chocolate and I felt better after eating it. I wasnt moody anymore and I felt more attentive. I realise I do have a sugar addiction but its hard to stop eating chocolate when you know your body has to experience these kinds of symptoms.

  60. It is 6 weeks today since I am off refined sugar !! I feel better and better every day! I just can’t believe I do not feel weak anymore, my mood swings are gone, my energy is back and I just feel GREAT! Well it took about 4-5 weeks in my case to get back on track, I felt horrible and thought it will never pass but I feel very happy now that I didn’t give up! I Just wanted to tell to everybody who is only starting this thing: Do not give up ! just stick to it and I promise it will pass and you feel like a million dollar!!

    All the best to all of you

  61. Hi Jonni,
    Thanks for your reply. My most difficult area will be no sugar in my coffee. I am not a big fan of artifical sweetners, and I am not ready to give up coffee. So, my challenge is to learn to drink it black.

    My personality is all or nothing. I think the *cold turkey* approach will be what works for me. I know I will just need to endure the withdrawals. However, I think I will limit it to refine sugars and continue with natural sugars from fruits.

    Any thoughts on honey in the place of sugar? It is a natural, and I have heard that it is better for you. Saying that (even about fruits)…I know moderation is the key to everything. Most of what I read about honey, I see the great benefits it has to offer.

    What is your take on this?

    1. Honey does have a lot of healthy qualities, but you’ll have to decide if you’re overdoing it when you substitute honey for sugar. In the “real” world, honey would be a very scarce treat, to be treasured and enjoyed on the few occasions when it was available. If you find yourself getting a sugar high by eating honey on everything, you’ll probably want to back off for a while. If you’re trying to teach your body to use less sugar, you might want to leave the honey until you’re really feeling like you’ve mastered your new way of eating.

  62. Hi,
    Been 4 days of the drug called “Sugar.” I feel so good! I have done this many times in the past, this time it seemed to be more tolerable!
    Drinking De-Tox and chamomile tea works wonders….. cooled and lots of it. Taking Vitamins as to not deplete myself work too! I kicked caffeine too! Ok… I am not saying I am wonder woman here πŸ™‚ I crave sugar in the mid afternoon and a cup of strong coffee. I just take in a deep breath and have some herbal tea w/ a rice cake and almond butter… Boring I k now.. It helps me stop the cravings… I did kick wheat also… The good news is my waist and bloat went down the past few days! It feels so good to not have to hold my breath to zipper my jeans!! YEAH you can all do it. In the past I had a nutritionist who suggest Chromium GTF to curb cravings. I am going to get back on that also.
    Good luck everyone……:-) We can do this. The best part is my mood is even keel.
    LOVE IT! For those of you in peri or menopause, it helps calm down the hot flashes kicking the sweets and caffeine.

  63. I gave up sugar for Lent this year. I had no idea there were so many withdrawal symptoms from sugar. I’ve felt weak, light headed, grouchy, had a headache but still am determined to make this work! Thank you so much for this “safe place”. It is truly appreciated. I cannot wait to post results!!!

  64. Gave up sugar (sweets and Coke) for Lent too. Day One: Depression, anxiety, cried all afternoon and evening for no reason and then I got nausia and thought I was going to throw up twice. Day 1-3: Extreme hunger, anxiety and massive cravings. Stir-crazy. I’m still drinking coffee in the mornings, though. Bloated feeling from soda has started to dissapate.

    I’ve done this once before when I went all organic (even no caffeiene/alcohol for two weeks, gradually adding back in). After about 2 weeks I felt so good. I had tons of energy and my mood was great (no mood swings and I was generally positive). I am looking forward to feeling that way again. (Now, to figure out what to do about our downtown culinary fest tomorrow that I bought expensive tickets for over two months ago…)

  65. Today is day 3 for me with no refined sugars. I had no idea it would affect me this way. I’m a stay at home mom and it makes it really easy to snack all day long on cookies and junk. My goal is to make it through lent. Typically with lent though, I can allow myself something sweet on Sundays. Bad idea? I find myself grouchy and tired feeling.

    1. I too have used lent to refocus my efforts in the past with some success. This year not so much. I have had a lot of extenuating stress that has me reaching for the sweets. I started off lent with good intentions but fell off the wagon during a social gathering and never recouped. I felt so Terrible I gave it up again three days ago, with side effects but am willing to stick it out. I need energy and health for my kids and health and hormones. So hope you are still hanging in. If not start again. I did normally I am all or nothing, but I am going to recommit for the rat of lent. Bless you.

  66. I too gave up Lent this year. I had a thyroidectomy two years ago. Since then, I go through horrible phases of sugar cravings. To the point that I could eat NOTHING but sugar for weeks. I do realize caffeine and sugar have huge impacts on my medications I take, so I decided to cut out the pastries, cookies, etc. I still will have sugar in coffee but for everything else I have been using Ideal sugar substitute. I too am experiencing withdrawal symptoms only after 3 days! This is horrible for sure. All these posts do make me feel better though.

  67. I’ve just read a book called “Fat to Skinny” by Doug Varrieur. He and his wife went off sugar and carbs, both lost over 50 lbs. each, and have kept the weight off.
    I’m not what you’d call “fat,” but I’m “plump,” uncomfortably round around my waist. I’m challenged by the book to cut WAY back on sugar, to which I’m sure I’m addicted. So far, I don’t think I have any withdrawal symptoms other than a craving for soda and chocolate.
    I’m determined to trim down. If I could lose 20 pounds, I’d feel so much better.

    1. I to am slightly overweight and all in the middle. Latley I have gained about 5 pounds all in the middle anne my pants are all uncomfortably tight. I am three days off sugar. The worst time of day is right after dinner for a couple hours, intense cravings and also mid afternoon. It is hard to stay off this stuff and a lot of social pressure, but I hear your brain lights up from it like a heroine addicts from heroine (I think I am misspelling that). Anyway, I too would love to lose about 15 pounds, I would feel hot!!! But it is always those ones that I can’t seem to lose. I am just going to concentrate on keeping off the white stuff and hope to see results. In the meantime to your health, the most important thing.

  68. I am on day 6 of sugar withdrawal and cutting out white flour as well. Headache has leveled out a bit. My strangest symptom is my eyesight is being effected — having a hard time reading small print at all, even with my glasses on, there is a drastic difference since before I went off the sugar last week. And my eyes are watering much more than usual and are pretty goopy in the morning. This isn’t pinkeye, I’ve had that, just a generally watery feeling. I hope that goes away soon! Extremely fatigued, still craving chocolate, treats, baked goodies like crazy but haven’t succumbed yet. Eating 3-4 servings of whole grains per day (down from my probably 8-10 non-whole per day).

  69. So this is why I’m feeling this way! Thank goodness for the Internet/this site. I stopped processed foods cold turkey about a week ago. I have been feeling incredibly exhausted and, according to my husband, quite grumpy, too! I have not experienced any headaches, but I do seem to have some mild stomach upset. Is that a symptom of withdrawal or could it because I’m probably ingesting a lot more protein and fiber than usual. What is the average time frame that withdrawal symptoms last?

  70. I went processed-free a week ago. No processed sugar, no processed flour… The first week was great… I’m on day 8 right now and the past few days I’ve been weepy and tired. My body is sore, my brain is fuzzy…there is some nausea…

    I’m taking it one day at a time and I’m looking forward to getting past this.


  71. It has been 3 1/2 weeks since I gave up sugar. I couldn’t use artificial ones because they give me headaches. I am no longer shaky, as a matter of fact I don’t even get shaky if I go too long between meals. Before, if I was real busy and couldn’t get to a meal at a regular time, I shook like crazy. That is gone, not that I postpone my meals often. My cravings have gone away. I was seriously hooked to sweets. Unsweetened decaf hot tea (herbal) has helped alot with my cravings.

  72. I am a 19 year old freshman in college, and I have cut out all caffeine and refined sugar from my diet. Before I decided to cut these vices from my diet, I would drink caffeinated sodas about twice a day, as well as artificial fruit juices, coffee drinks, and some candy. I exercise every day and have an athletic build, so I have never experienced any weight gain from my horrible habits. Additionally, I have a problem with candida yeast, so the removal of suger from my diet should hopefully replenish my white blood cell count and return my digestive system to a healthy state. I am taking probiotics every day, and I plan on taking fiber capsules as well.

    I am 3 days into my cleansing, and my symptoms have included extreme anxiety, chills, lack of focus, and mood swings. Are these symptoms normal, and when should they start to fade? The only sugar I have had over these past few days is sugar from fresh fruits. Those are okay to eat, right?

    1. Hi Dan. Yes, the symptoms you describe are normal, and you’re getting a double-dose because you’re giving up both sugar and caffeine. The mood swings, and all the rest, should be gone in a week or so, or perhaps even sooner.

      Fruit is good, yes. According to the new video about I put up on my home page, by Dr. Lustig, the only time you should eat fructose, which is in both sugar and corn syrup, is when there’s fruit around it. The fiber and vitamins in the fruit prevent it from having the damaging effects that are normally associated with sugar.

  73. Um, wow! So, I was talking to someone today and I discovered that what I have been feeling over the past couple weeks is what she said to be sugar withdrawal. I had no idea. I’m with the rest of the peeps above that gave up sweets/desserts for lent…I have been super tired, with headaches at certain times of the day, feeling good at times (right after I eat) and then down.
    I have my breakfast smoothie (which has sugar from instant carnation) and a cup of coffee on the way to work (sweet n low and a yummy creamers-yes, I know this has sugar in it, but it’s the one thing I did not give up). For dessert now, I have prunes, or pistacios, or nothing at all.
    This afternoon, I took note of my headache. Once on the drive home from work, I had an apple for a snack. Not 10 minutes after my apple was gone…so was my headache. And just now, when I read a lot of what you all have said…I guess I am going through detox.
    I guess I just need to eat more often…to not get the headaches?

    1. The point of me giving up desserts….was to gain control of what I was eating. Yes, I eat the good stuff, but I would eat cookies after each meal, ice cream some nights, etc. I had a control issue….and had to do something about it. The challenge of Lent was what I needed. I have lost about 4-5 pounds…and have maintained the new weight. I am just floored by what I have figured out today…and can feel the headache coming on now (from not having any sugar that I know of at dinner).

      1. Hi, I to planned on giving up sugar for Lent but kept procrastinating, and one dinner party a few days in and chocolate cram pie and I was off to the races. since then just eating lots of desserts, candy always thinking tomorrow Ill start but the afternoon comes and I’m back in the fridge or pantry. Three days ago I was feeling so exhausted and fat I told my husband, I am stopping. It’s been three days and I have been very tired, sleeping every afternoon and yesterday had a throbbing headache. No headache today but just feel low and still tired, but better for having stopped. It helps to hear everyone elses experiences. I am perimenopausal with two little kids and need to get some energy abck through better nutrition.

      1. There’s a good possibility that you have a viral or bacterial infection that has nothing to do with the sugar – if it keeps up, you might want to call your doctor. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone else suggest that a sore throat is a symptom of sugar addiction, but maybe I just missed it.

  74. I am a diabetic Type 2. Using an intense workout and taking metformin my blood sugar is back to normal thank GOD. Now I am doing a nocarb diet on my third day and I feel dizzy and like my blood pressure has gone up which I have a great blood pressure 108/65. I use to eat sugar everyday and going on my second day my body feels hot and maybe because Im not eating any carbs even vegetables which I love. Strictly good fats meat,chicken,eggs,bacon,tuna,cheese,and alot of water. So I assume my body is just going thru the normal withdraw phase as I read the comments. any other advice

    1. Andre, a no-carb diet is pretty drastic — way beyond simply giving up sugar — so I don’t know if anyone here would be able to give you the kind of advice you need. We have a lot of opinions, but we don’t have the kind of professional background that might be needed for someone with your medical condition and diet. You might try one of the Atkins forums, although his diet did include lots of veggies, so it was low-carb, not no-carb. Better yet, keep in close contact with your doctor. Did your doctor advise the no-carb diet for your diabetes?

  75. Hi everyone
    This is a question for all who have been off sugar long term. I have given up all sugar even fruit except for one small serve of berries. I have had the most awful withdrawal headaches,achy, shaky, depressed and weepy. It’s now the end of two weeks and I’m still lightheaded and not feeling well at all, still a bit shaky especially when i first wake up Can you tell me if it’s normal for it to last this long. Did anyone else have a long withdrawal?
    Would appreciate any comments

    1. I didn’t, but perhaps I was just lucky. Anyone else? Is it possible that you’ve lowered the calories in your diet too much? Low calorie diets (1000 to 1200 calories a day for women) can cause many of those symptoms. So can low blood sugar. If your symptoms don’t clear up soon, be sure to make an appointment with your doctor.

  76. In the last year or so my consumption of wine has increased from 1-2 glasses a day to 2-4 and more on weekends in social situations. So that in itself is alot of sugar in addition to the cookies, chocolate, ice cream, etc. I decided to quit drinking and go on a healthy diet, so I have also given up on sugar, (including stevia), and processed foods. I am on day 8 and feel so exhausted, foggy, headaches. I am getting alot of sleep and resting alot but I just don’t seem to be feeling worse every day. At first I thought it was alcohol withdrawal so I looked into that and I just don’t have any of those symptoms. I ended up looking at the sugar withdrawal blogs and relate to what a lot is being said. So I’ve added drinking detox tea and water with fresh squeezed lemon juice and getting back on vitamins. Also going to cut my 3 cups of coffee a day out gradually. I figure if I feel this bad giving up sugar I might as well try to go all the way. Wish me luck, I hope I get some energy back soon. Anybody else have a similar experience? I haven’t seen much mention of the sugar/alcohol connection.

    1. Yes, a huge connection. I come from a family with alcolhol issues and gave up drinking 13 years ago. I drank about like you but felt it was having a negative effect on my life and wanted to have kids. Now I have two beautiful kids. Unfortunately the sugar intake went up to compensate for the lack of alcohol. To fill the sugar void. Sugar made me fat irritable and exhausted constantly. I had to nap a lot to get through the day. Now I am on day three no sugar. Yesterday was very bad, throbbing headache, exhausted and feeling very down. No headache today but flat and very tired. Good luck you are taking on a lot with the two interconnected issues, but sometimes it’s just better to slam the door and go cold turkey. It will get better.

  77. You weren’t kidding when you said the 2nd week was worse than the first! I’m on day 9…..and I feel like I have the flu. I can’t even turn my head. I know it’s not the flu because it comes and goes.

    Is a sore throat a symptom? Cause I’ve got one.

    I’ve already lost 2 pounds. Because of the inclement weather I have not been able to start walking. I have also cut out processed foods. But, I didn’t eat much of those anyway.

    Do you have any suggestions on symptom relief?

  78. Hello I also have been trying to get rid of some sugar like “CHOCOLATE”. LOL yes im a chocolaholic! I consume aloooot of chocolate in one day. Each time I try to stop, of course, I get migraines not headaches. They knock me out where I am not able to function. I have to be locked in my room with no light and ice pack plus 1000mg of exedrin, midol or something strong for it to go away. So far its been the third day and of course felt the lightheaded, the migraine, and unberable hunger (wanting to constatly eat). I have to admit I took excedrin, had a frapaccino and felt better, I know I fell in the trap, but the pain was bad and I was driving home. Fist is that normall to get such huge headaches and eating frenzy when someone is trying to quite that type of sugar addiction or is there probably something else wrong, and second if it is normal how long does it usually last?

    1. The headache may be coming from the reduction of caffeine. This site gives you a estimate of how much caffeine you might have been consuming with your chocolate. I don’t know how common it is, but if I’m drinking coffee and I drink just one cup less on Tuesday than I did on Monday, I get the headache. That’s one of the reasons that I gave it up.

      If it a caffeine headache, that would explain why the frapaccino helped. Do those drinks also include sugar? The length of time it takes to get over the symptoms really depends on so many things that there isn’t a standard answer – but if you aren’t feeling better in a week or so, you might want to get a checkup – just to be sure.

      1. i’m a professional barista.. ANY blended drink from any coffee shop will have a bunch of sugar in it. even the ones that are just coffee and milk will have a sugar based powder added to bind it all together so the contents don’t chunck together like an icee.
        and while i’m here.. has anyone had a decrease in skin rashes like eczema or psoriasis when curbing the sugar habit?

        1. Good info on the sugar in the coffee –

          Also, the reduction in skin rashes would make sense, since so many of them are caused by yeast infections or other fungi, which love sugar. However, I don’t think that either eczema or psoriasis are fungal infections. A lot of people seem to have fewer problems with these rashes when they eat better, but it looks like science does not yet agree with them, at least as far as the psoriasis goes. However, a better immune system and healthier body certainly can’t hurt. I would also like to know if any other readers have experienced a reduction in their skin rashes when they went on a sugar-free diet.

  79. I inadvertently cut my sugar intake (other stressors/emotional stuff), and woke up this morning wondering if the way I am feeling is related to withdrawals. It feels very similar to when I quit smoking (flu-like symptoms). I would have never known cutting out sugar would have this kind of drastic effect on my body.
    I don’t know if my account matters much since I was already a little emotional from the beginning, but yesterday I was crying for absolutely no reason. I also became very verbal about my feelings and in a way I am usually not. My frontal lobe was really squished from the sinus inflammation. Anyway, great article and thanks for the info.

  80. I wouldn’t argue that at some point you will probably have to completely cut out sugar, but as I read about all the pain and suffering that many of you are going through as you cut out sugar, I have to ask which is more painful? Consuming the sugar or not consuming it? I got to the point where eating one cookie, brownie , or candy too many made me ill. And I couldn’t tell where the line would be. If you are in pain or having a troublesome transition, why not cut back gradually? You know, like the nicotine patches. I’ve been doing that and, while I had a few days of being tired and cloudy, I am tolerating the transition pretty well and feeling much better. Just be resolved! You cannot ever go back to the level of eating sugar like before. When the office breakfast was a table full of bagels, donuts, cakes, and baked goods last week, I had a slice of the only quiche on the table and a glass of tomato juice. And I didn’t feel sick afterwards, like usual. That helped a lot. That sugary stuff sat in our coffee room for days as people picked at it, but I was good. It helped that I brought something safe to snack on. I also know I have a ways to go to lose more weight and cut more sugar, but I am learning a new mind set. And I know that takes time.

  81. I like your website! I am a pretty ‘clean’ and healthy eater, and a consistent exerciser – but my weaknesses are most certainly wine and chocolate. I have been consuming much too much, and my weight has been stuck at the same for much too long. I came to the conclusion on my own I need to cut the sugar. I’m truly amazed at how many things (even skim milk!) have sugar in them. While for me it just might not be practical to completely cut out sugar (can’t even have a wheat waffle for breakfast?) I know I can cut back, and I have been. Thus I’ve wondered why I’ve been getting these unexplainable headaches on and off for weeks. I appreciate you being here and I feel better reading other people’s comments. I’ve never done anything like this before (have never had to diet before) so I think this will be really hard for me. I’m not big on willpower.

  82. I gave up all white sugar about 8 years ago, when diagnosed with Candida, and saw my weight drop by about 3 stone. I also had the clearest skin I’ve ever experienced (not a single blemish for months) and even my notoriously awful period pains disappeared – it was heaven for the 6 months it lasted. Unfortunately I was young (only 14) and as soon as holiday rolled round the tempt of delicious ice-creams and fizzy drinks was too much and I fell off the wagon. I am, however, now 5 days into doing it again and massively determined. I do have to say I’m definitely feeling symptoms of withdrawal. As well as developing a heavy cold practically overnight, I feel drowsy, very heavy headed and quite low. I’m well aware it will also get worse before it gets better – 8 years of abuse won’t clear up overnight! But as I said before I’m determined. I remember how I felt during those six months; the energy levels and the incredible weight loss. It is well worth the pain now. Good luck to everyone else on a similar path – we’re all in it together and, trust me, you will feel incredible for it!

  83. Hi, on March 31st I started my new health kick to give up all junk foods and white sugar, bread, flour,etc. I have been feeling very dizzy, (nauceous 1 day), extremely tired, congested, had heart burn for a couple of days. I dont think that I’m having mood swings though. At the beginning of this week, I was feeling awful, like I could feel my blood swimming in my veins, I just felt so different. Plus it was PMS time and strange enough I was not miserable and grouchy like I normally an during that time. My body feels a whole lt better today but not 100% yet, but I’m getting there. I was googling does giving up sugar make you feel tired and it brought me here to your site. I am so happy to read that these are just sugar withdrawal syptoms that I’m going through. I am so over weight I weigh 228lbs and wear a size 14 bottom and 18 top. My goal is to go down to about 150-160lbs. I am not overly fat because I wear it well, but I know how good I used to look at 120lbs. i’m giving myself until December 31 to lose a significant amount of weight. will keep you posted. Thank you for this site.

  84. Hello,I have had plenty of addictions first alcohol,4years sober now ,caffiene loved diet mt dew ,could not figure out why my blood pressure would not come down lost 52lbs and bp would not come down,well guess what i found that the caffiene in dew kept my bp up now mt dew gone, and so is my bp back to normal 120 /68 good ending to that story,next up for me is SUGAR ADDICTION only day 1 and in the afternoon pounding headache, i will stay strong and stay away from sugar and we will see what happens, also remember tea has sugar and caffiene, not to say anything about,the fake sweeteners,

  85. Oh, people you are God sent. I am trying to give up refined sugars for good. I’ve been a sugar junkie for as long as I can remember. So, detox day #1 has been followed by annoying headache, blurred vision, nervousness, and intense desire for chocolate. Good luck to me, as well as of you my fellow addicts, in our uphill battle with our nemesis.

    1. Hey Daniela, you sound like me! I am having a horrible time! I am now on day 3 with no sweets but I am still eating white flour and having a little sugar in my coffee in am. I see your post is from April and I wanted to know how you’re doing? I am also having this intense desire for chocolate and sweet! Hope you’re hanging in there!

  86. My naturopath has put me on a lactose/gluten/sugar/caffeine free diet for two weeks.
    I would ordinarily drink about 3 cups of coffee a day, each with 2 tsp of sugar in it. Every day I would have chocolate of some sort…….

    So, day 2 I had a horrible headache + nausea. Day 3 I was so irritable my boss (I work in hospitality) sent me home from work (lovingly, but firmly!). That afternoon I had more energy than I have remembered, but Day 4 (today) I’ve felt flat, headachy, lethargic and absolutely craving sugar like nothing else in the world.

    This diet is pretty extreme, so the option of having a frappucino, or….anything remotely delicious is not an option. I’m going to start looking for sugar-free recipes….but I don’t hold too much hope unfortunately (gluten free/lactose/sugar free treats!?? ew)

    Anyways, thanks for the site!

    1. Wow – that is a strict diet. No milk, sugar, wheat (or rye or barley), and no coffee or tea. I hope your naturopath gave you a list of things you can eat. One thing for sure, though – once you’ve been on it for a few weeks, you’ll feel better than you ever have before. Good luck!

  87. Am a little scared! I began last week on the “Belly Fat Cure”. I’m taking in 15 g. of sugar ( tracking labels- no sugar goodies) and about 120 of healthy ( brown) carbs. I’m definitely de-toxing which is an eye-opener to say the least. However, I woke up on day 5 and the past two days are having trouble forming words…I feel like I’m in a mental fog; I know what I want to say but the words are coming out something else or slow to formed. Even typing this is a challenge. SCARED!!! have you heard of this? Thanks for the imput. “)

    1. Hi Ange. I’m not familiar with that particular diet, but your symptoms don’t sound very healthy. I’m not dietitian or a nutritionist, but if I were you I’d eat an apple right away. There are certain symptoms that come with giving up refined sugar, but they shouldn’t be frightening. Perhaps this just isn’t the right diet for you.

      I assume you’re trying to lose weight on this diet. The video I recently posted suggests that refined sugar and corn syrup (which seems to be in almost everything) are metabolized in a completely different way than glucose – the primary carbohydrate in wheat, potatoes, and other starchy vegetables. If I understand the good doctor correctly, the sugar and corn syrup causes excess fat in the liver and excess weight gain, not glucose. That would mean that a very low carbohydrate diet that limits all forms of carbs is not necessary, since it’s the fructose in table sugar and corn syrup that’s really to blame. (The fructose in apples doesn’t cause problems because the apple itself contains fiber and other elements that make the fructose safe).

      Anyway, if your diet feels bad for you, trust your body and try something else.

  88. Jonni….Thanks for the input. I’ve coming to the same conclusion and plan on putting back in some more healthy carbs; will see my physician if things don’t improve. Maybe went a little too far in trying to do a good thing. Will continue to stay away from the refined sugar which has to be a good thing. Thank you again….yours in health. Ange

  89. Headache for days and now pain in my joints. I am so glad to read all the stories and reply’s. I’m 61 and have tried all the diets. I need to loose 30 pounds and feel better! I am saving this site.

  90. First of all, I need to say thank you for this website, and to all the people that have posted their thoughts and issues with going sugar free. I am on day two of no refined sugar, no flour, no junk. I am eating fruits, vegetables and lean protein. I can’t believe how much better I feel, except for the withdrawal symptoms. I have the most awful headache ever. I have had migraines before and these are worse. It makes me realize what a horrible addiction I really have to sugar and and junk food. Reading these posts keeps me motivated and it helps to know others are trying to get healthy and that they are going through the same things. Thanks again to everyone and good luck!

  91. Just found this Web site, and feel very glad that I did. Last week I read the awesome book “Women, Food and God”, and was immediately able to cut out the insane amount of junk food I was addicted to – but it’s been almost a week and I am still SO FRIGGIN’ TIRED. I mean, I used to be tired a lot because I would have sugar crashes all day, but now I feel like I’m just having one constant sugar crash! No energy at all, and like someone else mentioned, my eyesight is kind of weird. I was glad to read that this can go on for a few weeks. I was beginning to feel that I would never be normal again.

  92. Hi I have chronic fatigue immune dysfunction

    it has blood sugar levels also,and when ive tried to give up sugar a few times in the last few months,its been HELL

    awful anxiety,boiling hot,fever, the runs, and then blocked for days,and the strongest cravings imaginable, every second of every minute of every hour, from the second my eyes open . it was so hard .
    a year before that (my cfs /m.e wasnt as bad at that point), I had gave up sugar and it was just normal hard, cravings and a little unwell for 2 days

    I was convinced i had candida,but came back negative and now ive found this site

    i guess with my existing health issues, the sugar withdrawal is much worse

    this site will be helpful,but im so scared to try it again.i lasted 2 days,1 week,and 2 weeks. i hope to god it wont last more than 3 weeks as it would be impossible

    but this site will motivate me when the time comes

    1. Simon, if your body has difficulty regulating your blood sugar, you might need to ask your doctor to supervise your withdrawal. There’s always a possibility that something else is amiss – especially since many people self-medicate with sugar. Talk this over with your doctor before trying it again. She might suggest something less drastic – like giving up some sugar but not all of it at once, or she may need to do some blood tests to make sure everything is working normally. It sounds like your body is telling you something is not right, and you should respect that.

  93. I am on day 8 of sugar withdrawal. First week also included no fruit, honey, white flours, bread, white rice and pasta. I am back to eating small amounts of fruit. The worst thing for me is suffering with low mood and low energy. I am exhausted all the time and feel anxious and depressed. (I have also gone through many of the physical symptoms that other folk have mentioned too including cramps, sudden bowel motions and headaches for first 3 days). Due to my low mood, I am almost to the point where I think I might be better off eating sugar again. Do symptoms generally last this long? I have always eaten sweets and eaten a lot of biscuits and cakes – especially when I felt low or miserable. I am developing new relationship to food and am becoming much more aware of how I used sugary foods to make me feel ‘high’. Now I am having to find new ways to reduce stress and anxiety. I have been exercising more and doing hour of mediation each day.

    1. Penny, are you now eating a very low-carb diet? Or did you replace the fruit, honey, white bread, etc., with whole grains, potatoes, squash and other healthy sources of necessary glucose? If you simply cut out all the processed foods you normally eat without replacing them with healthier foods, your withdrawal symptoms will be more severe. If you feel depressed, try eating a baked potato with butter on top, and see if it helps.

      There are two things that might cause depression when people give up sugar. (I’m just speculating – I’m not an expert in brain biology). First, sugar does stimulate the same brain chemicals that heroin does, which gives us that temporary sugar high. The body expects the regular dose, and when it doesn’t get it, the serotonin plummets, pushing us into temporary depression until the body can regain it’s healthy balance.

      The second possible cause of depression would only happen if the sugar withdrawal inadvertently caused the individual to go on a very-low-calorie diet. Some of us eat so much sugar, and so few healthy foods, that if they give up sugar completely the little amount of food they continue to eat doesn’t contain enough calories. Scientists have known for about 80 years that a very-low-calorie diet will result in depression. This is probably a rare problem, but something we should be aware of as a possibility.

      1. Hi, thank you so much everyone for all your support and inspiration and knowledge along this journey. It feel so good to know I am not the only one going through this! One thing I can share, that has helped me so far on my Day #7 of no sugar including fruit and fruit juice (for now because it is the fructose in the sugar that turns to fat in our bodies) is using about 3 tbsp. of pure virgin coconut oil in cooking and also Maca Powder from Peru is awesome for regulating woman’s hormones in smoothies. We really need to have good fats when trying to come off sugar, ie: coconut oil for cooking along with extra virgin olive oil. And it’s good to eat sweet potatoe with organic butter and also hemp seed oil or udo’s oil for salads is super good. it helps with appetite as well. Coconut oil is also anti-fungal and helps prevent alzheimers and diabetes #2. I sure can relate to being sleep and slightly depressed but i feel much calmer. More emotional that’s for sure, but i’m also on day 7 of no more anti-anxiety meds cuz my liver couldn’t process and i was in so much pain.. i have more worries how i’ll be off the meds in a few weeks.

        has anyone heard of 5 HTP?? it is supposed to be a decent natural anti-depressent from healthfood store. i may try that in a couple of weeks???

  94. I am on day 1 and I am terrified! I haven’t fully committed and I am not sure if I can make it through the day without my fresh baked choc chip cookies! I am very fit and not overweight ,not depressed and have no health problems other than I love my sweets. Yesterday I bought a small bakery cake and ate almost the whole thing! I am going to keep my blog going to chart my progress. Thank you for this website, people that don’t suffer just don’t understand!!!!

    1. Hi, Leslie. I am with you. I am fit, 5’5 and 120lbs, but love my sweets. Today is day 3 and I’ve been experiencing some withdrawal symptoms. Little headache, bad sleep, mood swings, but no real sugar cravings(for now) πŸ™‚ In the end it’s all worthed, because reducing or cutting refined sugars is good for your liver, your heart, helps reduce bad cholesterol levels, inflammation. It is all about giving some love to your body and it will thank you!

  95. Thanks Petra, I am only on day 1 but I have some baklava in the fridge that I bought today. I am at war with myself to not eat it! The craving is unbelievable. I feel like an alcoholic it’s ridiculous. It’s 7pm here and I will try to just go to bed by 9 and not think about it. I will blog tomorrow if I did it or not! I’m trying really hard…wish me luck!

  96. Okay, I ate 1 triangle of baklava! Is there any way to eat 1 sweet a day to slowly come off the sugar??? I am still eating really healthy but not giving up white flour. I feel like I’m the only one having problems with the will power. Everyone else seems to handle it or they just don’t blog about it. This is such torture!!! Jonni, thank you for letting us have an outlet. Most people don’t realize it’s a REAL addiction.

    1. Leslie, if I might offer some advice —

      At the moment, you’re at war with yourself. And that means that one of you is going to lose. πŸ™‚

      There are two things that anyone needs to do if they’re going to overcome any kind of addiction. The first thing is to find something else that’s more important than maintaining the addiction. For instance, thousands of service men came home from the Vietnam war addicted to heroin, but once they were home their families and their jobs were more important to them, so they did whatever it took to kick their habit. The vast majority of them were successful, even without intervention of any kind. For sugar addicts, a healthy life might become the thing that’s more important. (If you haven’t yet seen the video about the dangers of sugar, now would be a good time to do that…) Also remember that every second you spend thinking about sugar is a second that you could have been thinking about something far more productive – it’s a phenomenal waste of time. Getting that time back for a hobby or art project, or a volunteer project or political event, for instance, might be the “more important” thing that will allow you to refocus.

      The second thing an addict needs to do is to discover they have power over their thoughts. Some cultures teach this from the cradle, but our own culture forgets to teach us this important skill. AA describes the process as “stinking thinking,” and they encourage people to notice that the thoughts that run through the brain aren’t always useful. Once you can see which thoughts (which look like cravings) are unhelpful, you can then start learning how to simply change your mind and think about something else. The Walking Meditation technique is really powerful for taking control of your own mind, and it’s actually fun, too.

      So – in my opinion, will power is over-rated. We just need something other than our addiction to focus our attention on, and then we need to learn how to gently move attention away from sugar thoughts and onto ideas and thoughts that are more wholesome.

      And throwing that baklava in the trash would also be a really good start.

      1. Jonni….Thank You! I really need to get things in perspective and I am going to watch that video. I am going to do this, I can do this and I will do this!!!!!! Again, thank you for this website because otherwise I might not do this! I am going to start over and begin blogging my process on Monday. I hope that my struggle might help someone who is also in my shoes and all of us will hopefully come off the sugar!!!!!!

  97. Hi Jonni,
    I am so happy to read your website as i have been a sugar addict for a LONG time and its nice to know its coming out of the closet so to speak and being talked about as being a real problem! I recently found out I have an allergy to cane sugar and was forced to cut it out of my diet. Also dairy, wheat and eggs and I lost a lot of weight, but I had a binge after doing all the hard work of cutting it out, and apart from feeling horrible, I am really struggling to get back on track. I eat things like honey, rice syrup and agave syrup to sweeten things now, do you think they are ok to use in moderation or should we be cutting these out too?

    Thanks πŸ™‚

  98. OK , I have made it to day 4! I have been suffering without my sugar fix. I am trying really hard to focus on other things like Jonni said to do. I am eating little meals through the day to help with my insulin regulation. But come on, let’s face it….this is reallllllly hard!!! Sugar temptation is all around me but I am trying to focus on how bad it is and thinking of it as an addicting drug rather than food. Let’s try to make it another day!

  99. Thanks for your reply Jonnie – the potato idea really helped.
    I am now on day 18 without sugar. My mood has lifted and I feel cleaner inside already. I am rejoicing in eating fresh vegetables and my palate has changed. Red pepper tastes so sweet and is a real treat now. I don’t enjoy eating pasta and thick sauce as much – it makes me feel heavy. I am less tired these days, though still don’t feel as energetic as before. I feel like this is my authentic body…when I am tired I rest more, rather than giving myself a energy high through sugar and battling on, so to speak. My relationship with food continues to change and I am noticing how I used sugar to pacify myself. Now I try to be kind to body and emotional self. I take a hot bath or meditate or talk to a good friend or read a book. I am experiencing more cold or flu like symptoms lately…I am wondering if this may be related to my body cleaning itself and getting rid of old toxins and sugar? I am also getting very strong cravings for chocolate when I am in the supermarket.

  100. I gave up flour and sugar 9 days ago and I am very emotional today. Cry for no reason…. it must be the withdrawal… This too shall pass. I am doing the 90 day OA with the food plan. I do have more energy now though. πŸ™‚

  101. Hi there, just wanted to share my story and hopefully it can help any others struggling with withdrawals. I am Day 8 of kicking sugar. My reasoning for doing so is to deal with my Adult Acne and lose some weight. I’m 27 and have had acne since I was 12 …. NOTHING had cured me. Like others, I had tried everything. I had done a lot of research and knew in my heart that I wasn’t living a healthy lifestyle and my skin was the result of this. So, after weeks of researching, I decided to go off Sugar. However, I decided to do it the “smart” way and make the first few weeks into a cleanse to better deal with the withdrawals and make sure all the sugar was being removed from my body faster. In essence, you are cleansing your body by eliminating sugar and simple carbs. But by further cleansing for the first few weeks, I find it helps speed up the process of eliminating all the toxic stuff in your system and shortening your withdrawal symptoms dramatically. I now eat a diet that is completely alkalizing and sugar free. Just wanted to give a quick overview of my cleansing regime:
    1. Alkalizing Green Drinks – have helped tremendously with cravings and fills me up
    2. Bentonite Clay + Psyllium + Garlic Pills (or other ingredient to zap candida) – this is a common detox drink and basically you mix all the ingredients and drink twice a day. The Bentonite Clay absorbs harmful, toxic substances in the body and the psyllium (pure fibre) helps to pull all these through your system and eliminate them through bowel movement. Garlic Pills kill of candida which is especially good if you are suffering from an overgrowth or have been on antibiotics for a long period of time.
    3. Coffee Enemas – if you’re not eliminating AT LEAST once a day, that means all the toxic substances in your body are further putrefying in your colon, so while Cleansing, I do coffee enemas to encourage the flow of toxins out of my system as quickly as possible and so they cannot be reabsorbed by the body. This is key.
    4. L-GLUTAMINE! – this is a lifesaver! Helps with sugar cravings. Its actually given to alcoholics to help them deal with withdrawal symptoms. You can actually crush up the tablet and put it directly under your tongue if you’re having a severe craving and it is quickly gone.

    Other than these simple steps, I eat a healthy whole food alkalizing diet. I have had mild withdrawals such as headaches, foggy brain and becoming emotional/anxious, but I’ve tried to cut out sugar before cold turkey and this time is a breeze compared to that. So I highly recommend any of the above steps if you’re serious about ending your addiction, these will only benefit you. Good luck!

  102. Thanks Jonni for all your patient advice. It would be really good to hear more from those who have done this and come through the other side- some more positive comments would act as a great incentive! (day 2- headache, nausea, blurred vision!) Is there anyone out there with the good news story??

    1. That’s a good point, Sara. We tend to be totally obsessed with the headache, etc., when it’s pounding. Then, once we get through the first week or so, we feel better and move on to other things. It’s hard to remember to come back to a blog you once visited to let people know that everything turned out just fine, so the stories tend to be a bit on the dark side. Does anyone else have a success story to share with us?

  103. I am having a strange effect. Besides the headache and sleepiness, I have the urge to eat everything I see. I haven’t (thank goodness) but it seems that my body is trying to make up for the absence of sugar by filling it with other foods. I found healthy sugar free snacks, but after I eat them, I am still hungry (sometimes hungrier).

    I’m thin and in pretty good health, but people know me for my addiction to sugar. I’m trying to kick this before it get even more out of control. I just finished eating a chicken breast, brown rice and broccoli, followed by preztels and hummus and I still feel like I haven’t ate anything!

    1. Hey Charlene, I am having the same problem. I can eat a wonderful full and healthy meal and be stuffed and yet still want to eat a cookie sheet full of home-made choc chip cookies!!!!!! I made it to day 14 and fell off the wagon but I’m back on at day 4 and my next thing is a food hypnotist!!! I have decided that I am not like some of these other people that can do this. Hang in there and let me know how you’re doing and we can help each other!!!

      1. Ha! It sounds like a plan. I’ve been discussing a hypnotist too. If you do go through with it before me, please let me know how it goes! I only get to day 3 and then it is over for me!

  104. I like to drink hot tea with milk and sugar, cereal with sugar. For the last couple days I have been totally and absolutely exhausted, and I want to sleep all day, legs feel unsteady, lousy sleeping, hot cold flashes, plus no real appetite. I have found that I not put any sugar in my tea and no sugar on cereal, plus I have headache that takes a day or to go away Are these sugar withdrawl syptomes because, if so I am misreable. Plus my spelling is lousy. How longer before I feel normal or least have some energy.

    1. Yes, those sound like sugar withdrawals, but if you only ate sugar with tea and cereal, it’s also possible that you have the flu. If it’s sugar, you should feel fine in a few days – most people are OK within a week, although it takes longer for some people. But it does look like you might have a virus. Try to take it easy, drink lots of fluids, and we do hope you feel better soon.

  105. When I was young I went into an adolescent rehab for drugs and alcohol and have been sober ever since. On day 1 of rehab I stopped at the gas station and bought a jumbo pack of skittles. I’ve been addicted ever since. Just recently I tried to limit my sugar intake but it only made the cravings worse. I am 21 years old, slim, and active- but only beausr of my fast metabolism and because I am always on the go. I try to stop eating fast food but then I get hooked on fancy pastas. It is hard for me to cook for myself too.
    Today is day 2 without any sugar or coffee. I practically overdosed on milkshakes the other night because I was trying to control my cravings. It is just as bad as kicking drugs and alcohol, maybe even worse. I don’t have any life threatening effects from sugar- yet. But I get irritable and antsy to eat something sweet. Even though I am slender I still have pockets of cellulite as well as acne-prone skin. This attributes to my self-consciousness, so I act out even more with sweets.
    As of now I am trying to educate myself on healthy eating habits and cut out the sugar altogether. Reading these posts have really helped, hopefully I can last the 2 weeks of sugar detox.

    1. Hi, Rachel. I’m so glad you shared your story, because it confirms my belief that sugar cravings really are caused by a true addiction to sugar. So many people still refuse to believe that it’s possible. I also think that much more research needs to be done concerning the connection between sugar and alcoholism — I’ve seen random studies, but we need many more. Dr. Lustig’s video mentions how the metabolism of both sugar and alcohol are so similar, and that may be the connection.

  106. hello,
    I decided to cut down on sugar is very hard not to want to go and buy choc etc from the shop… for quite a while now i have been having siestas.. feel low in energy lately quite a lot. I am on a low income so buying food that is healthy is more expensive.. so i have been eating more processed foods. I am still having honey in my tea but feel this is a much lesser of the evils than granulated sugars. I will attempted to only eat home made foods.. but currently my income it will not be very easy.

    I think i have been eating less so i will head for something sweet to replace the energy i am lacking from a good meal.

    As i have stated i siesta most days and when i wake the first thing i crave is sugary things…

    so i will cut down and see what difference it has on me in a few weeks. I have also noticed lately my skin, the bags around my eyes.. and so on is not looking great even tho i have improved my diet lately.

    thanks Kerry

  107. Hi there, really interested to find this site. Great to read about so many people’s experience. I have now gone two months completely cutting out sugar (except what naturally occurs in fruit etc) and caffeine. I feel very very much better, have lost around 30 pounds and had no real cravings at all. My digestion, which was always a bit dodgy, has also been very much better. Last night though I had dinner with my Mum and ate a creme brΓ»lΓ©e for pudding. Today I have really bad gas and chronic diarrhoea. Do you really think this is the effect of eating a small amount of sugar having gone clean for two months? Am I now back to square one as regards withdrawal? Thanks for reading, Clare

    1. Clare, you shouldn’t have any withdrawal symptoms, since you’ve been off sugar for so long. You might be experiencing your symptoms because of the sugar, or you might have picked up a bit of food poisoning or a virus – there’s really no way to tell. Try to take care of yourself, drink lots of liquids, and no matter what caused your current problems you should be feeling much better soon.

  108. Hey all. I found this site after concluding that I was hooked on sugar big time and didn’t even notice. I’m not a fan of super sweet things so I typically don’t eat a lot of that stuff. I’m not the best eater in the world but am also not the worst. Over the past year I finally noticed that I gained about 10 lbs. I thought “What the heck? I’m even eating less nowadays”. So after examining my intake I realized GATORADE holy crap!!! I’ve been drinking gatorade like water over the past year. Literally gallons a day. It took me a while to figure out it was actually something I was drinking and not eating. Considering that 1 serving of gatorade mix(1 Tbsp) has 14g of sugar… I don’t even want to try to calculate how many Tbsp were in my estimated 2 gallons or more of gatorade a day. Anyway I’m on day 5 of almost cutting it out of my system completely and I feel like crap. Anxiety, a sort of tingly numbness all over, and feeling like I’ve not slept well.

  109. Hey again. I have posted on here before. It was around Feb when i detoxed my system with an all veggie and fruit diet for a week and how great I felt after getting sugar out of my system. Well, here I am again. I have come to the conclusion that I have a super sensitivety to sugar as it only takes the tiniest amounts to snowball back to days on end with nothing but garbage going into my mouth. I am on day 2 with no sugar and I feel hungover, but i understand that is the withdrawal as i have been here before. I happened to have a dr appt today and my blood pressure was really high, 139/89 and I usually have very low blood pressure. I am assuming that is the withdrawal as well. I guess why I came on here is bc I am actually very depressed about this. I have a problem with sugar that causes me to gain and lose 40, 50, 60 pounds very other year. Once i am off sugar, i feel great, i have energy with transfers over into being athletic again, but i dont know how to accept the fact that i can never have it again. Ever. I am like an acoholic only with sugar and i cannot even handle small amounts which makes me sad. I love to bake, and i love to enjoy my marvels,however as a true sugar addict in every sense of the word, i dont know how to deal with thinking about never having it or being able to bake and control myself. Anyone have any suggestions? I even dreamed about baking goodies last nite.

  110. I have no choice but to give up sugar in every single form. I have Candida/yeast throughout my whole body & it has debilitated me so severely, that I can barely function. I have been experiencing extreme fatigue for a long time now. Candida overgrowth causes terrible unrelenting discomfort. I’ve been to many doctors and specialists and pretty much ruled every single disease out by exams, blood tests..etc. Most of the doctors don’t know what they’re doing or what to tell me. I can’t believe not one of them asked about my diet, when diet is a direct contributor to energy and fueling the body. It is only by self diagnosis that I have come up with this determination (and Louise L. Hay came up on my facebook newsfeed after a night of me crying and praying for God to help me), with a book suggestion for people who have my symptoms but no doctor has been able to help. It’s called “The Body Ecology Diet” & I truly believe it’s a Godsend. It explains how sugar affects the body & creates candida in the body & what that does. It all makes sense now. I am on day 2 and am experiencing the terrible heartburn, fogginess, dizziness, sleepiness, weakness, moodiness, head aches, body aches.. etc. I am determined to see this through and continue to eat sugar free for the rest of my life. I might have a “cheat moment” way…..way down the line…they said it would be okay, once in a blue moon & that I’d probably snap right back. I think this is going to be the hardest thing I have ever done, but feel confident it will help me. I also am supposed to give up caffeine as well, because the caffeine’s acidity feeds the yeast. I plan on weening myself off slowly, as to avoid going completely bonkers… & I LOVE coffee! Uhhggg!! I found this web site & it is comforting to know there are many others out there going through the same thing & we can share our story here. Thank you Jonni for creating this for us. πŸ™‚

  111. @ Kim, that is so wierd that you brought up the Body Eco Diet bc I just found that on a search yesterday. I am very interested to understand more about the benefits of kefir grans. And I had also never heard of candida before either before yesterday. Do you mind expanding on your symptoms? I am understanding that its basically a high yeast rate in your blood stream? What are the symptoms of that typically? Good luck to you. i am on day 3, and from my past two experiences giving up sugar, day three is always the worst; been bracing myself.

    1. Hi Stacy, Candida is basically the name for yeast overgrowth in your system & in my case, is caused by years of consuming an unbalance diet, consisting mostly of sugar in all forms.. That can be anything from white flour to actual sugar. I’ve always tried to incorporate veggies into my diet, but obviously it wasn’t enough to combat the sugar intake πŸ™ My symptoms are mostly debilitating fatigue ( so much so, that some days I can barely get out of bed).. that comes & goes, poor memory, craving sugar, desserts & breads, mood swings, & an obvious presence of yeast (especially down yonder.. my last pap had “abnormal” cells due to yeast, so I have to re-take in 6 mo’s).. the list goes on…You can actually check out the website as well : They have a Questionnaire you can fill out to determine if you have it also.. As far as all of their food recommendations, I’m still a newbie. I’m just starting & haven’t purchased any of their food suggestions yet. I am eating very healthy though. I just had vegetable soup w/sprinkled spirulina & green tea for breakfast!! I’m almost 1/2 way in on the book (which I highly recommend) & just received my first shipment of their supplements & pro biotic drinks, which claim to heal the intestines… I am very hopeful, while mourning the loss of sugar! This is gonna be tough!! I wish you the best of luck also! I’ll be checking in to this blog periodically… let’s keep each other updated on our progress..I’d like to know how you’re doing. πŸ™‚

      1. I’ll just jump in here real quick to mention that systemic Candida overgrowth doesn’t seem to have a lot of support from the medical community, except in the case of people with severely impaired immune systems. That doesn’t mean that all those doctors might not be wrong, of course, but I do think that some of the herbal remedies for systemic yeast infections might do more harm than good. That said, I highly approve of any excuse for getting off the sugar, and most Candida diets do just that. Eating sugar definitely increases the chances of getting a yeast infection in the genital area, which is not very pleasant, to say the least.

        For people who like to eat some meat and dairy in their diets, I always recommend Sally Fallon’s book Nourishing Traditions. For people who like less meat or no meat at all, you might want to pick up Joel Fuhrman’s book Eat to Live. They both have excellent nutritional advice (Sally’s book has more recipes), and they both leave out the sugar.

  112. Well, I “fell off the wagon” twice within the past 2 weeks. I’ve lasted about 6/7 days each time, then I cave. This has got to be the hardest thing I have ever tried to do, even harder than quitting smoking. I plan on continuing though. I have to look up recipes, and try to organize meals better. Hopefully that will help with the detox. As soon as I ate sugar again, I felt an instantaneous change/shift in my body, not to mention the guilt and disappointment. The book, “Body Ecology Diet” stresses not to wallow if you mess up, but to just get back on the diet asap. Just wanted to come here and vent a little! Jonni, I plan on looking into your books as well, they sound very interesting and like they could be helpful.

  113. This is my 3rd day off sugar. I’ve had a headache & some flu-like symptoms. This evening I started having muscle spasms. I was wondering if anyone experienced muscle spasms as part of sugar withdrawal?

    1. I haven’t heard of this myself. Anyone? You might try eating some fairly high-carb (but healthy) foods like sweet potatoes or even baked potato with butter to see if it helps balance your blood sugar a bit. That helps with other symptoms, so maybe it would help the spasms, too. Worth a try, anyway.

    2. Muscle spasms! I’ve had those and it’s magnesium deficiency i was told. Mine were quite scary! Maybe you have upset the balance of your bod somehow? Chocolate contains magnesium so have you stopped eating that?

      Anyway, I took some magnesium tablets + a drink called Endura as i exercise a lot and no more probs with them!

  114. I have not had muscle spasms but when i go from high sugar to nothing i have had muscle aches thru out my body for a few days. Kind of achy like flu achy. And Kim, im right there with ya! Every day is a struggle for me!

  115. I got hypoglycemia, how do I quit sugar preventing low blood sugar levels? Can someone please help, I consume allot of refinned sugars if I don’t get enough I start to get hot sweats with anixety, its really annoying, is it because I’m consuming too much refined sugars? If I eat fruit it dosent give me enough sugar to overcome the symptoms, any input towards solution would be appreciated!! Maybe I need to just stay home for a few days and go through withdrawl??

    1. Nick, this is definitely a question for your doctor. Many people do have anxiety when they go off sugar, but anyone with an underlying condition that affects their blood sugar levels should get advice from a health professional.

  116. You are consuming too much refined sugar and probably refined flour as well. You need protein to keep your blood sugar regulated, not sugar. You need whole grains and protein. I speak from 40 years as an RN. See a physician. If you were diagnosed by a physician you should have been given a diet. If you are self diagnosed then you need to see a physician.

    1. Thank you for your replies I am going to see a physician but in the mean time im gonna do a sugar withdrawl and focus on eating smalls meals with protein and healthy veggies and fruits. I’ll keep ya posted for progession for the ones that are interested πŸ™‚

  117. This thread has been a god send. About a week ago decided to give up the sugar AND caffeine. It was at least one mcdonald’s sugar free iced coffee a day for me and bags of sweets mostly found at a gas station. Never been overly obsese but this past year was overweight for my frame (5’5″ female). Along with this have been eating a cleaner diet for the past two months (MUST see Forks over Knives) and have trimmed down. However, the caffeine and sugar withdrawal symptoms have been brutal. Headaches, foggy and cloudy feeling, lethargic nature of course and an overall anxiety. Anyone else experience anxiety as they withdrawal? Regardless, am excited to continue my clean eating and weaning off of sugar and caffeine as my insides will thank me.

  118. Good article Jonni. You’re right that sugar addiction is almost invisible. You can go years without even realizing its a problem. I quit yesterday and I already feel kind of tired and unfocused. Not a problem but its good to know it should clear up in a week or two.

    I’m glad I saw your article. Its good to know I’m not the only one with this problem. Up to now I’ve been able to ignore my sugar intake because I’m healthy, thin, exercise daily, and cook healthy meals every day. But I also eat half a dozen cookies or a king size chocolate bar every night. And I look forward to after-dinner junk food like I used to look forward to going over to my ex-girlfriend’s. I work long hours in a technical job, and I don’t get a chance to meet many women. And now I’m replacing a relationship with junk food! Not a good habit. I need to realize I’m lonely and do something about it. Thanks for the article and the advice.

    1. Nic, I saw an article yesterday that said that medical schools and researchers are only now starting to think of alcoholism as a physical disease – and not just a problem with will power. If they’re only now catching on to the physical causes of one of the most widely recognized addictions in the world, we sugar addicts are obviously on our own. It’s great that so many people are starting to support each other, like we all do on this blog.

      Good luck with your new healthy diet – and with finding a new girlfriend, too. πŸ˜‰

  119. great info here. I can say from my own experience that the physical toll sugar takes on your body is real. over a year ago I had acathinosis (sp)? – the dark patches of skin pre-diabetics get. and I had gotten used to life with headaches every single day.

    last fall i went on a hard core sugar and white flour elimination diet and workout plan – I was 380# kept it up for almost 4 months. built muscle and lost 40#. the first week w/o sugar was AWFUL – bad headaches, no energy.

    and then it’s like someone literally flipped a switch and I FELT GOOD. i had energy. I had NO CRAVINGS for sweets. (remember I weighed 380# so i was no stranger to sweets!!). NO headaches. flaky patches of skin cleared up. and i don’t mean to overshare but I had a recurring infection (ladies you know what I mean) that went away COMPLETELY with no meds.

    then the holidays hit, and I began cheating around the edges – my tastes had changed and i found myself saying things were ‘too sweet’ (?!) – could not believe those words were coming out of my mouth.

    as 2011 went on I went back to my old eating habits. and my energy is GONE. my flaky skin is back. my headaches are back. my cravings are back and they feel bottomless. of course i have gained 20#. my joints hurt all the time.

    so having been on both sides it’s very, very, very real. I am looking FORWARD to enduring a withdrawal week so I can get rid of these symptoms!

    best of health and peace to you all.

  120. It’s great to see how many people have gone before me in the fight against sugar addiction. I changed my diet yesterday and cut out all refined sugar. I’m trying to eat “normally” (which isn’t so normal for us now a days) with lean proteins, veggies, fruits and whole grains. My head is pounding as I write this, I needed the encouragement I found on this site. It’s good to know that many people have made it through this before me. It’s like the devils way of making you believe you need a high sugar diet….you feel okay while you eat the junk, TerrIBle while you go through withdrawals, but AMAZING after its out of your system! I can’t wait until I’m on the other side!

  121. I am on day 2 of the process of eliminating sugar from my diet. This website is absolutely wonderful – because when I start to waver (someone just posted at work that there is birthday cake in the kitchen) – I can come on here and remember why what I’m doing is so important.

    I am lucky as my symptoms have been light. I feel rather woozy sometimes but I noticed going home after work last night that instead of feeling totally exhausted I actually felt OK.

    One strange thing I’ve noticed is that the “bumps” on the inside of my cheeks have disappeared – the skin is now quite smooth. Anyone else noticed this?

    PS Anyone else reading this who is going through the process – hang on in there it will be worth it I’m sure!! xx

  122. I am here returning after giving up sugar for almost 2 months now. I wrote the post about being in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction for almost 5 years. Sugar is definitely a heavy duty habit to kick, I wish I wasn’t so sensitive to it.
    I went a full 2 weeks without any sugar whatsoever. I started eating a nice full breakfast like brown rice with spinach and eggs instead of sugary oatmeal and coffee with lots of sugar and cream. I REALLY miss sugar in my coffee, but I’ve found that coffee isn’t actually that bad without it. I even drink green tea. I started to eat fruits and whole grains as well as nuts. I still need to consume more veggies. It’s very hard when my coworkers or friends show up with sweets and cakes (cupcakes are my ultimate weakness). Sometimes I allow myself a bite or too, but I’ve found that if I ingest even one slice of cake I’m back to the withdrawal symptoms and cravings the next day. I know this new lifestyle should continue for a lifetime (just like recovery), but sometimes I get sad that I can’t indulge like I used to even though I know I feel way better now.
    I take daily vitamins and supplements and excersize daily. I love getting these posts in my email because it’s a reminder of my struggle and gives me hope. Thank you all for being part of my recovery.

  123. I have a question for those who have been sugar and flour free for a long time. Do you ever allow any sugar to pass your lips? Do you loosen the restriction for holiday dinners, your birthday, or ever? I am free from any man-made sugars (this includes artificial sweeteners, corn syrup,honey, etc.), flour, yeast, and gluten for 17 days now. I started this because I am participating in a 3 week detox challenge, but I feel so great that I would like to stay sugar and flour free long term. My only issue is that I can’t imagine not having a Christmas cookie or slice of birthday cake or summer-time ice cream cone, ever again… for my entire life? I’m worried that if I allow any sugar or flour after my 3 week detox is over, it will just create powerful cravings and make me feel bad. But at the same time I’m thinking “ok, well eventually I should be able to re-introduce some on special occasions without completely undoing all the good I’ve done.” Is that a realistic thought or am I kidding myself?

  124. rachel, congradulations on you success and will to kick sugar! I too struggle with the sadness of not being able to have it and unfortunately have not been as strong as u have. Have you done a 12 step program before for your other addictions you seem to have also successfully kicked? Is there anything in there about how to deal with that loss?

  125. I am almost done with day three of no sugar, flour, caffeine. I have done this before and the symptoms were not as bad. I have had what I thought was the caffeine headache, because it starts mostly in the afternoon. The headache wasn’t as bad today. I am also tired by the afternoon, but was more energetic this morning. We rise early, between 4-4:30 and I was able to start in on chores and worked 2 1/2 hours in the garden. Now I am tired. Monday the headache was like a migraine. Good luck to you all! Last time I ate like this for six months and lost 84 pounds. Of course, I have slowly put 60 of that back on. I will be 50 and want to stick around for awhile.

  126. I am a HORRIBLE sugar + caffeine addict. You cannot even imagine how bad – it’s really, really bad and seems to get worse every year. Been this way since high school.

    I have tried so many times to give up sugar and caffeine (they go hand-in-hand for me) but the withdrawal always destroys me completely after roughly 10 days. By day 11 I cannot work, can barely move, and cannot focus at all. It begins to affect my work and I end up eating sugar again just to be able to function. I’ve been told it can be a 2 to 4 week withdrawal process, and dealing with the lethargy and discomfort for 4 weeks is unrealistic for me.

    So, this time I decided to do two things differently, in hopes I can power through:

    1) I visited my doctor and asked for a prescription to help with the inevitable migraine that will result from the withdrawal. She gave me two medications – one I take each day to help regulate my blood pressure (it actually affects my vein circumference) as I come off sugar and caffeine. And another drug (Sumatriptan) to take at the moment I feel an extreme headache coming on. This is the first time I’ll be doing the detox with the assistance of medication and I think it will help so much. My doctor was 100% supportive and I highly recommend asking for medication – no need to suffer if you don’t have to!

    2) I will supplement my detox diet with lots of natural sugars from fruit. I am hoping I can keep my mood and energy elevated by eating fruit at every meal and in periodic snacks through the day.

    I am on day two of no sugar and no caffeine. Yesterday was fine (day one always is for me) but woke up at 3 am with a splitting migraine. I took the Sumatriptan and the pain and throbbing were gone in about an hour. Today I feel really good although tired and a little loopy. I stand at the bottom of a flight of stairs and just think, “How am I going to climb these?” when in actuality I’m quite fit and athletic. But I just have no gas in my tank, even with the fruit. I know this is just the beginning – from past attempts I know I have at least 2 weeks more of this tired, near-dead feeling and it will just get worse before it gets better.

    Hopefully the fruit will begin to kick in and give me some umpf. Wish me luck!

  127. I am on day 13 without sugar and day 60 without caffeine. I decided to post here for myself and in hopes it may encourage others. i have suffered from depression almost my entire life. One year ago I quit smoking. It helped my depression. Now since I have been off the coffee it has helped even more. I have decided that once I have been free from the sugar for a few months I will try and stop taking the ant-depressant medicine. I am convinced today that my depression was attributed from a poor diet and then compounded when I picked up coffee and cigarettes. It can be done. God Bless and don’t ever give up. πŸ˜‰

      1. John be careful giving up the anti-depressants. When I gave them up I did it VERY slowly, I cut down over 6 months or so and in the end I was only taking half a pill of the lowest dose I could get every second day. I felt fine and didn’t really have any withdrawal symptoms other than an odd fizzing feeling in my head every now and then. That was until about 3-4 months after taking my last pill (when the last of the medicine would have been finally been working it’s way out of my system) when I went into the worst manic depression I’ve ever experienced in my life, I was thinking suicidal thoughts and was so anxious and depressed I couldn’t eat, sleep or look after my self very well at all (the ONLY upside was that I dropped 10kg very quickly). The doctors told me it was because I needed to be back on the meds but I was determined to stay off them. I think it took about 2-3 months until I started to feel better but in the end it was worth it, I’ve now been off them for over a year and never again felt as bad as I did whilst detoxing. I realise that everyone’s different and it may not be so bad for you but please make sure you have a good support network around you just in case πŸ™‚ Good luck.

  128. Dear All

    Just to update you all that I have reached day 7. Improvements to report :

    1. I can breathe in the morning – I no longer wake up snuffling
    2. I have lost 3 lbs
    3. I am eating quite a lot – I haven’t cut down or counted calories
    4. I have navigated quite a few sugary situations successfully (chocolate cake at work, going out to eat at a restaurant, finding myself in the cake/cookie aisle at the supermarket).
    5. A lessening of cravings for sugar.

    So thank you to all the posters above – you are my motivation to keep going.

    xxx K

  129. Hi everyone!!

    Untill like 3 days ago I never thought of sugar as being something that one could possibly be “addicted” to. So I find this book and decide to make a big lifestyle change and well one of the things they talk about is being addicted to sugar. They never mention the withdrawls or the side affects of quiting the sugar. Wow headaches and sleepyness and this weird metal taste in my mouth which I can only contribute to my body detoxing the sugar. I am also trying to Quit Wheat and soy. I am already allergic to milk and milk biproducts so I am pretty accustomed to learning how to cut something out of my diet. This morning I woke up good but now tonight I feel poopy!! Oh well Im sure its just a process that I need to go thru.
    Im glad I found this website and look forward to getting support and supporting others πŸ˜€

  130. Hi all, glad to have found this site. I gave up sugar 7 months ago and have lost 74lb. The first week was a nightmare, but I’m now free from the vicious cycle that sugar puts you on, of the more you eat, the more you want to eat.

    Good luck everyone and here’s to a happy and longer life.

  131. fell of the no sugar train…. ugh.. oh well moving on just a small bump in the road. Tomorrow is another day πŸ™‚

    1. Dear Mrskuel

      Me too – it was my birthday – and so it would have been churlish not to accept a glass of champagne and a piece of cake.

      I’m not beating myself up about it though! I figure that the sugar I have not eaten over the past week or so is far more important than a small lapse.

      BTW how did you feel? I woke up the next morning feeling ghastly ! I think when you have to have sugar/alcohol it would really help to drink lots of water too. To help with the dehydration.

      Hope you get back on the wagon!

      xxx K

      1. hey Kate

        Thanks for responding it really means a lot! I I did feel horrible ugh.. Im trying to cut out salt too but Im unsure how to go about it because i know you need it in your diet. I have decided that I will keep Raw honey. Maybe i shouldnt but its all too much!! how far do you go? like do you make sure sugar isnt in any label? or do you just not eat high amounts of it??

        Thanks πŸ™‚

        1. Hi Mrs Kuehl

          Well done you for cutting down on salt too. I’m no expert but I have read that there is no need to add any salt to your food as you will easily get your daily needs from food.

          My aim at the moment is to cut out all sugar, honey, dextrose, corn syrup etc etc from my diet for 2 weeks. I do read labels the whole time and am amazed with how much our diet is loaded with this junk . For the next 2 weeks I’m also not eating fruit juice or dried fruit just because they are quite sweet and they might tempt me along the wrong path! Once my liver and pancreas have had half a chance to re-adjust (I had the mother of all migraines yesterday – so guess I’m not through this process yet!) I will start adding freshly squeezed fruit juice and dried fruit and maybe a bit of honey in moderation.

          I gave up alcohol about a year and a half ago (to do a marathon) and I never went back to it. I do have the odd drink when it would be rude not to but I don’t enjoy it any more.

          It is hard – but I’m sure we’ll get there.


  132. Does anyone else get mental confusion after stopping sugar? Its like I can’t think straight and it takes me a long time to understand anything…….
    Will this subside? Its been 4 days…..

    1. Your fogginess should go away soon. Sugar does affect the brain chemicals, so a bit of confusion does happen to some people. If it persists very much longer, you should have your doctor check to make sure you don’t have a blood sugar regulation problem. It does take a while for the body to re-regulate itself, but some people have underlying problems that they “fix” with high sugar consumption. The real problems only become obvious after they stop self-medicating. That’s why I often suggest that a doctor should be consulted if the withdrawal symptoms seem to be taking too long to go away.

  133. This is the morning of Day 4. I had to come home from work yesterday afternoon because I was crying! Really?!?! I was so upset about everything and nothing at the same time. This morning I feel ‘eh’, but hoping I can just get through the day. Planning on another week and a half of this at least makes it seem doable. I feel I have had a sugar sensitivity all my life and am just figuring it out. I can’t say that I was/am a total sugar addict, but I overeat/binge on unhealthy carbs. I have tried for one year to ‘deal with my emotional eating’, but am now thinking it’s not emotional at all! I have not felt that binge feeling one time since cutting sugar….makes me re-think all this emotional eating stuff. We’ll see!

  134. I have given up sugar in all forms except honey which I have a teaspoon of in my green tea 3 times a day. Should I give up the honey too? I read somewhere that it doesn’t cause the spike in insulin (a fat storing hormone) so I’m not worried about that but I am worried that it will prolong my addiction to sugar somehow..

    1. Debbie, it probably depends on you more than anything. If you start finding yourself digging into the honey jar more than you think you should, you can make adjustments then. As for the insulin issue, I’m not the expert, but according to the good doctor in this video about sugar and health, the big culprit is fructose. And honey is made up of fructose and glucose, so anyone with diabetes or anyone concerned about fat storage should probably not eat much honey. If you’re trying to lose weight, it would be easy to experiment and see if you lose more during a week when you don’t eat honey then you do when you add the honey to your tea. (If you do that experiment, please let us know what you find out).

  135. Thanks for a great article! I am having trouble losing weight (despite constant exercise), chronic yeast infections and intense sugar cravings. I would like to cut sugar out of my diet and was wondering if the majority of people just cut out sweets (candy, cake, etc.) or if they cut out ANY food that has any type of sugar (milk?)?

    1. Beth, according to Dr. Lustig, the main health issues are with fructose, which is found primarily in table sugar and high-fructose corn syrup. Lactose, the type of sugar found in milk, doesn’t seem to be on his list.

      Personally, I avoid the table sugar and all processed foods with added sugar or corn syrup. All other foods, including fruits and milk, are on my diet. If you eat a lot of sugar now, I think you’ll be amazed at how quickly you lose weight if you give it up.

      1. Hi Jonni, I tried to made a post not too long ago, and i got a message that said the post was being cleared or something like that, but then i haven’t heard anything else, so just wondering if my post went through or if there is something wrong.

        Anyways, this is day 9 of no sugar, including no fruits or fruit juice, honey or anthing and just feel so grateful for your site. It helps so much, all the experience strength and hope from everyone. just let me know if this post is okay.

        thanks michelle

  136. im on this site coz i have a seriously irritating headache which has been creeping in since this morning and wont go away, i feel so tired and irritable. I keep shouting at my kids and i really want to go to the shop and buy some chocolate and a fizzy drink, i can jus imagine the taste as im sitting here, but im trying to remain strong coz IT’S ONLY BEEN FOUR DAYS!!! πŸ™ I know this is just the beginning… but its so hard, and i want to make an apple and strawberry crumble on sunday. how am i supposed to replace the sugar content in the crumble part – its just not gonna taste the same. (sigh!)

  137. Hello to all my fellow sugar addicts! I also am a huge sugar addict, my weaknesses are mostly cookies, ice cream, and cereal. I stopped eating sugar 12 days ago and though the first week was really rough with withdrawl it was most definitely worth it. I feel wonderful, I have so much energy now that I find myself not able to sleep at night. The first week I had some pretty intense withdrawl like all of you, mostly feeling very anxious, hot cold chills, restless at night, and extremely thirsty! ALL THE TIME! Once that passed I really did feel like an entirely different person and my cravings for sugar have pretty much vanished. I’m craving things like veggies, nuts, and salads which I never had much of a taste for before. I agree that once you stop eating sugar and give in to it, it does taste TOO SWEET! It’s amazing how your body changes. I have been dieting for 3 weeks and off sugar for 2, I have lost 11lbs and 2 inches in my waist so this is so worth it, and if you feel like you can’t achieve it you’re wrong, you can! Cold turkey is the best way in my opinion but were all different. Good luck to you all and may you finally kick this awful addiction we all suffer from.

    1. Thank you for the update Rachel, you’ve given me renewed hope. I’m on about day 7 and I’m finally starting to feel less depressed and anxious but still having cravings, I look forward to feeling all better soon πŸ™‚

  138. Hi All

    I have started this week on giving up sugar this week since sunday, I cut out all chocolate, biscuits etc and also have not been having tea and coffee. I am not a massive tea and coffee drinker – about 3 – 4 a day but I am qute senitiveto it so thought to just cut it out completely. I am a big sugar junkie and crave chocolate alot. I have been eating healthy for most of this week.
    So far I got quite bad headaches when it came to the afternoon and have felt quite tired and from what I read here it is quite normal. However since yesterday afternoon I have had a very bad tummy upset and also nausea, I was up most of the night with this and still feel a bit nausea today. I don’t think I have eaten anything that may of caused this as my boyfriend ate the same as me over the last couple of days and he is fine. could this be from sugar withdrawel.?

    1. You may be having some withdrawal symptoms, but it’s also possible that you have the flu. If you gave up sugar on Sunday, I wouldn’t expect you to still have tummy upsets because of it, but everyone is different. I hope you feel better soon.

  139. Hi Jonnie its been about 5 months since i wrote to you last in march. Thought id give you an update!! If i remember correctly i told you i cut out sugar because i had thrush for 3 months, well guess what..still got it!!I went abroad recently and paid to privately have several tests done as i was fed up of still losing weight even tho i returned to sugar in my diet after feeling so sick, i am now 48 kg and i am 5 ft 7. I went abroad and decided to have medical tests done privately to see the cause behind my issues rather than treating the symptoms.Amongst other things, to my shock i was told i have low sugar!! I told the doctor that i eat everything even sugary foods but apprently my pacreas creates too much insulin so when i eat sugar it falls even lower than it was before the sugar..i was shocked and confused. He explained taht is why im thin, without enough sugar fat will not stay in my body or something along those lines and then he told me dont eat much sugar or ill be a diabetic in 15 years????(even more confusing).I figure if i eat well but get to the gym to put some muscle on, maybe i can try to gain weight. jonni what are you pearls of wisdom..this has totally shocked me and im not really sure now what is appropriate diet wise etc, help!!

    1. Mellu, this is really a question for a specialist. When the pancreas isn’t working the way it should, there could be a number of reasons for it – and some of those reasons are not good. And, according to that Wikipedia article (linked above) the condition could develop into diabetes, even though that doesn’t seem reasonable. Get an appointment with your local doc, tell her what tests were done and what they indicated, and ask as many questions as you can.

  140. oh my gosh crazy..i just started reading the article you sent me..i actually do have polycystic ovaries i was diagnosed at 15 and have always had hormone issues but i dont have the syndrome :O had no idea there was a connection *reads on* thanks jonni for that useful link x

  141. Wow..I’m just shocked by all of this. I’ve had a really rough summer with 3 family crisis (one ended in a death of a 3 day old baby) and my step father in law to have a mechanical heart put in and is now waiting on a heart transplant. I’ve been depressed since my early teens and have been on Effexor for about a year and a half. I decided that due to some diet and vitamin and supplement changes I was ready to go off the Effexor. Around the same time I had a LONG talk to the lady at our natural food store about my Crohn’s condition and acne. I switched my pro biotics and decided to try a low carb/high fat diet (which basically has my Crohn’s under control in like 2 days !!!!! AMAZING) I’m following the low carb/high fat diet for IBD sufferers…having to tweak a few things here and there. I intially lost 4 lbs in the first week of changing my I’m stalled…so I’ve been keeping better track of exactly what I’m eating and how much. I thought I could incorporate my dark chocolate into the diet..but I don’t think so….I’m on day 2 of zero sugar…I had pretty much cut it all out except my chocolate..but I am a SEVERE CHOCOHOLIC and I will admit it. I reach for a bite at every turn…..20 times a day sometimes. I finally realized that that is a BIG contributing factor to my emotional rollercoaster. I’m having BAD headacahes and SEVERE energy loss (and it’s hard to nap with 4 kids ) but I’m surviving..overall I feel better already. I’m so glad that I found this site. It’s very re assuring to see that others have had the same withdrawal as I have and that we can get thru it πŸ™‚ Here’s striving for better health

    1. Sorry I forgot to add that with my very restricted Crohn’s diet, I do not eat any fresh fruit (although I used to eat it by the handful and I feel that was contributing to my weight gain and bloating) and very limited amount of veggies and the ones I can have must be cooked. Hard cheddar cheese with NO carbs and NO sugars is my I all fresh meat and fish and eggs. I take a good variety of vitamins and supplements and if I may recommend a couple….MACA is an amazing supplement for energy and enhanced libido (at 40 I thought I was starting early menopause, but feel it’s diet related) sublingual B12 (1000mcg in the am under the tongue before eating) . Probiotics have played a HUGE role in my bowel health and general amounts of magneisum…..these are a few I feel I will NEVER stop taking. There are others I take also…multi vitamin, added E, E and C.

  142. I have read a lot if the comments about everyone’s sugar withdraw experiences. I just wanted to mention, I too am going through this, but the first week for me was the worst I’ve ever felt in my life. I had been eating sugar at every meal since as early as I can remember. Loved bread, pop, ketchup on everything…started eating cinnamon rolls for dinner. Horrible diet. I realized I had a systemic yeast infection. I encourage women to look in to this as it’s more common among women. The new diet I had to follow completly eliminated sugar and yeast. The first 3 days of the new diet were by far the strangest body experiences I’ve ever encountered. Dizziness, numbing of the feet, hands and wrists, feeling tingling all over, headaches, sharp pains in random places, abdominal pain, feeling of a tight chest, bloating, nausea, diarrhea, constipation, and towards the 2nd and 3rd day I felt extremely jumpy and would doze off and hear noises I knew weren’t really happening. Like someone was calling my name. This sounds absolutely crazy I know. I had no idea any of thiscould happen. I started researching my symptoms and realized my body was just detoxing and ridding itself of toxins. Because I had eaten do horribly for most of my life, I guess there was a lot if crap that needed to detox. I have no history of any mental illness that would relate to these symptoms by the way. I realize this seems very extreme. But, after the first week my symptoms decreased tremendously and I’m feeling so much better. Don’t give up, it gets easier and you’ll feel like a different person when it’s all said and done. I just wanted to let people know about systemic yeast infections, and just how hard detoxing can truly be. Thanks and good luck πŸ™‚

  143. I am now on week two of my sugar withdrawel – i still feel now energy and tired and also still start getting a headache by the afternoon which carries on into the evening. I also have pcos as someone mentioned earlier. How long till I feel any better and see signs of improvement.?

    1. If you’re still feeling this bad after being off sugar for two weeks, I definitely suggest a visit to your doctor. There may be something else going on that’s making you feel bad, or your body may not be able to regulate your blood sugar level properly, so tests may be in order if you don’t feel better soon.

  144. Im on my third day without sugar or caffeine and its way harder then i thought it would be. i have no energy, headache and sooo tired. oh boy, im hoping to feel better soon but for now im sticking this one out!! woo!!! Im 22 and need to get into healthier eating habits!! great site by the way

  145. I started the sugar-free lifestyle on Monday. Until this moment, I hadn’t experienced any withdrawals. Now… oh boy! They’re hitting hard! I have a headache, but not extremely severe. Totally manageable with Tylenol, I’m sure. I also have the shakes (like when your blood sugar is low), which is the most psychological of the symptoms. My brain is crying out, “YOU NEED SUGAR!!!”

    I haven’t noticed any irritability or anxiety, in fact… it has actually helped with my depression!

    I’m just going to stay the course, and moderately enjoy my weekly cheat day. Yes, this plan does include one day per week to eat my favorite things. I’ll keep it under control, though. I’m too dedicated now!

  146. I have tried to give up sugar and I can usually only go a day without it,…even though I had no sweets in the house I was desperate enough to bake a chocolate cake πŸ™ I KNOW that it’s bad for me, and I KNOW i need to cut back, but sometimes I can only hear the little sugar demons in my brain begging for a fix. Any suggestions?

  147. Hi Jonni
    You were asking if any one had some good news to share about giving up sugar and I think I do. I’m on day 6 of my sugar/coffee/tea/wheat free detox and the first three days were like nothing I imagined. Symptoms included a weird taste in my mouth, upset stomach, extreme tiredness, migraines, body aches and pains, brain-fogginess and feeling low. (I actually just ended up sleeping most of them away so I suggest that people try to start it on the weekend!) Now for the good news: by day 6 tiredness is replaced by loads of energy, work outs are a breeze, my spirits are lifted and although I still have mild headaches the rest of my body feels lighter and more relaxed than I have ever experienced in my life (I’m 45) and I have to say this new feeling is by far worth every torturous moment! So I say to everyone tempted to give in: stay strong because the agony of withdrawal you only have to go through once but the rewards are not just for life but life-changing. x

  148. I just want to say how I much I liked what everybody said.. it is like I am not alone…I have battled sugar addcition for years and it seeems to be winning.. I just fel good for a while when I eat it, and I like to feel good for a while and I always think I can manage it but today I know I can, but in a new way..Thank you

  149. I started Seattle Sutton two days ago. I woke up with a killer headache today. I know it is from sugar withdrawl, I have done this twice before. I’m hungry from eating less and craving sugar. Mid afternoon is so hard for me right now. This is my sugar pig out time. I’m trying to keep busy to get through this. It is hard to not look for somethign to snack on and rethink my food process.

    1. Hi Vivian. I’d never heard of the Seattle Sutton Solution book before. I just looked it up, and it looks really interesting. I’ll be sure to read it and see what she recommends.

      The cravings will get better over time, and it will help if you don’t let yourself get so hungry. Let your body worry about one thing at a time, I always say. Be sure to get plenty of protein and healthy fats, and eat some veggies with carbs, like potatoes and squash. It won’t completely do away with the cravings but it will help. Good luck.

  150. Very happy to find this website and to read all the comments. Because I too, have been “off” of sugar for about a week now and I feel HORRIBLE! I almost feel like I’m dying! But by reading all of the comments, I see I’m not alone and that getting off of sugar you DO experience withdrawal symptoms. By what I’m reading on here, I can maybe expect another week of this? Since I quit sugar a week ago, everyday I’ve been expecting to wake up and feel wonderful, but that hasn’t happened yet. But I’m going to stick with it because of what I’ve read here and everyone’s comments….knowing I’m not losing my mind and that this withdrawal is very real!

  151. Just finishing day one of being sugar-free. I’m so glad I found this web-site! I have about 120 pounds to lose…one day at a time, and I know this is the way to go. I appreciate all the info about symptoms; I’ll be prepared. It is also good to know that I can read what others are going through and share as well. I’m really fortunate that I have no major problems due to the obesity and I’m in my 50’s. I want to keep it that way. thnkx

  152. Hi Everyone
    Have been reading a lot of the comments, but my main symptom hasn’t been brought up. I gave up most flour and all sugar about 10 days ago. One of the first things that I noticed was a cold shivering tingle in my arm. It went away and a few days later it showed up in the other arm. The headache is brutal, it’s been almost 6 days with the headache and major weird tingling in my arms, neck and head. I am going to the Dr. tomorrow maybe he has and idea. Has anyone else had these symptoms.

    1. I did, Still do Im starting week 2 today. Its like when addicts give up drugs and they are always shivering cus there body is detoxing probably. How did u dr visit go? mine did go away

  153. Last year I gave up sugar for Lent – it was tough and I felt terrible for 2 weeks. But really all I remember was that I felt great after the symptoms had faded, and I didn’t want or need sugar anymore. Sweet things made me feel sick. However, Lent finished and I started eating sugar again – back to square one. In the 40 days of Lent, I did lose 3 kg (6.5 lb for you Americans).

    So now I am at the start of giving it up for good, 4 days in, not doing too badly. But dreading the start of the headaches and irritability.

  154. Hey Jonni,

    Thanks for writing this – it’s clear there’s no shortage of people in need of some perspective on the matter. I came to confront sugar in a vicarious way by quitting alcohol and discovering the lengthy repair process my body had to experience as result, and after some research learned about PAWS and how sugar, especially, made symptoms worse. Naturally, I cut sugar out, and felt it, for a while, but slowly my insistence on sugar left and so did my foggy ability to concentrate. Welp, 8 months out, I decided, why not, and had a decent helping of oreos (I’d been gradually getting more familiar with sugar again) and sure enough, I’ve felt distracted from focus ever since, like I’m waiting on a reward. My suspicion is that so much synthetic and refined sugar kicked my body back into its sugar sensitivity, but, I dunno — I guess I just wanted an outside take. I’m proud of the responsibility I’ve taken at signs of trouble related to diet and I have no problem adapting to the reality of certain intake, but it’s hard when you’re not sure what’s going on. This seems like an intense response to a row of oreos. Any thoughts? In any case, thanks for the article πŸ˜€

  155. PS: If I do have the right idea, is it OK to still eat fruits and fruit juices? Or should I avoid all sugars, naturally sugared foods included? (sorry to double post!)

    1. Hi Dave, I couldn’t help but comment on some of your questions, I have tried to quit sugar in the past tons of times, but I always caved. But this time around with more research i have found out that when u r trying to get off sugar, it’s best to try and go off fruit and fruit juice for a good 8 weeks because of the Fructose. I guess it’s the fructose that goes through our liver like alcohol and Fructose turns into Fat immediately, where fats (go figure) help metabolize every. So what helped me alot this time around, is eating more healthy fats. (ie: extra virgin coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil for cooking), real butter on veggies or MCT oil or flax or hemp or Udo’s etc. for salads. I probably eat up to 4 – 6 tbsp of oil now and lots of protein, it helps so much with cravings. I’m on Day 10 today and it’s been the easiest attempt ever with the approach with the fats…..Good Luck, Keep up the good work! πŸ™‚

  156. Read Wickipeadia about sugar addiction. Personally I eat fruit but not fruit juice. Fruit juice has lots of sugar and no fiber. Don’t miss out foods that are good for you.

    1. Hi, supposedly when u r first getting off sugar, if you are going to eat fruits, it should just be the lower glycemic ones like berries! Bananas & Grapes are super high glycemic so we are supposed to stay away as much as possible! I hear different things but someone said to me it takes 90 days to break a hard habit. I can see that’s true because even though I may not have a physical craving, the habit is still there and also it’s the emptiness. I want to stop sugar until my body and mind realize i won’t be getting a “Sugar REward” at the end of all this. In the past, I would do well for a certain amount of time, then i would go for the “REWARD”. Sugar has always been the REWARD and until I get that something much better is the reward like a little vacation or some gift to myself like a massage or whatever! I won’t go back to sugar.

      Can anyone relate to it being tough once it gets easier? It’s like quitting alcohol, i would want to drink when it was time to celebrate or there’s that word again, when i wanted to REWARD MYSELF……argh………

  157. im 15 and have tried a few times to stop eating sugar, i eat and drink way too much, like buying 2 six packs of dr pepper or coke most weeks, sweets and no end of ice lollies, i’ve started to suffer from tooth pains so i have decided to cut back on sugar intake.
    every time i try to cut down i end up needing a lot more sleep than usual, unable to concentrate in school, cant get up in the mornings, dont want to do anything, feeling very miserable, BIG mood swings (along with the usual ones) and every time i eat some sugary foods it all goes away which makes it so hard to stop.
    anybody suggest anything?

  158. Hey Tucker. First let me say…good for you!! Removing sugar fromyour diet is hard enough for an adult, but you doing it at 15 is WONDERFUL. I’m just wondering at what point do you feel this way? Right away after stopping the sugar, or is it a few days into it? If it’s right away, or within the first few days, the symptoms usually improve within a week (give or take a few days depending on the person), so IF you can tolerate the symptoms for a week or so, you might just find yourself feeling MUCH better. Personally I found the hardest was about the first 4-5 days. Then I felt somewhat better by day 6ish, but by days8-10…WOW what a HUGE difference . Good luck to you and keep us posted.

    1. Sorry Tucker. Just wanted to add that maybe it’s the ‘cutting back’ that keeps you feeling this way. Personally stopping cold turkey was VERY HARD, but I think when your body adjusts to having NONE, it’s a quicker adjustment than just cutting down. That’s just my personal opinion of course.

  159. I have been off sugar about 2 weeks, or so I thought. Since we moved to a new area, I started using SweetNLow that is scoopable. I have used a huge amount of it. I guess my sweet tooth kicked in. After googleing sweet n low, I found out that it is 90percent dextrose! I have decided to stop using it. So I am, since last night, going off sugar once again. Will update..

  160. This sugar addiction is very interesting, I have noticed that quite often I will have headaches, nausea, extreme fatigue, body aches, grumpy attitude, and cravings, I couldn’t figure out why these symptoms would come and go, then I realized that I didn’t have any sugar the day before, could there be such a thing as sugar addiction?
    When I found this blog, I was shocked, I am a sugar addict, I have never done drugs, I don’t smoke, I didn’t have my first drink until age 38 and hardly ever have a drink and yet I am an addict? An addict of sugar, this is sold in my grocery store, in so many foods.
    Wow, well now I have to kick the habit, unfortunatley I will be facing some harsh withdrawal symtoms, but thanks to all the fine blogs from every one I will know what to expect and what to do to get thru it. Thank you and I am glad I am not alone, but wouldn’t wish this on any one.
    Tomorrow will be my first day of withdrawls since I didn’t figure this out until after the chocolate fest that had made me feel better this afternoon and then finding this blog, good luck every one and to your health.

  161. Recently I found out I was much more overweight than I thought, and it became a wake up call to start living healthier and lose weight. One of the first changes I made was to completely cut out soda and highly, highly moderate sweets.

    Things were going fine for about a week, when suddenly I started feeling weak, achey, and nauseated, and I thought to myself “What the hell is going on?” I kept thinking about what could have caused it, and at first I was drawing a blank. Then, something clicked, and I saw the bigger picture. I factored in that throughout the week I had been a little irritable, and was having some mood swings. Originally I had attributed that to a psychiatric condition, but then when I put all these symptoms together, I immediately knew.

    I knew because I had felt the exact same thing before. Years ago I quit using cocaine and heroin, and the symptoms I was having was exactly like the withdrawal symptoms I had when I kicked the drugs. Granted, it was of a much lesser intensity, but the actual symptoms were the same. I was at work when feeling this way and knew I couldn’t get me work done while suffering through this, so I filled a small cup half-way with soda and drank it, and moments later I felt almost completely better. Then when I got home, I looked up sugar withdrawal and got to this page.

    Crazy, I had no idea you could have sugar withdrawal!

  162. I AM SO GRATEFUL to have found this site…….there are others! Jonni, I am grateful you created, not only your books, but a forum for folks to inform, encourage discussion and support as well as sharing success stories. CONGRATS to all who have shared their success with this page! I have never been a ‘cold turkey’ person. However, I feel I have more control when I ‘downsize it’. I was a 2 glasses of wine, 7 days per week gal. My other downfall is Reeses Peanut Butter Cups and Malted Milk Balls. I TOO could have those…..AND call it a meal at the same time, especially in the summer. I own a laundry business and in the SUMMER, it is OVERWHELMING. I find myself living off decaf, with a lot of half and half, Ring Dings, Steak and Cheese Subs (white bread sub rolls) and a heck of a lot of soda! I recently found this site and decided I clearly had too much sugar (which as you all have pointed out, led to mood swings, anxiety etc….) and at the same time, I read the withdrawal. I have opted to BEGIN the detoxification of sugar by ‘not bothering to include in my diet’ ALL SWEETS (cakes, candies, pies, ice cream, pastries etc…). I have taken down my wine count (from two glasses 7 days a week to only 2 glasses Saturday and Sunday), 1 cup of coffee with 1/2 & 1/2 (not 4). I have also joined Weight Watchers to monitor my intake of ALL FOODS. I hope to update folks in a week to see where I am in the detox process. I thank you all for sharing your experiences. I do agree sugar adds to a large degree of chronic illnesses that could be prevented. To all on this page fighting the good fight – I applaud you! Wish us all luck!

  163. I found this site because I too stopped sugar yesterday. I am overweight and sick of my addiction. I know its an addiction. So to me……I am an addict and can never have suger again. Do you agree?

    1. Hi Kells

      Never is a long time! I think the proscribed approach is “one day at a time”! I think that you need to plan a transition time when you wean yourself off all the sugars- oses-alcohols. It’s a time to be kind to yourself – I think of it as “positive nutrition” – to help your poor exhausted organs to find their way back to health. For some people (me included) – your body may never have gone a day without sugars since you were a baby. It is much easier to choose to make good nutrition choices than to start denying yourself certain foods.

      Do follow Jonni’s link to Dr Lustig’s talk – August 19th – it helped me.

      1. Thank you for that. I do understand what you are saying. Be good to myself for awhile. Give my body a rest. I was good for 1 week, had a breakdown on one day and started right back up again. I feel good today. One day at a time!

      2. Kells, I did the same thing and left all sugars alone and went threw a withdrawal at the point I knew i was an addict and i knew to live I needed to Give it up. Since then Ive lost 15lbs (water weight probably)in a week now i know that it sounds crazy but im eating 3-4 times a day and in between. Ive been resting so i havent been exercising either because of the side effects. Day to day im gradually gaining energy. I think youve made a great choice! Sugar can no longer take over.

    1. According to the information in Dr. Lustig’s video, the big health hazard is fructose, except when it’s found in fruit. All the things you listed contain fructose. I have a suspicion that all of them would be healthy if they were only eaten in small quantities. I know honey has a lot of really good antibacterial qualities and some antioxidants, and that’s good stuff. However, if we keep the same amount of sweeteners in our diet but just replace sugar with these other items, I’m not sure it would be all that much better for us. This is really a question for an expert in human metabolism, though, so I’m probably not the right person to be answering this question. Dr. Lustig might have said something about honey and other natural sweeteners in his video, but I can’t remember it. Anyone else have an opinion about this issue?

      1. Processed honey is as bad as sugar. Raw or unpasteurized honey is a heathier choice. It won’t rush sugar and insuline in the bloodstream. Also you won’t crave it – that’s a characteristic of healty food.

  164. Thanks for the comments regarding honey, etc. I know the best route is NO SWEETENERS and for the time being I will use sparingly, in my cooking, raw honey and pure maple syrup that come from my local farmers in New England. I have also discovered another naturally low glycemic index sweetener that is organic and gluten free. BLUE AGAVE. It is slowly absorbed by the body and does not cause the rapid rise in blood sugar as table sugar.

  165. Hi Jonni

    I have just purchased your cook book recently, I am looking forward to having great meals to take to work with me, the difficulty that I am having is getting the balance I need without the old crutch of sugar. I seem to be a protein kind of person needing fruit, but when I crash I crash hard, should I eat more often or a little snack before lunch as a pick me up? At work it is difficult to eat at the right time with the schedule that I have, it just feels like my timing of eating and the energy that I need is off.
    Thank you and I am very excited about your book.

    1. Hi Diana. I’m glad you’re enjoying the book. Your questions are hard to answer, though. When I read through all the comments on this blog it looks like everyone has a different experience when they give up sugar, and they find a lot of different ways to cope until the body gets back into balance. You didn’t mention if you drink coffee or caffeine in some form – that can really cause the sugar cravings during the wrong moments at work.

      The one thing that most people seem to agree on is that the sugar should be replaced by a really healthy diet, lots of protein, and plenty of high-carb veggies that are good for you, like sweet potatoes. That seems to help even out the blood sugar, which is the usual cause of the energy drain. Be sure to eat a good solid breakfast, too.

      Good luck – I’m sure you’ll be feeling better soon.

  166. Jonni, thanks for providing a place for all of us to get helpful information and kind encouragement during this rough fight against sugar. I kept feeling so silly for having such a serious reaction to something that seems so harmless. But research validates that it is worth the struggle. I’m so glad that everyone is so honest in sharing their experiences. It’s Day 3 and I feel crappy, but these posts give me hope. I will kick this with prayer and this group of friendly strangers I just found on your site:)!! I can’t wait to report back with my victories!!

  167. Hello Fellow Sugar Haters. I went “no sugar” exactly one week from now and is still withdrawling. Its getting better the night prior to me making this decision I ate so much sugar, chips,and cookies. I love sweets but when i woke up i felt like i was having a heart attack. I am 30 I can no longer do this to myself I binge eat when i got emotional so Ive ballooned up 215lbs!(im 5’2) So now as I am detoxing I am addressing the issue I had with sweets and food itself. I am committed to myself now I can no longer have pre-meditated excuses to eat crazy anymore. Occassionally on holidays I may have something sweet but after my 60days of no sugar commitment. Im going to make it lifestyle change though because I have plans to live! Now As far as the headaches, dizziness, emotional breakdowns,mood swings, and anxiety? Got them all. But My weight is falling off Ive lost 15lbs in a week now i know its water but hey the less water around my heart the better. Today starts my 2nd week Im sure Ill do fine. This is moment I will never forget. I love this site because I seriously thought I was loosing every part of my mind (I have left lol). Hang in there guys!

  168. Hi,

    I just wanted to know , when you say giving up on sugar, does that include the natural sugars in fruits like apples, bannanas etc…Also I don’t eat any white starches however I do eat brown rice, wholegrain pasta etc, do they contain sugar as well?

    Thank You

  169. Thanks Jonni

    I appreciate the advice, I enjoy sweet potatoes so that’s nice, I don’t drink coffee or any caffeine. I found that having oat meal with raisins and cinnamon has made me feel good and helps keep the hunger at bay. Really oat meal helps a lot, now I don’t mind using fruits for natural sugars, but what about dried fruit, can I get natural benefits from that or does it only turn to sugar?

    Thank you for your help.

  170. I’m on day 3 of quitting sugar and think I’m already over the worst of the withdrawls.

    During the night of day 1 it was horrible – I developed a fever, migrane, sweats and shivers and drank about 5L of water from extreme thirst. Then woke up ok and had no desire at all for sugar since then.

    Day 2 I became really cold in the tropical weather, but no other symptoms. Now today I feel fine!

    A few days ago I was a shocking sugar addict, I wasn’t sure if I would quit successfully. Now I look forwad to a life without sugar!

  171. I have been caffiene free and sugar free for 5 days now. I am having lots of mood swings tired and just dont feel like doing anything. I have felt like throwing up , ache all over , cant keep a clear thought the headache now is mild I lost my 23 yr old son two weeks ago and I decided to get healther for his 2 year old son , I want to be around for him ,God is giving me grace to cope with his death , but WOW these withdraw symptoms are hard, today is my 51 Birthday I hope I can lose 90 lbs by my 52 and be sugar and caffien free for ever.

  172. Hi Everyone and am a fellow Sugar addict, I began my journey of giving up sugar 5 days ago. However, yesterday, I mistakeningly ate vanilla yogurt and realized after the fact that it was loaded with sugar. What I experienced was an extreme hunger for the entire day. It was terrible. On another note, I had to put all my children on alert as to what I am doing as I have found that friends, family members, and holidays can be harder to overcome than the darn addiction. Sometimes you do feel like you are on this journey alone; so thanks for the site. πŸ™‚

  173. I just started the 17-Day Diet as a way to get my eating back on track, because I became terribly addicted to bread, bagels, popcorn, butter, bread, bread and more bread. Oh, and half a bottle of wine every single night. (That’s a lot of sugar.) I am on Day 4 and feeling very proud and in control, but now have an EXTREMELY PAINFUL throbbing headache that started last night. I am hoping it is sugar withdrawl and will recede in a day or two. Because if this is what happens when I stop giving my body refined carbs? Well, I’m never giving it refined carbs again. Happy to be able to have company on the journey. It is SO SO SO important that we Americans learn how to eat sustaining, healthy diets again!

    1. Stacy, the headache may be related to your diet changes. Did you, by chance, also give up coffee or Cokes? You might be having a caffeine headache, instead. In either case, it should go away soon.

  174. Could somebody please tell me if 2 weeks of feeling lethargic could be caused by me giving up bread approx 3 months ago and i mean completely, no white or brown i used to eat excessive amounts of bread, had a really bad depressive episode as well, have dramatically reduced by calorie intake, would that be a pointer to why i feel so lethargic? any answers gratefully received

    1. Mark, if you gave up bread three months ago, you shouldn’t be feeling any effects from that dietary change now. However, if you’ve reduced your calorie intake dramatically, that in itself could cause your depression. People don’t realize the connection, since losing weight is always supposed to be a good thing. However, depression is extremely common with low-calorie diets. If you’re on a very low calorie diet, you might want to check some of the research mentioned on that link, and reconsider.

      If that isn’t the issue, then something else must be going on. I would recommend that you see your doctor for a good checkup. Your body is trying to tell you that something is out of balance.

  175. Hey, I came across your website and I think i might be addicted to sugar but I am unsure.. Today so far I have finished off 1 2 litre bottle of coke and I am alsmost finished my 2nd.. I am like this most days and if i dont get at least 4 litres of fizzy juice a day then i shake and have a bad headache and get really bad tempered until I have had it.. I dont really eat much healthy foods because I do drink so much fizzzy juice so will therefore snack on sweets or chocolate instead of eating properly.. is it possible I’m addicted to sugar?

    1. Rachelle, the shakes and headache probably come from caffeine withdrawals. That’s not to say you’re not also addicted to sugar, since many of us are. However, your withdrawal symptoms will probably be quite severe when you give up the sugar in your Cokes. Many studies have shown that switching to diet sodas isn’t any safer, so carry a bottle of water with you at all times, along with some whole wheat (no sugar added) crackers. That way, you might be able to keep your blood sugar fairly level and skip most of the sugar withdrawals. The caffeine headache, though, will come. Fortunately, it also goes away, and you’ll then feel much better.

      While you’re resting up and taking care of yourself, you might want to read a good book on nutrition, one with lots of yummy recipes. Some people don’t eat enough when they’re going through the withdrawals, but this just makes you feel worse. Eat well, drink lots of water, and in a week or so you’ll be fine.

  176. Hi
    Just wanted to post that Nettle and Fennel tea helps enormously with sugar cravings. In fact you don’t need will power to kick sugar; just drinking this tea will stop you even feeling like sugar. You can get it from the health food store

  177. I am so glad to read these symptoms. I have been weaning myself off sugar and carbs for the last 5 days. I am having headaches, skin breakouts and aches all over like the flu. I actually ate 3 crackers because I feel so bad, but it didn’t help. I am going to try to hang in there, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I caved!

    About 10 yrs. ago, I was on Atkins Diet Plan and lost 45 lbs. Only to gain it back when I fell off the wagon. Oh well, the story of my adult life!

  178. hi all,

    I backslid today &.had eight cookies & a larger cup of juice. I could feel the difference immediately the bloating, although no headaches. I just realized today that it’s and addiction & now I feel bad. This week has been rough the first three days I had actual migraines,headaches that lasted all day & wakeup with me in the morning. one was so bad I stayed in bed til.11:00 that morning & still dealt with a migrane headache .I’ve been keeping a small bottle of excedrin extra strength in my purse just to function. my appetite is less however for the first threes days I had nausea, & extremely poor diegestion…I was soooo miserable. Now its a mind thing I go to the kitchen so many times looking for ingredients to mix together for a sweet treat…knowing theres nothing available. I think about it,.the flavors, how hard candy feels when I crunch down on it. I’m just realizing how severe it is for me, after reading most of the responses above I seem extreme. I now understand why the headaches,sickness,jitteryness, insomnia. Ya’ll pray for me. I’m gonna dust off & gget back on track. Oh by the way I speed called turkey…supposedly.

  179. ok, the bare facts. 41yr old male. high cholesterol, high bp, prediabetic blood sugar. 30 years of riding the white horse (sugar that is) EVERY DAY. AT AN OLYMPIC LEVEL. numerous warning signs over the years from friends, family, doctors even people that didn’t like me would take the time to let me know. every single one of them ignored, because i clearly knew better. i made various efforts and changes at different times of my life trying to get healthier/ lose weight/ look better / fit into clothes etc blahblahblah. with one exception. you guessed it. i refused to give up the sweet poison. of course, i didn’t realise how many different foods it was in, neither did i truly understand how detrimental it could be to your health, ACROSS THE BOARD. until recently. i had to start listening to my body. i just didn’t feel right. it was causing me to feel anxious. i have a blood test impending. so……. i did a little research, which quickly made me realise that nearly everything i ate either contained sugar or substances that ended up, once broken down, being stored in my body as sugar. WOW. so, on saturday 15/10 i decided to cut sugar out of my diet. completely. OK, as you may have guessed, this is where things get interesting. day 1 not bad. mild headache and a little grumpy. day 2 i got belted on the tennis court and came home depressed and incredibly fatigued. unbelievably anxious and ended up at the after hours gp. day 3, ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE. couldn’t get out of bed. could barely lift my arms. screaming headache SO EMOTIONAL, SO ANXIOUS. I THOUGHT I WAS DYING. SERIOUSLY. but i stuck to my guns. NO sugar. and i exercised for one hour. anyone watching me probably would have called it dying painfully and slowly as i trudged up and down the stairs with tears streaming from my eyes. why was i crying? i never cry. this is ridiculous. surely i have a serious medical condition which needs immediate attention. get me to a f***ing hospital, i am having a cardiac episode i have advanced diabetes, i must have multiple sclerosis (seriously). later that night i am trawling the net looking for answers, but dreading to find them. enter this site. this wonderful, wonderful site. reading these blogs and stories of other people struggling in similar yet different ways saved my sanity. and firmed my resolve. it fortified me. thank you. i am eight days in. slept so much, exercised every day, read these blogs religiously. AND STRUGGLED PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY MORE THAN ANY OTHER TIME IN MY LIFE. and i believe i have found some answers. day seven i woke up feeling eerily calm. i am thinking so clearly. under no illusions as to what lies ahead, but very ready to face them all head on. if you had of told me on day 6 that day 7 was going to be like that i would have hit you. the very thought was laughable. but it happened, just like that. moral of the story guys. you never know when you will turn that corner. BUT IT COULD BE TOMORROW. DON’T GIVE UP. SUGAR IS EVIL. sorry for ridiculously long blog, have never done this before, but will definitely bore you all again.

    1. Wow Freddo, How inspiring! I just loved reading your experience! Wonder how u r doing now? I am on day 12 and the biggest thing I have learned why I failed in the past was lack of a support network like this blog to turn to! Also, I always had sugar as my reward after a spell of not eating it, and that is the major denial i have had to face this time – SUGAR IS NOT MY REWARD! I also have to face the loss – that i thought sugar was my friend – I always turned to it, but sugar is not my friend – i have to realize it’s insidious and sneaky and tries to play tricks with my mind! But the reward is feeling good about myself in the morning, having good health, feeling calmer and more confident know I am back in control – sugar has always controlled me – i can feel it right now waiting around the corner for a lapse in my consciousness. Sneaky, Sneaky, Sneaky sugar – it has infiltrated our food chain in groceries store and it’s marketed so beautiful – we must be on high alert! lol but true! Congratulations, hope u r still doing well.

  180. I am feeling a bit smug! Iv’e been pretty good since May, just the odd sweet here and there. Keep going, it does get better. I have stopped noticing advertising, I walk past chocolate. I gave up sugar because I’m interested in addiction and my habit was just silly. I had talked to my doctor about my sweet tooth and he said it was fine as I’m always on the slim side and do lots of exorcise. Refined sugar does do damage, I’ve calmed down since not eating sugar, my skin is better (still get spots though) and I get sick less. Sugar is harmful, addictive and pointless, it’s bad for your body and brain. It’s a false need. Remember that when things get tough.

  181. I stopped sugar salt butter coffee crappy bread and soda ALL together 10 days ago — Yes I did experience the BAM BAM BAM headache – BUT I am eating fruits and drinking water — lots and lots of water and you must eat at least 4 times a day — small portions — I lost 10 lbs and I feel great this morning — I have done this before, two years ago for 2 months and then I started all that crap again — I will never do it again; I just feel great! I am sure I will eat a bite of a good desert once in a while or a slice of french bread — BUT never the crazy-ness of refined sugar — My God I wish I can scream it in the middle of Central Park (smiling) “stop having sugar” its soooo bad for us!!

  182. I found I am borderline diabetic so I got things in gear. My only real symptom has been feeling like I could eat my own arm. Very hungry. It’s been a week and it seems to come and go. More “go” at this point. It was constant the first couple of days.

  183. I feel so fortunate to have found you! My doctor told me last week that my blood sugar was at 156, but all he told me was to lose weight and he’d see me in 6 months. I just turned 60, have had a very bad habit of eating sweet desserts 2 and 3 times a day, and this was the first time in my life I’d ever been faced with this as a problem. I gave up eating sweets the moment I was the in the doctor’s office which was a week ago today. The first three days were awful. All I could think about was eating sugar. Once I got through that I thought I was done, but the last couple of days I have been terribly sad for no real reason. It’s good to know this takes a while. I am determined to beat this.

  184. I did not think I was eating much sugar but am having horrendous symptoms 3 days out. We eat an organic whole foods diet but I was having 2 or 3 home made cookies after lunch each day – plus tea with honey twice a day – some dark chocolate squares in mid afternoon (small) and another cookie or two after dinner. I would also eat corn chips a few times a week and good quality breads.

    I had a nutritionist tell me that to sleep I needed to carbohydrate load at bed time so for 5 months I had a huge bowl of muesli – it had date pieces and raisins in it and I added a banana and on occasion a sprinkle of sugar. we watched for added sugar in foods but hardly eat anything out of cans or boxes.

    So now I have a headache, EXTREME anxiety and agitation, face burning, shaking and feeling so sick.

    HELP !!! Can this actually be sugar withdrawal when I ate so little – how long can it last.


  185. Sorry for all the questions but I am quite ill in this process and my doctor is worthless.

    I am starting day 5 and having perfect meals – an hour after breakfast my blood glucose is 149 but I feel like I am hypoglycemic. Cant think – all foggy – hard to move my legs and can hardly talk – major headache and neausea

    How can I be hypo with a reading of 149 (has not gone higher after eating – checked it at 15 minute intervals)

    thanks so much

    1. Andre, I’m not a medical professional, so I really don’t have the training to offer you the kind of advice you need. Does anyone else have ideas for Andre?

    2. I am sugar is usually 80 but at 100 I feel nauseated, my stomach hurts and I am 80 is norm for me and 100 is tooo high…we need to eat small meals ( size of a small saucer) every 2-3 hours to maintain sugar levels so my diet consists of fish, chicken, turkey for protein and ..We are supposed to eat most of our proteins early in the day say by 2pm..then lite suppers with salad and fresh vegetables(all vveggies including avocado for salads)- protein substitutes for salads are nuts, beans, and humus..and fresh fruit for snacks or for salads..limit your intake of bananas, cherries, grapes, raisins and suggest your cut out all “white” foods–rice, bread, sugar, is crazy but I have researched this condition extensively the last few years..also exercise helps maintain your sugar too..I like walking it isnt so intense…I so much wish you well

  186. I had stoped sugar and caffiene for 3 weeks then Halloween came and I had just a few pieces of candy , that led to drinking pop I couldn’t believe how bad my body graves this junk . its awful I feel so yuck and moody tired what is bad is that I didn’t realize how good I had felt after I quit it. I am going to try and kick it all again .

  187. I cannot concentrate. On anything. Not for more than a nano-second. So the answer I am seeking may already be posted, but I have not the patience to look for it. I have made a commitment to cut my sugar intake to less than 20 grams per day, but before I begin this (having just given up cigarettes and alcohol)… this inability to concentrate due to my extreme sugaholism???


    1. It’s possible. How long have you been off the sugar? And did you happen to cut out the sugar by giving up caffeinated soft drinks? If so, that could be making things a bit worse for you.

      Things should get better within a week after cutting out the sugar, but if you still have problems after that, check in with your doctor.

      1. Jonni, I just started today, so I’ve got a long way to go.

        I just get SO frustrated with my inability to concentrate and, therefore, get ANYTHING done! I drink diet drinks and use artificial sweetener in my coffee and tea, but I eat candy, cookies, cakes, ice cream, etc., all day long—like crazeeee, especially while I was giving up the smokes. I’m off cigarettes 16 weeks now (another sugar-based addiction) and just thought it was time to now tackle the sugar.


  188. All I can say is wow. I don’t know if anyone will read this but I have to say it somewhere.

    I’ve had a serious sweet tooth for so long and knew it. Sure, I’d go on a diet but don’t take away my sugar. My unhealthiness had taken over my life the spiral of guilt and shame and food was spinning faster and faster until all I did was cry and eat.

    At Bible study I cried all over my friends when the lesson was about the Israelites getting back to God and tossing out all the idols. “My idol is food. How do you get rid of that from your life?!” One lady there has been off sugar and flour for years. That convicted me. I decided that I didn’t need sugar and it had controlled my life so it was o-u-t– OUT! She told me it would take two weeks so I decided to cut all sugar, even fruit, for two weeks. (And then I could get fruit back.)

    Early on was my weekly fasting day and it was as miserable as ever but total fasting is not supposed to be pleasant, right? Every day the symptoms got worse and worse from the sugar withdrawal. My headache became solid and not just in the afternoon as when I started. I was jittery, very jittery, and cranky. I actually didn’t notice being emotional mainly because I was super emotional to begin with because I was a mess.

    Seven days in we were out and about and my head killed me and I was hungry so I stopped at Subway. I got a sub and a diet soda so I can at least have the caffeine to help me. I honestly think it was the soda that did it. I had aspartame instead of splenda like the brand I normally drink. I threw it up. Then I had a massive migraine that had me throwing up for several more hours. I was actually wondering if death by sugar withdrawal was possible. I might have even caved and had sugar except by that point NOTHING existed but the headache.

    But then I came to. Now every day since then is a littler better. It was my fasting day again yesterday. The difference brings tears to my eyes. I kept thinking, “is this normal?” I could feel my stomach cramping and twisting. It wanted food. I told it, “No, it’s fasting day” and then we moved on. EVERYTHING changed. Not just how I knew I wanted to eat but when I wanted to eat, what I wanted to eat and most importantly, why I wanted to eat. I wanted to eat because my stomach was hungry. Can you imagine? Hungry!

    I know this isn’t the end, I have bigger problems than this, but I now have something on my side that used to work against me. I now recognize that a huge part of my problem was fed (pun intended) by this addiction. High doses of sugar is not usually found in healthy things. I knew I needed to be healthy so I would be good for a day or two and then the cravings brought on by each mini withdrawal would have me binging and making excuses. Basically undoing every good choice I had been able to make. I was embarrassed by my failures and would hide. Well if you need to hide that you ate 3/4 of a package of cookies you force yourself to eat the last 1/4 so you can toss the package. It was literally killing me. It may have already killed my marriage. I am on day 11 and am doing well. I don’t want to go back to sugar ruling my life.

    1. Great post, Emily. I am so convicted reading your words. I too have food as my idol- chips, crackers, pasta, etc. I never thought of it as that until I read about your experience. But it is what it is. And it was the most important thing in my life. I’d brush it off as me being a foodie, or the fact that I don’t drink sodas and I work out everyday so of course it’s totally fine for me to carb-load when I want. I’m two weeks in and still going up and down emotionally and physically, but this is the right thing to do. Here’s to turning our lives around.

      1. Yes siree! It’s been almost three months for me and yes, I still find myself staring at the marshmallows every once in awhile. But you know what? Through Christmas I kept out a plate of cookies and sweets all season and didn’t eat one. It was so great to actually have something to offer people! And then when I cleaned up I threw the extras away! I’ve never had so much fun throwing away food. : ) Overall food was and still is my main idol but with Queen sugar dethroned, I’ve got Prince cheese and duke Carbs shakin’ in their boots. They know I’m watching them and if they try to take over the throne I’m kicking them out too- because I can. For now they can stay because they can contribute good things (like calcium or other vitamins and minerals) but they better stay in their place.

        I did just oust my diet soda last week. It was one more thing I HAD to have in the house and yet contributed zilch to my health. I haven’t had a soda in five days and I think the headaches are already over. That one was a lot easier. : D

        The most amazing thing of all (why I’m shocked- I don’t know) is that the change is everywhere. I kicked out sugar because it was my idol and God was forced to the sidelines– where He sat in all His wisdom watching me drown without Him because He was waiting for me. When I finally realized that I need to let go of sugar before God, I was only cutting sugar– doing nothing else. I couldn’t take on anything else I was so broken. But with only that one thing I’ve received back my self-esteem, respect from others (whom I’ve mostly not even told about my change), and best of all my relationship with my husband. I have tears in my eyes thinking about it. The devil had a firm foothold in my addiction and was using it to very successfully pry us apart. Back in mid-November we committed (after several hours of fighting) to take it one day at a time. We signed up for a marriage class that wouldn’t start until the end of January. I had no clue how we would make it that long. It is now next week and we are doing great even before the class. He’s out of town this week and we miss each other. That would have been unthinkable two months ago.

        We’re broken sinful people and no one can do it alone. We certainly can’t do it alone with sugar running the show. The guilt makes us hide and sequester ourselves even more and God is crying for us. He wants to give us good things, things that we need instead of things we think we need. We just need to be willing to not give His seat to another. Don’t be ashamed to use whatever resources you can to help run along-side and support you. God gives us good supports when we need them. He is just a jealous God who won’t share top billing with another. (And that is not a ridiculous or cruel request.) No matter how hard the ousting is; the other side is so much better.

        Lots of love to you all fighting this same fight. Remember there is an end to the physical symptoms and every minute is that much closer. Keep at it! – Emily

  189. Update! I am now at day 9 and still so sick I can not work. How can this be with a very small sugar/carb problem.

    My doctors said she thinks that the more sugar is harming you the more your body has to make changes to accomodate it and then when you go off the worse the withdrawal. But she also said she has never seen this.

    I have an unending headache – severe nausea and an all over sick feeling – abdominal cramps – sweating in bed – insomnia – weakness and just too sick to function.

    My doctor said all the tests are OK so I guess I am Sugar Sick – has anyone else been this bad and for this long

    1. MysticSoul, there have been several other people who have commented that they have severe withdrawal symptoms, all of them exactly like yours. This is really similar to alcohol withdrawals. Has your doctor tested you for your blood sugar levels? Are you being careful to eat lots of healthy carbs (potatoes, squash, peas, etc.) and getting enough protein? Are you now eating something that you’ve never eaten before, like chemical sugar substitutes?

      I would love to see a medical professional chime in on this issue, and tell us why the symptoms are so bad for some people. I’d especially like to know if there are any particular conditions that might be masked by sugar consumption, and which then show up after the sugar is taken away. Does anyone else have some ideas about this issue? It seems to come up a lot.

      If it’s just the sugar, though, you can be sure that the symptoms will go away soon, and you’ll then feel much better.

  190. Hi Joni

    Thanks for the quick response. I would never touch an artificial sweetener especially aspartame – pure chemical poison. I have had lab tests on my blood sugar and I have my own meter. I am pre-diabetic which is why I got on this program.

    Potatoes send my BS through the roof so I don’t eat those. I am eating a fair amount of complex carbs.

    Even though I am 64 I was athletic and fit – my blood work and blood pressure look like a 30 year old and my sugar use was very moderate. I have no other health issues.

    Please let me know what you think of this: One nutrition expert I spoke with told me that the more toxic a substance is to an individual body the more the body has to make changes to tolerate it. When you go off those more extensive changes cause more severe withdrawal.

    I have a hard time wrapping my mind around being so sick I cant work from stopping high GI foods and treats….and it is 9 days out!!


  191. I gave up caffeine and sugar 3 days ago on my doctor’s orders. The headache is receding but I am experiencing a side-effect that I can’t find anywhere on the web – cramps that start in my buttocks and creep down the backs of my legs to the point that I can’t sleep. They come and go – Advil seems to help. Has anyone heard of this?

  192. Got off steriods, then aclcohol, then nicotine, then sugar. No9w surrendering to a 30 year romance with Caffiene. It tugging at my roots. Day 5.

  193. Day 8 of no sugar but still have fruit, Ive tried cold turkey with no sugar at all about a year ago and I thought I was dying so this time I’ve included fruit. I just want to add the side effects on this site as I found the site extremely helpful when reading what others are going through. Migrane headaches, aches all over, not being able to think properly or concentrate and sometimes cannot even form or find words. tingling wrists, occasional shooting pains from anywhere. Anxious, scared, blocked nose, yesterday I had a tight feeling in my chest and shortness of breath when I was filling some hay nets. I don’t suffer this normally and I do this job everyday so I can only presume that my body is that busy dealing with the toxins that it wont suffer the spores that come from
    hay. thankyou very much for this fantastic web page.

  194. crazy? I stopped sugar 2 weeks ago, become lethargic, depressed and headaches. I’m cutting down on my coffee and am now realizing that de-toxing myself is not going to be an easy task, but at least now I know there are withdrawal symptoms, that they don’t last and that they are to be expected. Thanks for the blog.


    I am now day 19 and still a total mess. I tried the Adkins two years ago and got extremely sick – actually started having major panic attacks and extreme hypoglycemic episodes. I was on it for 5 weeks and had to stop to save my life.

    I am not a big sugar eater – we have eaten a whole foods almost organic diet for 40 years. I was very fond of artisan breads and chips with a few homemade cookies so I was setting off my pancreas even without the standard American diet.

    So 19 days ago I stopped all artisan breads – chips – crackers and the occasional front desk candy and all homemade goodies. I am still eating small amounts of dense whole grain breads.

    Never mind the paralyzing nausea – crippling headaches and gut pains I have had spells where I can not function – talk or even walk. My wife said I looked like the walking dead (if I could walk) I woke up one night at 3:00 am and was ready to call 911 – I felt like I was having a major medical emergency. I ate some cottage cheese – applesauce and toast and was some better in 60 minutes. I could not go to work for 5 days.

    One of my best friends is an internal medicine doctor so I have been thoroughly checked out – everything perfect except my blood glucose reading are unpredictable and all over the charts. I am also medically trained.

    So here is what I “Think” I discovered. I do not go into ketosis well so my only fuel is carbohydrates. I also tend to burn them fast so on this limited carb diet I was not getting enough for basic body/brain maintenance and was putting nothing into my liver glycogen stores. When your insulin over reacts and drops your glucose it has to go to the glycogen stores in the liver to keep the brain alive – no stores – really pissed off brain!!!

    You do not want to make the brain mad – sort of like not making God Unhappy! You wont win!! It will scream – stamps its feet and dial 911 for you before making you think you are facing imminent death.

    I also have some stress in my life and I know that stress and anxiety burn huge amounts of glucose. I used work with anxiety patients and I know they get very sick on refined products and also on an Adkins style diet.

    So I have added more complex carbs back into my diet and yesterday I started eating fruit – so the test is on!!!

    I also know that some of us are more stress resilient and others are very sensitive. Changing diet is major stress on the physiology and if you have a dysregulated metabolism or you have been whacking your pancreas for years any change can be seen by the body as a threat – even if the direction is towards proper nutrition.

    I don’t know if this is allowed but here is my email if anyone would like to compare notes:

    1. MysticSoul, have you tried eating lots of sweet potatoes, beans, whole wheat bread, and other good carb foods? Since you didn’t eat all that much sugar to begin with, it seems like your symptoms are a bit excessive. Or, is it possible that you’re on a very low calorie diet now, somewhat accidentally? That could cause some of your emotional swings, too. I hope you’ll concentrate on eating plenty of food, with as many high-carbohydrate foods that it takes to get your body back to normal. (You’re brave putting your email out there – I hope you don’t get hit with a ton of spam. If you do, let me know and I’ll remove it.)

      Has anyone else ever had their symptoms last this long?

      1. Hi Joni

        So you beleive that some of us need high glycemic carbs to function. I suspect that that does not include sugars or refined carbs.

        I have probably been to 500 web sites in the past month on diets. Food faddists to Mayo Clinic – eat only meat – eat only veggies or fruit. I am a health and medical writer as well as a Medical Psychologist so I should know how to eat. Well I thought I did – but tiny amounts of sugar and high glycemic carbs were beguiling.

        I had a major discussion with a Paleo diet guy yesterday who told me that this is how we were made to eat – my reply is that humans ate anything that did not eat them first – that’s why we survived.

        So many “diets” are ego based and more about religious fervor than than good science and true human physiology. Then you add the ability of food chemists to play to your taste weakness while selling poison and confusion runs rampant.

        One thing I know about humans is that we can tolerate horrible things and may not know the harm it is causing. Much like smoking cigarettes – the fist few and you cough – hack and turn green. Then in a week or so the body turns off the warning lights that it is poison and we can actually learn to like the toxin. So it may be with the wrong foods!!

        So I am confused even with advanced degrees and my body is more confused

        So my next plan is nothing that God did not make and no known extreme carbs like potatoes.

        1. I agree that it’s confusing when you listen to so many experts, and they say things that are completely contradictory. One thing that makes me question the paleo diet is that there aren’t any cave men around to ask them what they ate for breakfast. Our closest relatives, the chimps and gorillas, get their calories from plants, which contain carbohydrates. They’ll travel for miles to find high-calorie fruit. They eat meat on the rare occasions when they happen to catch something or raid a nest. When people claim they know the diet of our ancestors in the very dim past, I wonder what anthropological studies they’re using to support their claims.

          I say, eat the foods that make you feel healthy. Listen to your body. My body is healthy when I eat lots of beans and potatoes and squash – the traditional foods of the Americas. I tried the low-carb, high-protein diet once, and it made me feel miserable. If we listen to your own body instead of the experts, I think we’ll all be better off.

          1. Sound of two hands clapping for Jonni

            I was showing all the signs of Reactive Hypoglycemia and have been following the traditional “Wisdom” of lower complex carbs and high protein and fats. As Dr. Phil says “How’s That Working For You…well it aint!

            I have dual degrees in Medical Psychology and Cultural Anthropology and know that indigenous cultures eat lots of carbs and not much meat….unless you are an Alaskan Inuit or a few other rare cultures. Many of these cultures do not have out lifestyle diseases – you never saw a fat Asian until they started eating a western diet even though they had large amounts of white rice.

            So here is something to consider: absolutely stop all the man-made garbage. Eat what God makes and are whole foods. For my body I go hypoglycemic and have major glucose withdrawal symptoms if I don’t eat lots of carbs and some that are high glycemic.

            I was never taught this in medical school but it sometimes takes a high glycemic carb to drive the glucose into the liver stores. When you eat low carb or not enough complex carbs you burn off the blood glucose then there are no liver stores to go to to keep the brain alive – much less the muscles moving. When this happens you feel hideous or like you are having a medical emergency.

            So I am going to “Spit in the wind” and go against the conventional wisdom and join Jonni in eating Gods real foods even if they are high glycemic (did my Grandparents know this when they ate potatoes – were they worried?) I wont make a habit of this and I will eat about 60% complex carbs but some of us are what are known as Carbohydrate Efficient and we burn through huge amounts of carbs easily….without a ready supply we are sick!!

  196. 3rd day off refined sugar, sweets, sugar in coffee, tea. Feeling very weird have an eternal headache stayed in one place like a blob the whole weekend, waking with lower back pain
    drinking lots of water, but today the head pain was so constant took pain relief tablets which helped but did not get rid of the pain totally.
    I’m amazed at the withdrawal symptoms seem worse than coffee withdrawal… for me anyway. It’s remarkable how often I’ve thought of eating sugar in last few days and then acknowledge “no we don’t do that now” thanks for this site thought my headaches were weird but I can see they are related to withdrawals.

    1. Hi Rick, yes telling our addictive brain that we aren’t doing that anymore is good! I also have finally realized from writing in my journal each day and reading these posts, that alot of my problems trying to quit before was lack of support. People just either didn’t seem to understand or thought i was making to big of a deal, but now i read all these other people going through the same thing. My health was being sacrificed for sugar! It sure is a tough when because i sure was an emotional eater and SUGAR was my go too! Good luck…:)

  197. Wow!! I am soo happy I found this website .. I am now 72 hours with cutting sugar cold turkey !! I have never felt so shitty but soo good at the same time in my life .. I’m also trying to do atleast 40 minutes of cardio and a bit of weight lifting to tone up .. but I am going to keep going at it .. its ridiculous how sugar is so addictive i still cant believe with only 72 hours of not eating sugar im going through withdrawls .. Will keep checking back !! Great advise from lots of you .. Everyone keep up the hard work !!

  198. Two weeks ago my acupuncturist told me to stop with refined sugar, so I did starting from that very moment, for the next 5 days had the worst headache relentless pain non stop. On one of those days I took two pain easing tablets (neorophen) and still there was hardly any let up of pain. Sleep was uncomfortable and when it occurred there were lots of dreams weird ones, there was no position that was comfortable with this headache and at one point I thought it was a brain tumor, then I was reminded that 4 days ago I stopped with all refined sugar and that maybe just maybe this head pain was related to “no sugar ” as I could not read I had someone find this site and felt so much better to know that I was in the thick of sugar withdrawal. Late on the fifth day all the pain lifted and my head felt so clear it was a great feeling and since then I’ve been feeling better and better, a neck pain that I’d had which interfered with sleep disappeared sleep has been much deeper and peacful and less of it. My energy zest is back… thanks for this site a great help.

  199. Hello
    this is the first time i have found a site that deals specificaly with sugar withdrawal. i just had my friend and oa spnsor around tonight to hand over all my sugar treats stored up for xmas as i knew i would eat alot of them. i have been trying for about 7 years to give up but icant seem too . i t is not like i am weak willed as i managed to kick cigarettes 16 yrs ago , i kicked the booze 15 yrs ago and caffeine about 10 yrs although i have the odd tea first thing in the morning. i once got 6 months off sugar and my life changed dramaticaaly , hard to shift weight fell away about 2 stone , i started a degree i had huge amount of energy come back and my mood lfted and general optimism lifted depression was gone. but i started back after a hopspital visit and a rare auto immune disease diagnosis that can effect my eyesight. i went into shock and can you beleive the marmalade on toast was the first bit of carbs and sugar i had and bang by xmas nesw yr i was back on it like a goodun and off my head. its like i get drunk except without the fun,,, now 2 yrs later i am wanting so so much to stop but dreading the withdrawal . my friend will help i am sure she is 5 yrs off it and she is amazing the changes in her are well profound actually but i am terrified of the withdrawals i kid you not and so soon nr xmas am i mad? but i am so fed up by being a slave to this poison. it takes my life force slowly sneakily such a lie. reading a lot of your comments i am gettting some hope i am not alone . i will keep checking in now and am gonna ask my friend to help see me thru tommorow by hanging with her AND reading this site oh gosh fingers and everything crossed. any comments and words of encouragment and experience sincerely welcome regards Emily

  200. Hi – I’d been getting night sweats tied in with hormones (i am 45 years old), i was not a big sugar user however after seeing a nutritionist re digestive/hormone problems she suggested reducing sugars (including some fruit sugars) and increasing starches. My stomach is better and no night sweats at the moment, i was getting night sweats just before and after my period but only after having something with sugar/alchohol during the day/night. Right grumpy cow at the moment but know it will pass!

  201. I’m on a sugar strike, and it’s killing me. I still have ice cream in my freezer, but that’s not what I crave. My sweet tooth is specifically for cakes, donuts, and cookies. I am on day 4, and I would’ve gone to the store too if it wasn’t for this stupid holiday closing everying in my area. I have headaches and especially fatigue and drowsiness.

    1. Denise, the withdrawal symptoms will go away, I promise. It’s tough going cold-turkey from sugar on a holiday, but you’re at least half-way through the worst of it. Stick it out, and you’ll feel much better soon.

      1. Hi Jonni, thanks for your reply to my angst regarding the pressure I feel in social situations, and thank you for this site.

        I purchased your cook book and made the navy been soup – it was soooooooo good! I had some fried bacon for the flavour and it is so delicious.

        Thanks Again! Michelle

    2. Hi Denise,

      Denise you are definitely not on your own, i suspect almost everyone has a sugar addiction they just don’t know it until they try stopping, when i stopped taking sugar in my tea 20 years ago i found it very difficult now i could not stand sugar in my tea, but i am still addicted to sugar as i said before it is everywhere that’s where the problem is.

      Why else would there be a site like this, so you can see it is a real problem.

      The amino acid L glutamine is good for sugar cravings, it is definitely worth a try, the capsules are better than the tablets, Solgar is one of the best brands i would recommend but if you cant get that brand be sure to get a good quality one.

      Best of luck xx

  202. day 6 of no suger or junk food, its lunch time i cant be bothered to get dressed, my bed is unmade, dishes are waiting to be washed and my face has broken out in spots (im 48) i feel so tired and ill when will it end ? i could kill for a tub of icecream or better yet a fruit corner, i can easily eat 12 in a day ! my lunch of 2 boiled eggs and a green salad just doesnt cut it with me grrrr

    1. Wendy, you might want to eat a whole lot more food and get in plenty of healthy carbohydrates. It sounds like you’re on a very low calorie diet (not very healthy) and a very low carb diet, which does give weird symptoms. Try eating some mashed potatoes, some squash, some beans, some whole-wheat bread – anything to give your body the carbs it’s looking for, without loading up on sugar.

  203. My whole life I have done water fasts on and off, usually for about 2-3 months,
    Not just water though, every now and again I’d make an egg white omelet or something to keep me going that was very low cat, like a few spoons of low fat yogurt, etc.
    I’d usually lose 15-25 kilos doing it, then I’d eat whatever I wanted for a year and gain back the weight and do it all over again.
    Last year went through some stressful things, a close family member was on life support, he pulled through, but it still shocked me enough to eat chocolate and ice cream pretty much for breakfast lunch and tea every day,
    Now after almost a year of terrible diet, i tried to do another fast..I’m starting to get really unhappy with my body and I just need to do something about it before it gets too out of hand .. I tried to do a fast and I just feel immensely sick.
    I ate about 300 calories for the first 3 days to shrink my stomach ready for the fast, then 2 days of nothing but water, and damn I’m sick, weak, nausea, dry throat and head spinning, I could barely stand up, I slept all night and all day today I didn’t get up until 3pm because I badly needed to pee, I could hardly walk, drank heaps of water and had to eat a few small candies to keep me going, felt a little bit better but god…I need to do this my health is shocking, my heart beats erratically like palpitations all the time due to bad diet and I had a heart condition a few years back, today my heart was racing all day, I’m surprisingly not getting that much sugar cravings..I’ve been on chromaphorium tablets for about a month, I don’t know how to spell it, and they have reduced my cravings and I’m always bloated and constipated so I’m actually turned off junk food right now because of it..but the physical symptoms are’s the first time I’ve been addicted to sugar and jeesus it sucks!!

    Can you taper down off sugar? Does it help the severeness of the withdrawals? Or is it the same pain as cold turkey? I don’t think I can handle this much longer…faarrrrk

    1. Claudia, most people don’t have much luck tapering off of sugar. Alcoholics have a hard time “cutting back,” too. However, what you’re doing is very different from just kicking sugar – the fasting and very low calorie diet might be causing your problems, and doing this sort of thing with a heart condition doesn’t really make much sense. If I was you, I’d have a nice conversation with the doctor.

    2. Hi Claudia,

      OMG i am so sorry and shocked for you. no wonder you not not well i had to read your question 3 times and i still cannot believe you are still alive, sorry for been so forthright, but i feel after reading your plea i would not be human if i ignored it. it is almost two weeks since i have been on the site, please, please, stop what you are doing you need help and support that would help you in a safer and healthier way.

      I wish i had more experience to advise you, but i dont need to be an expert to know you are intentionally trying your best but it is not the way, have you been to your doctor or talked to friends, family or someone, if not please try you will be amazed how much you can be helped, you dont want to end up in hospital, i am sorry for saying how i feel but i feel you need to hear it coz it maybe easier coming from someone you dont know, i dont know what you have gone through, you said a close family member was on life support but thankfully came through, that would have been a devastating thing to have gone through, but you could still be trying to come to terms with that, coz you did say it in your comment. I am not a doctor of course but if you did see a doctor he/she may prescribe temporary antidepressants
      Please dont give up, i know it is easier said than done been there myself. Take Care

    3. What you are going through sounds horrible. First thing you need to do, STOP THIS YOYO DIETING IMMEDIATELY!! It is doing no good for your health at all!!! What you need to do is talk to a nutritionalist, or herbalist. Stop this habit of eating poorly then wreaking havoc on your body by doing a ‘cleanse’. Although this may seem good for you it isnt!! You need to diet properly, take multivitamins. I have suffered from being overweight since i can remember (im 18) and i have started to lose weight. How have i done it?? Cut out the diet stuff, eat natural and excercise!!! I just go for walks on the beach and it works for me. You can indulge, but the key is sometimes!! I know it may be hard, but you need to start taking care of yourself while you still can!! I see a herbalist, who has put me on the fat liberation diet (basically the same as herbal HCG diet ) and its working great!!! Not only am i losing weight, but i am detoxing and cleansing my body the right way!! You need to help yourself, what you are doing to yourself will not help you, it will make you worse. You arent taking in the essential vitamins you need, and you are confusing your body with the yoyo and i bet if you continue that way you will end up in hospital with issues. Please, i urge you to consult someone who can help you work out a plan so you arent doing this constantly to yourself. It will make the world of difference πŸ™‚

  204. Hi Jonni,
    I’ve started back to the gym 4 days ago and they have put me on a diet of NO sugar and No carbs whatsoever ! My withdrawal symptoms have been quite mild actually only a little moody I guess. I have replaced skim milk with pure cream in my coffee, I can eat bacon and eggs every morning ( no bread of course) full fat foods have taken over reduced fat foods and fat free foods. Could you explain to me why this is so ? In four days I have lost nearly two kilo’s eating all this protein. Im never hungry and have been drinking two litres of water with fresh lemon juice in it per day. Just one more thing – I had just one glass of wine last night just to be socialble with friends and it took me hours to get to sleep last nite, tossing and turning it drove me insane. Could you offer any explanation on why this happened.
    P.S just love this site.

    1. Hi Susan. I recently started on a no-oil vegan diet (“Forks over Knives”-style) for my high blood pressure, which is exactly the opposite of your high-protein diet. I lost weight too. Maybe our bodies are just shocked whenever we make any major dietary change, as long as we also cut out the sugar. One site that says a lot about healthy dietary fat is What’s the healthiest diet? I think the scientists still haven’t figured it out.

      About the wine – I have no idea. Anyone?

  205. Hi, I have decided to give up bread. I really need to lose some weight. I am following a diet plan similar to weight watchers. I am having smashing headaches. Dealing with stress while trying to lose weight is difficult too. I am a diabetic as well. I am hoping that I can lose some of this weight and then figure out how to re start a healthier way of eating breads and other foods. Any ideas?

    1. Tammy. I’ve seen a lot of reports showing that the diet recommended by Caldwell B. Esselstyn Jr. has shown some excellent results in reversing Type 2 diabetes. You can find his book online. He was also interviewed in the movie Forks Over Knives, which is available on Netflix. For some reason, I find it much easier to avoid sugar and white flour since I’ve been on the diet (for my blood pressure–it worked really fast).

      Good luck. Be sure to eat plenty of healthy carbs, like potatoes, beans and squash. It will help with that headache. And keep in touch with your doctor.

  206. Hey you all,
    I have reached a point with my sugar cravings that i feel bad every night… it’s all i think about, i can’t stop, every morning i tell myself this is the day and then at night i eat like a maniac.. i eat everything i get my hands on.. you would never belive the amount of sweets and cakes i eat everyday !
    I seriously need help, i’m very weak.. i need help to not give in when the urge comes.. please give me some good advice….

    1. You have it bad. Dr. Bernstein, the diabetes expert, sends some of his patients to a clinical hypnotist. You might want to give it a try. When I was having bad sugar cravings I used the meditation I talk about here, but that won’t work for everyone.

      Sugar addiction has become a popular subject lately, and there are a lot of new books available. Does anyone have a suggestion for one that really helps?

    2. Hi Yassmine! I was raised a sugar junkie! I got all the dunkaroos, gushers, fruit roll ups, and candy bars a girl could dream, so as an adult I found it pretty harmless.

      I have quit for weeks now, and my health has improved drastically. I’ve been very sick for years and I may have a full recovery, praise Jesus!!

      Maybe what the Bible and the American Heart Association will help you to think more of it.

      This is a great article on both.

    3. I have Type 2 Diabetes and have been a sugar, junk food addict for over 20 years… I would eat 2-3 donuts before work with a LARGE starbucks frappuccino, Of course justifying this because the coffee drink was sugar free…… I found myself making way to many excuses to justify my horrible eating habits. Every time I sit down at work I’d be eating a Zinger or chips, I would gorge on food when the Weekends got here to hide my Junk Food addiction from my Husband. I finally came to a point that I realized I am killing myself. Never thought I was so self destructive but I have been for many years.
      Last Wednesday I saw a Hypnotherapist and by Friday morning I felt changes. It was my first day without Coffee and Sugary foods on Starting Saturday. The past couple of days I have only eaten small meals. I would gorge myself so much with food.
      Today, Sunday January 22nd, has been a pounding headache, nausea, weakness, fatigue, sore muscles, and emotional….. But I am now 40 and I am Determined to live past 60. I have no cravings for Starbucks or Sugar AT ALL. I just feel like crap, BUT I know it is only temporary. I got a small Frapuccino today because this headache was so overwhelming and could not even drink half of it.
      I feel so much better without the cravings, I can deal with the withdraws. I am looking forward to being a better “ME”. After just the first visit, I know that seeing a Hypnotherapist was the best thing that I could do for myself….
      You need to believe in yourself and NEVER put yourself down for your Habits. Let yourself know that you are better and bigger than the demons you fight. A lot of addictions are stemmed from past life traumas or depression.
      I am realizing that being with my first husband who was mentally and emotionally abusive is when I started my bad food habits. I remember when I was 19 years old going to the store to get dinner and stopping by Taco Bell for Cinnamon Twists and Tacos. Sweets and food became my drug addiction to hide from my own unhappiness.
      You should be so proud of yourself, Admitting that you have a problem and reaching out.

  207. Hey guys !
    It’s my second day without sugar, had a massive craving just now, fight it and decided to sit by the computer instead and heey it’s gone !!! I hope this time i’ll make it ! I have eaten healthy, gone to the gym in the mornings.. i’m so proud of myslef.. instead of grabbing a bag o sweets iv’e had fruits instead, i put a massive bowl on the living room table and kitchen !
    I’ll keep you updated ! Thanx for the respons !

  208. Jonni !
    By the way i tried out the meditation, it’s great ! it does work not only with sugar also with other bad thoughts i don’t want to think about.. after iv’e succesfully got rid of my sugar habibts i’ll use the same method with my smoking !
    Thanks a lot for that !

  209. Hi there!
    I have been sugar (and all grains) for 4 days and it seems my symptoms are mild at this stage – in the past I have never made it past day 2, so I’m happy! I have also started back at the gym with cardio and weights and have done 2 days there so far, which were day 1 and day 3… so here I am on day 5 and was hoping that I would have dropped a kilo or 2 by now, but no I went up on day 2 and now I am back at what I started…. is this normal? I have about 40 kgs to lose, so I normally drop weight quickly when eliminating this much stuff from my diet and I was eating a LOT of sugary foods…. anyone have some guidance? I am eating fruit and veg and proteins, but hardly any dairy, so not sure why there was weight gain. I know it’s early, but I guess I just want to know that the weight loss will come with perseverance. Thanks for any advice!

    1. Trish, if you’re spending time at the gym, you may be changing your fat weight to muscle weight. Your actual size can go down without the scales showing much change. Stick with it a bit longer, and see what happens.

      1. Thanks Jonni, I thought that cld be the case but wasn’t sure that cld happen after only a couple of sessions at the gym… here’s hoping so as I am on day 9 now and hanging in there with still very few symptoms! I have a question about potatoes though: I have noticed that you have suggested to a few people that they eat potatoes as a healthy carb, but I have read that potatoes are one of those foods that act like sugar in the body… that is they cause the same reactions as sugar when eaten and shld therefore be eliminated when going off sugar… is this not true?

        1. Trish, the glycemic index and sugar addiction are two different issues. Potatoes are all glucose, a type of sugar, and they have a high score on the glycemic index. If your doctor wants you to eat foods low on the glycemic index, you wouldn’t want to eat them.

          However, potatoes don’t have any fructose, the type of sugar that causes so many health problems. (Did you watch the doctor’s video about fructose? It explains why this form of sugar is so dangerous). So – if you have sugar withdrawal symptoms, the carbs in potatoes may help with the headache and other symptoms. But if your doctor doesn’t want you to eat potatoes for some reason, you would naturally avoid them.

          1. Yes that makes sense, but the advice was not from a family doctor and actually came from Dr Scott with the 30 Sugar free days challenge, which is what I am following at the moment. He is also stating that rice (any kind) is to be avoided and some dried fruits. It is pretty drastic to say the least but I am doing the best I can πŸ™‚ Here is the link if you are interested:

  210. Oh my goodness, this site is wonderful. Thanks so much for doing this blog for us to read and be encouraged. I recently cut out all refined sugars and refined carbs, as well as elimating alcohol and greatly reducing dairy. That was the 3rd, and today is the 17th. I never really craved “sugar” but I have struggled with HUGE cravings for refined carbs my whole life (like since I was 5 and I am now 30)- chips, crackers, pastas, breads, etc. I would eat relatively healthy- no fast food, no sodas, but would load up on carbs and decided that this year I would be better. I had a mini-cheat day on the 11th, went out to eat Mexican w friends and ate about 10 chips with my meal of grilled chicken and veggies. Otherwise have stuck true. My question is that I actually felt amazing those first two weeks. Then entered this Saturday and I started feeling completely horrible. I am so sore and achey all over, especially in my arms and shoulders, a horrible headache that comes and goes but mainly stays, and very emotional also. I experienced some severe nausea last night during a hot yoga class, I have felt lightheaded in it before but never nauseaous, and it even continued for about an hour after class. Is there any reason that these symptoms came so late for me? I had to sleep so much on Sat and Sun, and now I’m feeling exhausted on Mon here at work. I don’t know why these symptoms came so late and am curious if anyone else has experience this also?

    1. Kittycat, the symptoms you describe do appear to be common symptoms of sugar withdrawal, but they usually come much sooner. When you cut out all your refined sugars and carbs, did you also replace them with healthy carbs? Or are you now on a low-carb or low-calorie diet? Those two are very different from just switching to healthier foods, and can cause changes in the body that I don’t really understand. (I tried a low-carb diet once, and it made me miserable).

      Does anyone have some suggestions?

      1. Hi Jonni, yes I replaced them, didn’t cut them out altogether. I’m still eating fruit, plus healthy carbs like squash, lentils, brown rice, etc. I’m not actually counting calories and still eating healthy fats like nuts and avocados. Like I mentioned above, I had/have severe carb addiction, but I’ve never really craved sweets. Does maybe that have something to do with it? Leave it to me to have some weird quirky thing… but I still have to say that I’m encouraged reading the other entries above. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who has gone through this!

        1. Hmm – mysterious. Hopefully, you’ll feel much better in a day or two. If you don’t, or if your symptoms get worse, it wouldn’t hurt to see a doctor. It’s always possible that the new diet has nothing to do with the way you feel.

          I hope you feel much better soon.

    2. I made it! Now on day 29 of no refined foods. I was originally going for 28, and now I figure I might as well go on until Sunday. I am allowing myself a “cheat” day once a week for the next 3 weeks, and then going off of it completely again for lent. It actually did get easier and easier, I still have some cravings but they are very manageable. I feel so much better and am looking forward to this new way of eating and living! πŸ™‚ I love being in control of what is going into my mouth and not having the foods control me anymore.

  211. OK OK I AM STILL GOING ON!!!!! IT has been 17 days NO SUGAR!! oh did I mention today I am having a real bad craving of all the nerve of it hitting me like that. I did kind of over eat and that may be the reason oh well I am hoping to feel back to normal in the morning boy I am not sure I would eat sugar after getting through it all and trust me it was real hard but it gets better thank GOD!

    Remember you need to push through those cravings to feel good! it gets better it will pass

  212. hey, I’ve been battling off and on with getting off sugar for many years. Now I’m at the point where everytime I get off, then get back on and overindulge, I wind up with the flu that turns into a chest infection. I swear that’s what’s happening even though my friends, family and naturopath think I’m off my rocker. It really seems to affect my lungs. I’m on my 5th sickness this winter. I don’t know if it’s the combination of living in a very damp climate, or what but just googling the net to see if anyone else has had this experience.

    btw, I don’t know if I agree about addicted but I consider myself a ‘person’ who has used (and abused) sugar to deal with other, usually emotional, issues.


    1. You’re not off your rocker. Long ago I discovered that when I was feeling run down sugar and dairy were my enemies. Any cold I had would turn to bronchitis if I had sugar or dairy. I read somewhere that basically I was setting my throat up to be a petri dish for bacteria. I also believe that sugar stresses your immune system.

  213. I am starting the Ideal Protein Diet tomorrow, after reading all the comments about sugar withdrawals its making me nervous! Good luck to me.

  214. I have been off sugar and carbs. This is to support my husband who has Diabetes and I also need to lose weight.Only eating protein and veggies, nuts. We are on a 30 day program. My husband is experiencing what everyone else on this site is. I am more irritable for sure. The other symptom I am getting is sweats or hot flashes. It is driving me crazy. I am menopausal but had everything under control until now. I am also trying to get of my sleeping pill so have reduced that to 1/2 as well. We are on day 10 of the program. Does anyone have any idea what the sweats are?

  215. Hello,

    Every few years I give up sugar and throw stuff out, only to go back to it. A few weeks ago my doctor informed me to watch my carbs since I am teetering on pre-gestational diabetes.
    I’m doing OK with it. The best thing is that my irritability is greatly reduced. The withdrawal muscle aches and tiredness are wearing off and I have more energy.
    My brain fog and inattention are awful though and my anxiety is raring up :c I had to go off of Ritalin for the baby and the past few days I just want to cry for making so many mistakes and failing to understand my courses. I’ve been off it since I got pregnant of course, but lately the ADD seems so bad. I know I try to focus using sugar. I wish that I knew that this will pass and that sugar isn’t a necessary evil for me.

  216. Ugh, day five of a no refined sugar diet. I feel a bit depressed. Just sort of down and listless. The exact type of feelings that drive me into a box of cookies, I guess. Actually, that hadn’t occurred to me until I typed it. Hopefully that knowledge will give me some strength to make it through tonight without eating my face off!

  217. Is it wrong to have the sugar substitution when coming off of sugar? I have tried COUNTLESS times to come off sugar completely only to fold on the 3rd to 5th day. Unless I have my diet pop. Then I have a better chance of making it. But who am I kidding, I slip up always. I hate sugar, because I love it so much. It has been a thorn in my side since I was 9 years old, I am in my 40’s now. Up and down in my weight all my life. I work out 4 days to 5 day a week at the gym for almost 3 years now…and you know what? I am still like over 50 pounds overweight. And I truly workout too. I take spin classes, zumba classes, strength training, circuit training, the whole bit. I feel hopeless right now. I know this is a ‘Debbie Downer’ thread here…and I am very sorry to dump but I feel like I have no where else to turn. Funny thing is, I am the problem solver for a lot of the folks in my life. I am a positive person. I know I won’t give up the fight…but I am so tired of being at war; war with myself. Why can’t I get the victory over this sugar addiction? I have a strong faith as well…but nothing seems to override my addiction. I hate myself for it. Dose anyone reading this feel this way as well? Powerless even? If you have helpful advice, please advise…no haters please though. Thanks πŸ™‚ Kelly

    1. Kelly, is it possible that you need your diet pop because of the caffeine, rather than the artificial sweetener chemicals that are in it?

      There are two options when the cravings really won’t give up, (well, probably more options than that, but this is what immediately comes to mind). First, you could get an appointment with a clinical hypnosis. Your doctor might be able to suggest one in your area. Second, you could change your diet so drastically that you have to consciously think about everything you eat. I had to switch recently to a vegan no-fat diet for my blood pressure, and it’s so different from what I was doing before that it actually makes it easy to make the changes. I’ve never eaten so much curry in my life, but I’m loving it, and losing weight, too. The fact that it’s different gives me a positive focus – what shall I eat tonight from the cookbook, instead of “why can’t I eat xxx?” Anything that makes one think creatively instead of destructively will help.

      The self-disgust you’re feeling right now, by the way, is what the AA folks call “stinking thinking.” Your addiction causes the negative thoughts, because they work to make you feel helpless. You aren’t helpless, though – it’s an illusion, and the only thing you can do is recognize where it’s coming from, and move through it. Meditation really does help.

    2. Kelly,
      I know the Hell you are going through, every time I’ve tried to stop Sugar I eat worse. Like I have to hold it tighter and closer to me. I would be so hard on myself. Beat myself up to the point I did not even want to try.
      I saw a Hypnosis Eleven Days ago and my second visit was Four days ago. I have not had any caffeine OR Sugar in 8 Days. I LOVE it…. NO cravings BUT the withdraws were HELL. I made it through them and I am starting to feel great. I am seeing her for a total of 10 sessions and she records each of our sessions which I love.
      I am eating better and MUCH less than I was. I was also a horrible binge or gorge eater. I still need to work on eating even better and exercise more, but I am happy with my short progress and hope I can do this. I know that I will slip because I am human and addictions are hard.
      Kelly, I’m proud of you that you work out so much!!!! I could never get the gym routine down. You can DO THIS and BEAT it!!! You are SO NOT alone in your battle.

  218. I am on day 5 of the Ideal Protein Diet and I feel great. I have not felt any differences in the way I feel. I must just be lucky. I don’t feel hungry, if anything I feel like I’m eating to much food, I haven’t had any sugar withdrawals or headaches!

  219. Hi..
    Such a GREAT site and I am half way thru reading ALL of these posts and had to comment myself. I am halfway thru day three of giving up sugar and going low carb (under 40/grams day) and I feel like a zombie slug with a seriously hardcore migraine. The sad thing is I have been thru this before. Last year I managed to get off sugar for several months.. I lost close to 30 pounds and just gave in one night at a nice dinner and had dessert and BAM… was instantly addicted again. I am reading everything I can on sugar addiction now. I truly believe now that I am an addict and like all other addicts have to stay “on the wagon” or I will fall back into my addiction very easily. I wonder about giving up diet coke but think that will have to come next.. after I have made it thru a couple of weeks. I also wanted to mention last time I detoxed from sugar as well as this time I have had serious sinus pain and drainage. I understand we detox also thru our mucus membranes so this makes sense to me now. I believe I have candida also. Sugar is evil. truly.

  220. Hi, I’m day 4 sugar and carb free. My nutritionist put me on this diet because of my extreme blood sugar issues. I normally have blood sugar drops all of the time and have to eat every 1 1/2 to 2 hours all day. I also suffer from migraines and feel like a lot of the time they are related to my blood sugar. Before becoming sugar and carb free if I didn’t eat enough during the day I would wake at night and need to eat in order to go back to sleep. My withdrawal symptoms include shakiness, sometimes feel like Im going to pass out, worsening of migraines, insomnia, constantly hungry, frequent blood sugar drops, heart palpitations (which I normally have during a blood sugar drop), and obviously craving for sugar and carbs. Are all of these normal? Thanks

    1. Sarah, it’s a little hard to say what’s “normal” in your case, because you’re doing two things at the same time. Giving up sugar does have many of those symptoms, (usually in milder form than what you’re experiencing), but you’re also now on a no-carb diet. That has it’s own set of symptoms, which may also be different in your case because of your medical history. If assume you and your nutritionist are working closely with your doctor — you will probably want to call the doctor’s office and ask if all these symptoms are temporary and safe.

  221. Hey Rachel,

    I quite white sugar with just a couple slips, but i haven’t cut coffee out yet. maybe that would help – easing into it. do coffee later on down the road, it makes it alot more bearable for me anyway. sugar is worse than caffeine if u ask me. but hey, i’m no expert. good luck! thanks, michelle

  222. I’m so glad I found this site. I have been off refined sugar for 6 days now and have been experiencing multiple withdrawal symptoms. I experience nausea, fatigue, and skin irritation on my face. My face breaks out in a rash and gets so warm to touch. It’s so bad that I get embarrassed when I’m out in public. These symptoms started happening the first day I stopped eating sugar. I didn’t know why I was feeling so bad until I found this site. Thank you. Has anyone else experienced a rash on there face from cutting sugar out?

  223. Today I reduced my sugar intake to only two teaspoons of sugar so far (a cave-in), whereas over the last 4 days I’ve probably eaten 1-2 pounds of it. I’m used to eating sugar all day long, for the last 35 years of my life, except for the times I’ve make half-hearted attempts to quit. So today I have been exhausted. Completely wiped out! I’m wondering if this is a symptom of withdrawal. In the past I would get shaky and break-out so I don’t think this is my imagination; there must be a connection. I hope I can undo the damage that’s been done up to now.

  224. Hey Colby, way to go! I can imagine how exhausted you would feel. your adrenals are probably thrashed too! You might have to get some good supplements too, for your thyroid etc. i have had some slips, but it does get easier.

    keep up the good work.

  225. hi, i have been struggling with sugar for a long time i find it impossible for me to quit eating it. I can eat sugar all day long if i wanted to and when i try quiting i go crazy jumping up and down and i start to twitch and get really mean. sugar addiction runs in my family we like to call our addiction as ” the sweet tooth is talk” but it is usually talking all the time. My family tells me i have to stop eating the way i do or else i will have a really high risk of diebetes which runs in my family also. i am just looking for some pointers on how to get into control of my problem.

    1. Your family is right – diabetes is a very real concern. In fact, the other family members who got diabetes might have been able to avoid it if they had stopped eating sugar. My grandfather became diabetic fairly late in life (Lost his feet when he was in his 90’s – that’s not something you want to think about for very long), and when he was younger I remember that he actually would sprinkle sugar on top of his chocolate cake.

      There are a lot of good ideas on this blog from people who have kicked the habit. Read through the articles and especially the comments, so you can see that other people have found their own ways of giving it up. The biggest help is to go through your house and throw away every thing that contains sugar – preferably throwing it in a dumpster down the street. Don’t buy any. And just accept the fact that you will feel miserable for a week or two, but it’s temporary. After that you’ll feel better than you ever have before. Also, for motivation, take the time to watch Dr. Lustig’s video.

  226. Hi Audrie,

    You are telling my story exactly! I quit sugar Dec 27, and have been on the most part doing better than usual, but have had some harsh slips. Then I will get read an email like yours and realize I’m definitely not alone! “Sweet Tooth” in our family for generations as well. I remember my mom sitting down with me when I was around 13 or 14 and we ate a whole tray of nanaimo bars! My mom now has onset diabetes and if i don’t stay away from the stuff i will get it too! I’m 47 and hope it’s not too late! So for inspiration I will tell you what helps me: I read this blog as much as I can, I journal about my experiences and recipes, I try to have food in the house that i can eat easily that has no sugar, I obviously eliminate all refined and processed foods with sugar or fructose, or juice added etc. I limit my intake of fruit, I eat more protein and lots of vegetables and I allow myself pototoes. And exerciese helps alot. It gives you “feel good” endorphins which really need and also helps us get out the pent up emotions out.

    good luck, it is really hard, like giving up a best friend!

  227. I have a question and if anyone has a response, I’d love to hear it. I’ve done cleanses annually for about 7 years but not in the last 3 so I know what to expect. I’m in full blown carb/sugar withdrawal right now. I confess that I kind of like the weird sensations. I feel like I’ve got narcolepsy though because I keep having short catnaps all day. Ok, so here’s my question. I go through an extended period where it feels like all of the cells in my body are vibrating. Sometimes it’s a bit disconcerting. The only thing I can equate it to is, you know when you have the flu and you move and your every nerve feels creepy? Well, that’s sort of what it’s like. Any ideas about what is going on in my body?

  228. Hi, every morning I wake up thinking I will have the will power; which, I know I do not, to stop eating any sugar. Then I take one bite, and it’s almost like I already blew it. I am praying about it also, because that helps me very much in my daily life. I know this sugar addiction is something beyond what my will power can conquer. I did stop most carbs last year and felt great. But, slowly I started eating them again, and feel totally out of control with handling them. I do think mostly this comes from when I feel anxious. Thank you for any comments

  229. I am at my 4th day of giving up sugar and carbs, I was fine until today and now I feel very anxious- and strangely I am tired but I can’t sleep :/
    From the comments I see that side effects are common but I really hope this feeling doesn’t last much longer

  230. This is day 10 being of sugar and I tell you I feel like a hundred year old woman. On day 7 ,I went to my Zumba class and had to leave half way through cause I felt like my legs were lead, you have to understand that I work out five days a week so its crazy, have attempted the gym twice and could only do 20 min on a treadmill, thought I was gonna die…My other symptoms are runny nose, have not had a nightmare in years..I have woken up three times from scary dreams…diarrhea ( sorry to mention that one)..just super low energy…the good is in 10 days Im down pounds and no cravings…I just ned my energy back…but I have wanted to be clean turning 40 March 5th and decided it was time to get.healthy…..xx Hot Moma

  231. To Pamela:

    I am 38, soon to be 39. I too just went off sugar last Monday, not for lent but it was sort of good time because I have several friends who are Catholic and I always feel compelled to join them in some way and too prove I too can give something up for my God, and trust me he is about the only one getting me through this. I am a mother of 4, my husband travels for work and is back in school trying to finish his MBA. Working out is my outlet and I do it pretty hard with weights, spin, interval classes, etc. at least 3 times or more a week and when not working out, I never sit still. I couldn’t make it more than twice last week. Well I think all the sugar I was eating, especially since Thanksgiving, was just causing me to crash and burn and then when my kids would get home I would be so grumpy an edgy and tired…then I’d eat more sugar, etc. Started feeling it in my waistline too when putting on may pants. I was starting to lose my self motivation to go to gym with all the sugar but I’m losing it without it now too but in a different way. I know/hope that this will pass soon as I take my gym time and fitness very seriously. Im not a yoga person per say but feel I may need it right now. I’ve always had a sweet tooth but since getting into fitness 5yrs ago it was pretty limited to a small treat everyday and just during PMS. Anyway, I came across this site when I decided to do a Google search tonight on sugar withdrawals because my body has been really achy with just weird pain sensations but that just started 2-3 days ago, I have been very sleepy but havn’t been able to sleep wonderfully because of either horrible heartburn, anxiety, feeling like my heart is pounding, etc. Have just overall flu like symptoms but i’m not sick in any way. I could go on and on with weird symptoms. Anyway, I am eating dairy but not tons (mostly egg whites and some cheese), fresh veggies or steamed, sweet potatoes with a tiny drizzle of agave nectar, gluten free crackers, and I AM including some fruit. I think working out like I do I need SOME natural sugars and carbs. My “go to” if I’ve REALLY struggled in the past week has been the really really dark chocolate chips with high cacoa content. Just a small handfull (less than the serving size) and I’m good. I’m not doing it to lose weight per say but I don’t want to end up diabetic or worse. Mostly for my health, mood, and I want “real” energy not the sugar or caffeine induced crash n burn type. It seems like I wouldn’t or shouldn’t be having the side effects I am still incorporating simple sugars BUT I think it was just THAT bad for me. I had never felt as out of control with sugar as I did prior to starting this a week ago. I mean I just couldn’t stop and I love to bake. I would make the excuse to make my 4 children cookies to “treat” them knowing deep down it WAS I WHO REALLY WANTED THEM!!! I can’t eat just two…regardless of how full I was if I walked by the plate I would eat some. If there was no chocolate in the house then I would come up with whatever I could. My mother eats REALLY clean and has been sugar free for around 3 or 4 yrs now so she suggested I do this knowing how much it has helped her and she has given me great tips. Had a bday party yesterday for my 7yr old and had no trouble resisiting the cake or ice cream. That was a great feeling! Dealing with the stress of pulling off a party going through this…well that’s another story. Did have 2 glasses of wine last night. πŸ™ Overall, I’m feel pretty in control and being that the rest of my hectic life feels so out of control, this is a very good feeling. I think that’s where some of the sugar addiction came in. Wanting everything to be so perfect in my world including me and my body. Well guess what? It AIN’T and will never be. Life happens, aging happens, we all make mistakes, kids are messy, and I have got to start stopping and smelling the roses before they are all grown up. I run myself ragged trying to make it all seem “just so” and I find myself never really enjoying much of anything probably because I am so exhausted or too busy picking up this n that. I make a horrible hostess because I want to clean with my guests here so I’ve just stopped entertaining so my house won’t get messy. CRAZY!!! Anyway, This is about getting off sugar I know…but it’s all relative I feel. πŸ˜› I have been hungry a lot since starting this which seems weird since I’m eating more of the things that they say should keep you full. Perhaps just another withdrawal. Feel like I need a massage to help my body get out some of the toxins that are probably causing the achy joints and muscles. Anyway, I could go on and on. Best of luck to you and stay strong. We all know this is and will be for the best!!!! Any input you have for me Jonni would be greatly appreciated. Before going sugar free my doctor tried to put me on anti-anxiety drugs…I said NO WAY!!! I just don’t want any part of it! I take tylenol, IBprofen, and Claritin…that’s it for now and I don’t even like doing that! Thank you so much, I read through EVERY comment and should be sleeping! Very helpful though. πŸ™‚

    1. Anna,

      I have had a constant struggle with my sugar addiction and know it will be a life long battle. What has helped me so much is that I am seeing a hypnotherapist. I am sleeping MUCH better and I helps with my stress. A lot of them sell you a pre made set of CDs that everyone listens to. The lady I see evaluated me and MY ISSUES. She does individual sessions with me on different toppics. Each session is recorded and I get a CD to listen to every night that is for ME.
      Life is so short and when you get to a point where you live it to the fullest
      and not worry about what the world thinks of us and the feeling that our family lives could not function if we did not do EVERYTHING, life becomes the blessing that it is….God is who is helping you threw all of this???? Well he gave you an amazing gift, your life, enjoy it, b happy it is so much more important that a spotless home…

  232. It has been a week since i cut off sugar (and all natural sweeteners) and all refined stuff. I didnt eat much sugar before, but still. The wave of sugar cravings is behined me, but now I feel SO LONELY! i am not very social, and now without all the tasty food ( is dont enjoy cooking, so i am eating really simple sometimes even tasteless food, i know i have to learn some recipes, but I just donk enjoy cooking at all. I loved baking=) not cooking. I lived on fat-free vegan diet for half a year and ate really simple food like vegetables ann grains, I didnt know how to cook it so it would be good, that is way I fell off the wagon)
    Well, anyway, I feel SO SAD AND LONELY. I am not much of a social person, and now I am sad and “crave” company. Does anybody have this, this empty feeling?

    1. Emotional swings are one of the common withdrawal symptoms. It makes sense, really, since sugar does have an effect on the brain’s chemicals that is similar to heroin. When you give it up, your body has to re-balance and stop depending on the sugar. But trust me – the depression and anxiety is temporary. You might want to not make any major decisions for a few days, and curl up with a good book. It does go away.

    2. Lucra,

      I had the same issues. When I first cut out sugar I thought that they would never go away, that I was just medicating with sugar, and even considered going back to sugar. However I stuck it out and I don’t have that feeling anymore πŸ™‚
      Btw I have been vegan for years, though haven’t been fat-free in 10yrs. Fat is good πŸ˜‰

      1. thank you both for reply. I am feeling better emotionally, but my sugar cravings havent stopped! They come in waves. I thought they are already gone but no. The tiredness too, today i am more sleepwalking than actually awake. It has been over three weeks. My health is pretty messed up, I dont want to ho in depths here, but apart from serious healht problems some minor things are chronic postanal drip, hair loss, I am overweight. I havent lost much weight, about a kilo. I was discouraged at first, but then realized that my body is really messed up and it needs time. I have been on a very good clean diet expect the sugar for over two years but the sugar is the main culprit. My skin is worse than ever now. I am writing this for people, who will/have given up sugar and like me instead of feeling energetic and losing pounds like crazy feel like crap even after three weeks. dont give up!
        One thing has really helped me to resist the cravings was absoultely different mindset. I was feeling hurt and angry, that “other normal” people can have sugar and dont gain weight/have health problems. I considered the common diet NORMAL and myself strange for not handling it like other. for being sick fromthe same things others eat without persecution. What helped me was information. Blogs, where people wrte about eating whole food diet without sugar. artciles and mainly books where people like me had to same problems. And more importantly to realize, that sugar is not normal! The more horrible stuff on sugar I read, the better and more determined I felt. It is not normal food, it is not good and normal to eat. Books like Sugar Blues and comments on books like Sweet poison and Prozac not Potatoes (I havent bought them yet, not in my country, but going to buy them online soon.) The mindset “I will never have my favourite candy bar” was killing me. I could not think like that. So what? It is a poison, it is good you wont eat it. Your ancestors didnt and survived and felt better!
        It might sound a little more radical but it is helping me.
        Another strange thing. I used to say i I can give up anything except sugar. I had SEVERE cravings. It can be done. Everytime I resist, I feel so strangely good. And I dont mean now psychologicaly, altough that too, but physically. Like I have cravings from to (then i go to sleep anyway=)) and all that time resisting the cravings leaves me body feeling different, better. strange=)

        1. Thanks for sharing that, Lucra. By the way, have I asked you yet if you’ve checked in with your doctor? Three weeks is a long time for your body to take to get back in balance. There’s always a chance, perhaps just a slight chance, that sugar consumption was previously masking a condition that you really should be treated for. If you’re getting plenty of healthy carbs, and getting plenty of healthy sleep, but you still don’t feel healthy, you might want to get a checkup.

          Congratulations for resisting those cravings, by the way. You show us all that it can be done.

          1. Jonni,
            I go to the doctor regularly because I am on meds, to get my blood and other things checked.
            I am curious about the sentence “that sugar consumption was previously masking a condition”. I dont get it, I thought sugar caused health condition, not mask? The only thing I can think of is hypoglycemia, but then again, usually caused by sugar and refined carbs and should reverse once sugar is out of the diet?
            I eat now a lot of vegetables, mostly cooked but raw too, beans, legumes, brown rice, unrefined carbs, wholegrain bread and some nuts, tahini. I try not to overdoo on the fats, because I dont digest it well, it all shows on my face immediately. I drink a lot of plain water, because when fighting sugar cravings I am thirsty. I am feeling a little better like inside, I am calmer, but my body feels still “unclean”.

  233. Personal update. Had my baby shower on Sunday and got a fabulous cake. I couldn’t eat the icing since it was so sweet but ended up taking half of the cake home. I had two large layers the next morning with unsweetened soymilk and then just threw it all away. I knew I would keep eating it until it was gone. I had also bought some dark chocolate chips the other day. I’m not sure if I am anxious about the baby or if the sugar had an effect but I was really frustrated last night and kept going and getting another handful of chocolate chips instead of doing any housework or homework. They are gone now…

  234. I gave up sugar and sweets for Lent – not the first time I have tried to give up sugar — and realized that I have been very emotional and depressed the last few days. I googled “sugar addiction” and came up with this blog. Helpful to know that I am not the only one struggling and that I am not crazy! After reading many of the posts, it seems that the real issue is that this is truly an addiction and has to be treated like any other addiction when it comes to staying the course. I’ve seen many post that they don’t see how they can stay away from sugar for the rest of their lives – I guess it’s no different than an alcoholic who can never again have a drink – ever. You take it one day at a time and every day counts. Just like a recovering alcoholic or drug addict, you can’t have even a little bit or it results in a full-on binge. Hard for me to realize that I will never be able to have one of my favorite cookies or candy bars again. But then again, the alcoholic mourns that he will never be able to drink a beer with his BBQ or toast his bride with a glass of champagne. Because it wouldn’t stop there. Just a taste sets off a wild craving. In fact, I have even read that just the taste of something sweet – even if it is artificial sugar and not real sugar causes the same kind of cravings. (such as diet sodas) I do see where my sugar and carb intake is directly related to my feelings. When I’m anxious or sad I grab some type of sugar, especially in the evenings. Chocolate chips out of the bag? Check. Spoonfuls of brown sugar? Check. Half a loaf of bread? You bet. As a vegetarian I know all about what healthy is supposed to look like and why it’s so important. I already get a lot of flack about the no meat thing – now I have to add no starchy carbs and sugar. I just HATE that I am actually addicted to something that I enjoy so much. But I guess all addicts love their drug of choice until it ruins their health or kills them. I suppose OA groups address this kind of problem. One Day At A Time for me. Can’t think about how I am going to do this “forever.” I am going to do it today. And hopefully tomorrow. Good luck to all of you.

  235. So glad to have found this site. I am not imagining my symptoms!! I have been on a sugar free diet for three weeks. It is healthy eating and I am finally losing weight after ten years. But–because of not eating foods that spike my insulin, I am SO tired! I have always eaten a healthy diet, but was overweight. The whole grain bread, whole grain homemade pancakes, the crackers, English muffins and occasional cookies and sweets–no matter if they were made with good fats, oats, nuts and good flour–they still had the SUGAR. I am usually very energetic and wake up ready to roll. My husband and I do eat the veggies and good food according to the diet. My husband is NOT tired. I am. If I do feel energized one day and go to Zumba, work in the yard, lift at the gym, then, the following day I am wasted. I even cry because I have never felt lethargic and tired like this. I have always been able to push myself, but not now. But, that just goes to show me how addicted to sugar I was. I have even stopped eating the fruit (except blueberries) because it was even giving me a sugar rush. I will continue on the diet because I feel in control and I know my body (esp. my pancreas) is thanking me. I think my energy will return eventually. Thanks to everyone for your comments. They really helped me understand that I am not alone and my symptoms are real.

    1. Yes, the tiredness is definitely a sign that you aren’t eating sugar. On those rare occasions, (maybe three times a year), when I do eat sugar, the next day I can barely keep my eyes open. I fall asleep in the afternoon, and drag myself to bed long before bedtime. Fortunately, it isn’t fun so I’m pretty good at passing up the sweet treats. I think a lot of people who do eat sugar every day feel that deep tiredness and eat more sugar to make it go away – keeping them hooked.

      Get plenty of rest, don’t make any major decisions for a few days, and you will feel much better soon.

  236. I have been diagnosed with early onset of Hashimotos disease so after reading up on this condition decided to cut gluten and sugar from my diet. This is my second week sugar free, first week was good but this week I am experiencing terrible cravings. I even woke at 2.30am with these cravings. I have a dull headache, tight chest, anxiety and depressed, feel like giving in and heading straight to the corner shop for a sugar fix. I will stay strong as I dont want to go through the entire thing again!! I can see a light at the end of the tunnel……
    I am not on any medication as the doctor is just monitoring my condition at the moment to see if it worsens. About 15 years ago I got a virus in my thyroid and he thinks this may have weakened it. My work is stressful and for the past 5 years I have felt under a lot of pressure with our family run business.
    I can certainly sympathise with many people on this blog, I gave up cigarettes over 25 years ago and for sure giving up sugar is 100 times worse. My head feels like it does not belong to my body….is this the norm?
    I am fit and healthy otherwise, exercise every day but have found I lack energy at the moment and its a battle to complete an exercise session. Is it harming my to continue on or should I just take it slower until I finally rid my body of this terrible addiction?

    1. Sometimes the headache happens because the main sugar source was in caffeinated drinks. Is it possible that you’re having caffeine headaches? For me, they’re worse than the sugar withdrawal headaches, but everyone is different.

      My main worry is always blood glucose levels – if you have any reason to think that your body can’t regulate your blood glucose levels well, perhaps because of a pre-diabetic condition, problems with insulin resistance, or whatever, it’s best to keep your doctor in the loop. However, it’s quite normal to feel lethargic while your body adjusts to life without sugar. You might also have some mood swings, so don’t make any major decisions for a few days. And talk to your doctor – that’s where you’ll get the best medical advice.

  237. Hi All,

    So glad I found this blog. If anyone truly feels that they have an addiction out of there control, there is a 12-step program for sugar and carb addicts:

    It is saving my life. Fell free to check it out. Thank you for this blog. Great info and sharing.

  238. I just wanted to applaud everyone on this site for trying their best, it is an inspiration, i have not been so fortunate one step forward and three steps back. i am taking nicobloc for quitting smoking and the ingredients in nicobloc is SUGAR unfortunately since i have been diagnosed with asthma.

    looks like i will have to quit smoking first before giving up sugar, i will still advice people if i can.

    Lots of love


  239. Hi love reading your comments I. Gave up sugar and alchohol. Two weeks ago and have not craved it to much, everyone says they are tired but I can’t sleep I have a low grade bladder infection that doesn’t bother me through the day but is annoying at night and I have developed itchy eyes that water all the time also for years I have suffered with itchy skin the doctor put me on antidepressants for it but it didn’t go away I stopped the tablets months ago but since I went sugar free my skin is driving me nuts it’s like being jabbed with needles and prickly heat at the same time does anyone think that going sugar free could have caused some of this thanks mungus

  240. Hi everyone, I have been thinking these last few days about going sugar free, have been doing a lot of research and wondering if there is a middle ground where you can allow a little sugar? It seems like people feel a lot better staying off it but is it realistic? Im going to give it a go though.. although not sure if I should hold off, I have something important coming up in 2 weeks for my course and don’t want to be suffering from side effects! Great blog by the way πŸ™‚

    1. I think it depends on how hooked you are on sugar. I always suggest that people quit completely, partly because it’s easier than “cutting down,” and partly because of the severe health effects of eating any sugar at all. But it’s really up to you, and what works best for you. If you haven’t yet watched Dr. Lustig’s video yet (it’s on this page) be sure to take the time to watch it. Then decide.

    2. Hi Billie, i went off sugar for a whlole year in my early 30’s because a specialist phcyciatrist (sp?) in Victoria b.c. said that sugar was one of the biggest reasons for depression.I was so sick of feeling sick and depressed that i would of done anything, so i went off for a year and the craving went completely away and the depression lessened (still on anti-depressants, though)I think everyone is different, but if i have any sugar ,the cravings stay with me and the battle seems to go on.I’m thinking of doing that again because for me its an addiction just like pain killers were for me.(1 and 1/2 yrs clean from morphine) So i wish you well on this journey. AnnieJ

  241. sixty five and recently diagnosed with very high blood pressure probably as a result of tobacco damaged arteries I also have fairly severe emphysema.Major wake up call for me am now in my second week sugar free, with minimal sodium intake complex carbs only diet etc.
    Previously I have eliminated Alcohol with difficulty, tobacco with extreme difficulty, and now sugar which quite frankly I am having more difficulty with than the other two combined.The withdrawals and cravings are a nightmare but slowly getting easier in this the third week.On the plus side I have more energy, more clarity in my thinking and my breathing problems have improved considerably.Re test on blood pressure coming up soon so its wait and see on that issue.Best wishes to all.

    1. Hi Jonno. I was recently diagnosed with high blood pressure, too, so I went on that “forks over knives” diet. My blood pressure readings weren’t terrible to begin with, but the diet brought the numbers down to normal in just a few weeks. Have you checked it out? They have a movie by that name on Netflix – that’s how I found out about it.

      1. Thanks for your response Jonni, will be checking the movie out thanks.Back for BP checkup in eight or so days will interested to see how it goes,have had one recheck no change so doc doubled calcium blocker dosage.Of course this was all prior to cutting sugar right out and restructuring diet, so I remain cautiously optimistic.Just at the start of third week sugar free and feeling decidely better than in years, cant get over the increase in energy.But oh sometimes the cravings are soooo bad.

  242. Hi

    Found this site by Google. I’m sure I have sugar addiction, and I’m pretty sure it’s what’s been making me feel fuggy and half asleep most of my life. At the moment I seem to be binging on it as well, my self control is rubbish. the best thing I can do is not have it in the house, but then I’m searching the cupboards for anything sweet to eat! I have been able to cut right down in the past, but then along comes Christmas, (and right now, Easter) and people give me chocolate and so of course, once it’s there, I have to eat it. I can’t ration myself either, say, a few chunks of chocolate and save the rest for another day, which is what makes me feel it’s an addiction. I’ve also found that if I eat too much sugar all at once, it gives me a headache. So, at the moment, I’m planning to wait until after Easter, eat what i get and then, go back to cutting back, especially nibbling between meals, at work. I’ve also heard that if you cut things like sugar and carbs out of your diet suddenly, your body goes into starvation mode and your metabolism slows down, so perhaps cutting down rather than out at first, is a better tactic. I also try to fill my stomach before I go food shopping, it’s much easier to resist buying bad stuff when you already feel full, and then if it isn’t in the house, I can’t eat it. Maybe I should take up eating blotting paper, like they did in the war, so that it swells in the stomach but has no calories! I really don’t think I could cut out all carbs as well, at least, not at the same time. I think sugar is the worst offender, so I’ll work on that one first. Hidden sugar is another problem as well, but again later. I need to deal with the obvious stuff first.

  243. I’m in alot of distress over my sugar addiction.It has literally taken over my life.i’ve NEVER been this overweight.It seems the more i feel ugly the more i can down an entire pumpkin pie with 2 containers of whipped topping.I eat the same thing over and over again.i’m sooo disgusted with myself and it embarrased me to say what i eat.Ok…..little background….I was a stay at home wife for 23 yrs.during marrige suffered from depression and then chronic migraines, and got addicted to oppoids(dilaudid,demeral )My husband wanted a seperation/divorce .I put up with mental abuse for so long.I went to a women’s shelter and then went to live in a addiction and mental health centre 9 hours away from home. i spent a year there and i’m now 1 and ahalf yrs clean.

    1. Hi AnnieJ. I know that after all you’ve gone through, you’re familiar with the concept of “stinking thinking.” Self-disgust is your addiction’s way of getting you to eat more sugar. The lousier you feel about yourself, the more you “need” to eat a pumpkin pie to make yourself feel “better.” We’ve all been there. And we always start out blaming ourselves.

      The first thing to do is, therefore, to stop blaming yourself. When the self-negativity starts to happen, try to recognize that you have power over the way you think, and you don’t have to think bad thoughts about yourself. If you can get clean from opioids, and remove yourself from an abusive relationship, you can kick the sugar habit. Just ease up a bit on yourself while you’re doing it, OK?

      One little trick that I used to combat the negative thoughts was to imagine a little goblin-type creature sitting on my shoulder, whispering into my ear. When I noticed the negative thoughts, I’d imagine myself grabbing the little guy, (who was indestructible and seemed to be made of rubber), and I whanged him around a bit. Stomped on him. Threw him against the wall. He always bounced back, like Wile E Coyote, so it was funny. (And it all happened in my head, so I could do it any time without people thinking I was weird). He does come back, of course, but he comes a lot less often when he gets laughed at all the time. Humor really takes the sting out of it. If this doesn’t seem too silly, go ahead and give it a try.

      1. Thankyou soooo much for your input, Jonni!I got a little choked up.I lovvvvvvve your illustration of the goblin and i will use it myself. i’ll let you know how it goes.i’m going to write down your comment so i can refer back to it,Thankyou again, AnnieJ

  244. I’m in alot of distress over my sugar addiction.It has literally taken over my life.i’ve NEVER been this overweight.It seems the more i feel ugly the more i can down an entire pumpkin pie with 2 containers of whipped topping.I eat the same thing over and over again.i’m sooo disgusted with myself and it embarrased me to say what i eat.Ok…..little background….I was a stay at home wife for 23 yrs.during marrige suffered from depression and then chronic migraines, and got addicted to oppoids(dilaudid,demeral )My husband wanted a seperation/divorce .I put up with mental abuse for so long.I went to a women’s shelter and then went to live in a addiction and mental health centre 9 hours away from home. i spent a year there and i’m now 1 and ahalf yrs clean.Fighting now to get any kind of support from husband.he makes 90,000 a year and this has been a 2 yr fight…….anyways(sorry-long)if i don’t have sugar i want to crawl up in a hole…but after eating a whole pie the depression is seems i have just switched addictions!Because of this divorce my self esteem has never been SO LOW. HELP! Has anyone gone thru similar, and what did you do?Thanks for listening AJ

        1. After reading through the whole article, it looks like the cure might be worse than the problem it fixes. I’m not sure I could handle the hallucinations. But compared to what people go through when they’re hooked on crack, it might be worth it. For sugar though, maybe not.

  245. Hi Annie,

    way to go on one year clean! things can get better, it will just take time. Try this: mix in a blender 1 apple, 1/2 banana, 2 tbsp hemp seed hearts and a 2 -3 big handfuls of kale. a delicious green smoothie, helps so much, then have a big huge salad with everything u love on it, ie: nuts, seeds avacado, peppers and a yummy dressing. it will fill u right up. then nice big bowls of soup with another big salad – u can stuff your face with salad, the more u eat it, the more u will crave it. don’t give up! Michelle

    1. Hi Michelle Thankyou for your encouragement! I have just discovered hemp heart seeds and have started to have those yummy shakes and i put 3 tsp. of greens plus in it, but i’m hungry after about 2 hours so i’ll put in some hemp hearts with it! Thankyou for your suggestion!

  246. I have been reading through blogs about cutting carbs/sugars from your diet. i am 60 years old and have lived on these my entire life. If it is in the house, I cannot leave it alone-I have consumed a huge amount of sugars in my lifetime. And as a whole have felt good. Learning what sugars can do, I have decided to cut back, still enjoying the fruits, and eating more nutritious meals. I am having trouble with mood swings, anxiety, sluggish memory, and when I feel anxious, a rise in my blood pressure. Feeling this was has “set me on edge”, and I absolutely hate feeling that way. At times just plain tired. I am attempting a new job, and don’t want to screw it up, so are these things I mentioned coming from the reduction of sugars? (Blood pressure is being monitored by a professional) Any comments would be appreciated.
    I didn’t know if the anxiety/blood pressure issue could also be related.

    1. Yes, a lot of people have mood swings when they give up sugar. Be sure you get a lot of healthy carbs to replace the sugar. I usually suggest that people don’t make any major decisions in the first two weeks after giving up sugar, because of those mood swings and the lethargy people often feel. If you’re starting a new job, you have a special challenge, but the tiredness and anxiety will go away.

  247. Thank you Jonni for your feedback. I do have some other questions. I have read alot of these blogs and can relate to alot of them. In my case, my extreme excess sugars for 60 years involves processed sugars-cakes, candies, cookies, brownies, etc… Since I now feel lousy and want to take this serious looks at cutting back and have started, where must I draw the line. I want to cut all those “EXTRA” out, but what about fruit, orange juice, plus an example is I sometimes eat Special K cereal in the morning and it has sugar. (I do not add any) Even whole wheat bread has some sugar in it. I have started down this path and feel edgy, sometimes extremely tired, cloudy thought processes, plus my blood pressure is fluctuating from normal to high. Sometimes I wonder if I am going crazy, not feeling like myself, with diminished self confidence.
    Am I allowed those small amounts of sugar? And should I feel this icky even though I am cutting back and not cutting out totally? What happens when I go to my grandchildren’s birthday party, can I have a piece of cake? (As long as I do just that and no more?) Or do I just need to say “NO”. I just need some guidance in what is permissable and not going backwards. Thanks PS-I love fruits, that is one thing I don’t think I can give up

    1. Sam, I don’t think there are any rules. It’s just about what works for the individual. Fruit is good for you, and according to Dr. Lustig, eating fructose as whole fruit is the only time that fructose isn’t unhealthy. Fruit juice, of course, leaves out a lot of the fiber and other good stuff from fruit, so that may be a different issue entirely.

      The emotional ups and downs are perfectly normal, even though it doesn’t feel very good. In fact, it proves that you’ve already made huge changes in your diet. As for the birthday cake, that would be up to you. Will it set up intense cravings for more sugar? Will it make you go through the withdrawal symptoms all over again? There’s only one way to find out.

      Since most of us on this blog are making things up as we go along, you might want to do some reading from real experts. Dr. Appleton’s book gets good reviews, and it’s based more on science than personal experience. That book, or another one like it, might be good reading material for you while you’re going through these changes.

  248. @tamara You are so right about SERATONIN. I hope folks will listen to what you have to say as I have experienced elements of this myself. Seratonin is also the things that tells you when to stop eating. So yes folks – do eliminate refined sugars and carbohydrates. DO NOT give up unrefined carbs (grains, cereals, some vegetables with starch) and do read up on seratonin. Your body can produce it naturally with the right food. Otherwise you will be off the rails when you do not have to be. Diets that tell you to totally and completely cut out all carbs will really mess you up. Brown rice etc is calming and good for you in the right portions. Hope this helps!

  249. @Mark Please read up on seratonin and make sure to eat unrefined carbs at the right time of the day (4:30pm is one of those times). Seratonin manages anxiety, helps you sleep, controls you appetite so help your body out :-).

  250. I have to post here because my story about getting off sugar is a bit humorous.
    I read this blog the day after I gave up sugar, and was reading comments and stories throughout the week here to stay on track. I was feeling pretty bad and lethargic, so I thought I should give up all sugars to see if it helped me. As soon as I gave up sugar, I had even worse symptoms. I thought I was going to die! I was so tired I could barely function and couldn’t believe that sugar had previously given me so much energy. Long story short, I ended up having to go to the doctor…and it turned out I have mono. What are the odds.

  251. I finally don’t feel like such a wimp after reading all of these entries. I have been adopting the Paleo lifestyle in a bid to improve my health and lose some weight.
    I have been on no sugar, no flour/bread for 2 and a half days and I feel terrible. Headaches, muscle fatique and cramps, intense hunge pangs and emotionally challenged.
    I am keeping strong and did not cave today and eat crisps or chocolate, dispite picking it up in the supermarket 5 times and eventually putting it down at the till and not taking it home with me.
    I really hope these symptoms calm down soon.
    I want to exercise, but my muscles are hurting so much I can’t face it. Any ideas are more than welcome.

    1. Bee, it sometimes helps to eat some high-nutrient carbs, like sweet potatoes or squash. Other than that, you’re doing exactly what you need to do – just remember that the withdrawal symptoms are temporary, and you will soon feel much better. Don’t make any major decisions for a day or two because of the possible emotional swings, and get plenty of water and rest. It will be worth it.

  252. It is my 3rd day of not eating sugar,whole wheat products,soy and all processed foods. I, too, am a sugar junky. All the additives they put in foods these days make you addictive to them. I had done a lot of reading and its amazing what they (the additives) can do to you. I eat all fruits and veggies except white potatoes(starch). Extra virgin olive oil,butter, and coconut oil. Lean meats,chicken,fish,eggs and even REAL bacon. I can drink skim milk and I still drink coffee in the morning only. I can eat chocolate if it has over 73% cacao. For grains I eat plain rice cakes, spelt,millet,oatmeal…nothing with wheat in it. As far as withdrawals today was THE WORST!! I had the migraine from hell!!and was very tired, but I feel even though I feel crappy inside I feel something good will come out of this. I am doing this way of eating because I am hoping that it will help me get off some of my meds for fibro and depression. Good Luck to all of you…Sticking to any plan is not easy, sometimes it helps to have a buddy to help. My daughter is in AA and we share griefs. Best to all.

  253. Yes, the first two weeks were hell on earth for me. It was scary how strong the withdrawal symptoms were. It was to the point where I consciously recognized without reading any material that I was addicted to sugar and was experiencing withdrawal symptoms. I felt like I was going to pass out and the cravings were reaaaaaally strong where I couldn’t stop thinking about sweets, bread and rice. Saying no to rice was sooooooooooooooo hard those first two weeks too since I was so used to eating any meat with rice. I didn’t drink coffee other than the occasional espresso shot (I’m Cuban) so I can only imagine how much worst it would have been. However, after those horrendous first two weeks, it was easy sailing. I went from 208 lbs to 180 in 4 months WITHOUT EXERCISE. Probably lost 10-12lbs the first 3 weeks. All I did was eat fried (non breaded) wings in hot sauce or baked chicken, pork, bacon, steak, scrambled eggs, and occasional salads while drinking only water, diet Dr.Pepper and diet Mountain Dew on rare occasions (helped alot to come off sodas), low sugar (around 8 per serving) canned energy coffee found at most convenience stores (labed as low calorie I think). Kept sugar to within 18 carbs worth a day to get me by. Now I’m at month 8, same 180lbs and eating around 55 carbs worth of random sugars (except regular sodas, juices, coffees and I don’t count sugar alcohols or fiber) a day and haven’t gained a pound but haven’t lost any more weight either. I’m 5-10, and would like to see myself come down to 165-170 so I started last Sunday again but on 10-15 sugar ca